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Truth,lies mass indoctrination through false propaganda,the Cabal will fall.


The 0.01%has the most to lose.


The 99.9%can only win.9


The biggest enemy for the 0.01%is to reveal and expose the truth.


Losing faith in their own ranks will turn their power monopoly on violence against us,against their own from their system of oppression.


The fascist Deep State tumour has infiltrated all governments.


Their docility to the WHO,(Bill Gates)is obvious,through their sponsorship of the planned GENOCIDE,using the CORONA PLANDEMY as an excuse.

他们对世界卫生组织(比尔·盖茨)的顺从是显而易见的,他们以 CORONA PLANDEMY 为借口赞助了计划中的种族灭绝

Despite the large funds of GESARA,the Elite is determined to fight until the last moment to push through the Fascist NWO.

尽管有 GESARA 的大量资金,精英们决心战斗到最后一刻,以推动法西斯 NWO

Many of the 99.9%of people who are asleep are now waking up en masse,as measures imposed will now reach their own comfort zone.


Governments and politicians who have lied for years,why should they now tell the truth,and insist on mass vaccination,when in 1992 they approved the proposal of the Population Agenda 21.


It is the facts,of ignoring referendums,in which their NGO activities in other countries have supported self-esteem and oppression of their own people that have lost their credibility through their own actions.


From the 99.9%,more and more people are starting to seek the truth and connect the facts to an understandable whole.


The margin of error of these conclusions becomes smaller and more transparent for the whole picture every time.


The 0.01%perform a stage play to convincingly present their story,but conceal hard facts that may prove the opposite.


With the weapon of Sowing Fear,they want the masses to believe that they are working sincerely for a solution,this is also true,but the solution of Agenda 21 as they are mentioned on the Georgia Guide Stone in several languages.


Of course it is a complex case where many things are mixed up.


Expectations are high among the plagued population.


All announcements that have been made want to be fulfilled.


Take the Yalta conference that was held in 1945,and now 75 years after dates have been announced that they would start on May 9,2020.


It is all hopeful,but it would have been wise to mention that starting discussions on the restoration of the German Empire will also take time,and can never be a fact as of May 10,2020.


Restoring the borders of 1914 would then not only be an issue for Germany,Austria would also have to get back the part of Northern Italy.


This will never be possible if the current political NWO marionettes remain in place.如果目前的NWO木偶仍然存在,这将永远不可能实现

A reorganisation of national borders does have administrative changes,while it does not really have to be a major obstacle for the population,because everyone will continue to live where they currently live.


For the original European population it will be a step to be bridged and accepted when one sees the advantages of GESARA.


The Unconditional Basic Income,will be a tool to widely accept this scheme from the population,because it eliminates income inequality.


The people of Europe,who have experienced all the inconveniences of this dictatorship due to the unelected Fascist regime from Brussels,will not rebel when freedom is within reach.


We are also going to see more republics,such as the Basques and Catalans in the north of Spain,who were only held together by violence.


The De-Centralisation of power and governance will give the people a voice and an opportunity to determine their own future.


Administrators then only act as negotiators who carry out the will of the people,and cannot impose dictates on them.


Europe Defender 2020 force is therefore a temporary power,which GESARA will guarantee,to prevent the Satanic Elite from remaining in power and GESARA from being safely introduced.

因此,欧洲卫士2020部队是一个暂时的权力,GESARA 将保证,以防止撒旦精英继续掌权和 GESARA 被安全引进

All the threats that the Deep State Cabal puppets are now making clearly show us who the Satanists are,that is has always been told,that they want to convince the population with facts.


Any action or compliments on the goodness of the false Satanists in politics are a phrase to pursue their agenda in their own interest.


So when Corona is used to seduce the population to take a GENOCIDE vaccination,and to manipulate and control with deadly 5G radiation in George Orwell's style is the countermeasure of Donald J Trump and Putin,the hunt for paedophiles and the liberation of abducted children.

所以,当冠状被用来引诱人们接种种族灭绝疫苗,并以乔治·奥威尔(George Orwell)的风格操纵和控制致命的5G 辐射时,唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j Trump)和普京采取的对策就是追捕恋童癖者,解放被绑架的儿童

The traitors are in all positions to hide the truth,



Calling dates in the past brings disappointment to the population,as they do not see a hold of hope fulfilled on that day or date.


Many stupid people then come up with unjustified accusations while they themselves are cowardly and inactive.


For people who want to see it,get the information from Donald J Trump's message that NESARA has been set in motion for the US.

对于想看的人来说,可以从唐纳德·j·特朗普的信息中得知 NESARA 已经开始为美国服务了


The groups Tiere 1 to Tiere 3 have already had their agreements,because of the NDA agreement they are no longer allowed to disclose information on pain of losing the funds.

Tiere 1 Tiere 3集团已经达成协议,因为 NDA 协议不再允许它们披露资金损失的信息

This week would be a BQQM week,a week to remember.



Bringing out the crimes and treason goes hand in hand with arresting the Deep State actors


This is lethal for the 0.01%Elite,so the release of the 4a/b Tiere fund holders will be safe,of course also under an NDA obligation,whoever talks,mails or posts on multimedia about this,loses his funds and all his money.

对于0.01%的精英而言,这是致命的,因此4a/b Tiere 基金持有人的释放将是安全的,当然也有保密协议的义务,不管是谁谈论、发邮件或在多媒体上发帖,都会失去他的资金和所有的钱

My suspicion is that there is a good chance that all TV and Radio stations will be taken over by Europe Defender 2020,and as already mentioned,the truth will wake up the population when they hear all the details of the crimes of their own representatives.


Once dormant government officials also wake up,they will not be able to follow the Satanists'support or orders.


All actors and their crimes are lying in the streets,they will gladly be taken into custody to escape the popular rage.


Since the FED,ECB and other Central Banks have lost their power,they can no longer produce money out of nowhere,because this is not gold covered.


Through the QFS,accounts that provide funds to the Cabal will be frozen.

通过 QFS,向阴谋集团提供资金的账户将被冻结

This can and will happen in every country where the traitors are Satanists who have locked up their people with a false Lock Down.


People can help themselves by no longer paying mortgages on loans,this works as a fire accelerant.


The countries and institutions that have co-financed the planned GENOCIDE with taxpayers'money from the plagued population have unmasked the Satanists,these accounts will also be frozen and the perpetrators will be expropriated privately by the order signed by Trump 21 December 2017.


People who think Trump does not have this power,think again,since the second world war is not yet over,and no peace has been signed,he has the power,as an occupying power,to hunt down and arrest the perpetrators all over the world.


Therefore,the Yalta conference is a GESARA part to bring and guarantee world peace,with the introduction of the new gold covered money system,which by the QFS with the CIPS payment transaction system has replaced the Central Bank Swift system.

因此,随着新的覆盖黄金的货币系统的引入,雅尔塔会议储备系统和 CIPS 支付交易系统已经取代了中央银行的 Swift 系统,它是 GESARA 的一部分,以带来和保证世界和平

We may be grateful to the alliance for their efforts,I myself receive a lot of information from digital fellow fighters,this information I process in my messages,to be able to write as accurate as possible a report where I reasonably expect to be able to report on the progress.


This is no guarantee that my analysis of the facts known until then will be exactly on the date.


I will be more than 98%correct in the whole picture if we give it time about the lapse.


A World Dictatorship NWO will certainly not happen 100%,because the alliance Trump and Putin are also against that for personal reasons,nobody wants to live in a dictatorship and be lived by a corrupt system of power-hungry Satanists who have no values or conscience.

一个世界独裁的 NWO 肯定不会100%发生,因为特朗普和普京的联盟也出于个人原因反对,没有人希望生活在一个独裁统治之下,生活在一个没有价值观和良心的权力欲望的撒旦崇拜者的腐败体系之下

Everything goes wrong for the Cabal due to lack of money and the exclusion of the QFS system,whatever plans they have,one cannot pay for it due to lack of money.

由于缺乏资金和 QFS 系统的排斥,阴谋集团的一切都出了问题,无论他们有什么计划,由于缺乏资金无法支付

Proposed taxes,of what?The population has already been plundered and there is nothing more to be gained.


This also accelerates the decline of the economy,the shares on the stock exchange is a phrase by buying shares with free money.


Clearly there will be no forgiveness of debts,but bankruptcies,which eventually gives the companies and their power back to the population.



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