X22报道|第3040集: 人民反抗 CBDC,深层政府准备罢免 JB

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[DS]准备撤掉[ JB ] ,他是个累赘,而假新闻现在正在建立叙事。

X22报道|第3040集: 人民反抗 CBDC,深层政府准备罢免 JB

Ep. 3040a – The People Are Pushing Back Against The [CBDC], States Are Ready To Counter The [CB]

人民反对[ CBDC ] ,国家准备反对[ CB ]

Ep. 3040b – [DS] Preparing To Remove [JB], Narrative Shift, The Path Forward Has Been Set

[ DS ]准备删除[ JB ] ,叙述转移,前进的道路已经确定

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Streamed on: Apr 7, 7:24 pm EDT

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The people are pushing back against Macron, they know what he did, he is using the people’s money to bailout the bankers. The people are not going along with the [CBDC], in the end they will push back. The states are now pushing back and are ready to link digital currency to gold, game over.

人民在反对马克龙,他们知道他做了什么,他在用人民的钱去救助银行家。人民不会同意(CBDC) ,最终他们会反击。各州现在开始反击,准备将数字货币与黄金联系起来,游戏结束。

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Streamed on: Apr 7, 7:49 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 4月7日,美国东部时间下午7:49


The [DS] is prepared to remove [JB], he is a liability and the fake news is now building the narrative. Trump set the path forward, he aloud the [DS] to indict him on the local level. Now the local prosecutors can go after the [DS] players, this is a game changer because a precedent has been set. The [DS] is now preparing a narrative shift because everything they tried hs failed, now they must take it to the physical level.

[DS]准备撤掉[ JB ] ,他是个累赘,而假新闻现在正在建立叙事。特朗普设置了前进的道路,他大声地[ DS ]在地方一级起诉他。现在,地方检察官可以追查[ DS ]玩家,这是一个游戏规则改变者,因为已经树立了一个先例。DS 现在正在准备一个叙述的转变,因为他们尝试的一切都失败了,现在他们必须把它带到物理层面。


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