X22报告|第2644集: 经济真相已经揭晓,人们相信那些推翻政府的人会逍遥法外吗?

2021年12月6日16:35:11最新动态X22报告|第2644集: 经济真相已经揭晓,人们相信那些推翻政府的人会逍遥法外吗?已关闭评论333阅读模式


X22报告|第2644集: 经济真相已经揭晓,人们相信那些推翻政府的人会逍遥法外吗?

Ep. 2644a – The Economic Truth Has Been Revealed, The [CB] Doubles Down

Ep. 2644a-经济真相已经揭晓,[ CB ]双倍下跌

Ep. 2644b – Do People Believe Those Responsible For Overthrowing The Gov Will Go Unpunished? PAIN

Ep. 2644b – 人们相信那些推翻政府的人会逍遥法外吗? 痛苦



The fake news is trying to convince people that inflation is good and it will benefit them in the end. If inflation is good for people then why did the [CB] say it was transitory?  The economic truth has been revealed, the tax cuts Trump implemented helped the everyday people. The IMF has now doubled down and is blaming the economic destruction on the pandemic. The [CB] pushes Bitcoin down.

假新闻试图说服人们相信通货膨胀是好的,最终会使他们受益。如果通胀对人们有利,那么为什么(CB)说通胀是暂时的?经济真相已经揭晓,特朗普实施的减税政策帮助了普通民众。国际货币基金组织现在已经加倍努力,并将经济破坏归咎于这场流行病。[ CB ]压低了比特币。


The [DS] cannot move left or right, they must travel down the path that the patriots laid out. The people are now seeing was propaganda science looks like, as they keep pushing the people are questioning the quack science and asking for real scientific proof. The [DS] is now moving forward with their plan of locking down the world, but the world is standing up to it. Those people who are responsible for over throwing the US government will be punished, each move they make they are feeling pain. The why will be answered soon. 



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