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The light forces indicate that the Event can still happen before year end,but we're running out of time.If not before year end it will happen in early 2021 according to what the light forces are projecting right now.It is hard for the light forces to translate the multidimensional operations they are doing into our 3D linear time.The situation is now tense for everyone:for the dark forces,for the light forces,for lightworkers on the surface of the planet and for people in general.But the light forces make progress continually and are dealing with the nucleus of the primary anomaly itself,that was brought in from Rigel to Earth in 1996,that gave rise to the dark forces and is the ultimate cause of all suffering.


I am preparing a few articles that are to be posted as shortly as possible after the Event flash that will shed more light on some important topics;it will contain information that is too sensitive to post now.



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