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Importance of Keeping Dreams Alive


Never Give Up Your Dream


We should not allow anything to hold us back any longer from doing what we need to do to lay the ground for the realisation of our dreams.


The more time that we spend actually fine tuning the vision of how things will be when our dream is a reality, the quicker that we are bringing ourselves and everyone else into the reality we desire to see.


Exactly one year ago from now the RM reminded us that we could push forward into our new existence on Nova Gaia by BEING THERE in our THOUGHTS, MIND AND EMOTIONS through taking a short while regularly to DAYDREAM about the most important goals that we wished to attain.

整整一年前,RM 提醒我们,我们可以通过在我们的思想、心智和情感中存在,通过定期花一小会儿时间去做白日梦,实现我们希望达到的最重要的目标,来推进我们在新盖亚的新存在。

This is key and do not forget it.


Do not let any circumstances hold you back from keeping your dream alive.


Some Dreams Died?


This process has taken such a long time that many Lightworkers did not reach their dreams before the cabal interfered in their lives and ended them prematurely. So, what happens to those dreams that were not realised? We know that death as such does not exist. There is no end... dreams will somehow be realised eventually- even if we do not have a clue as to how that will take place. Believe me for the Mother there is no such thing as the impossible.

这个过程花费了如此长的时间,以至于许多光之工作者在阴谋集团干预他们的生活并提前结束他们之前没有达到他们的梦想。那么,那些没有实现的梦想会发生什么呢?我们知道死亡本身并不存在。没有终点...... 梦想终将以某种方式实现——即使我们对如何实现没有线索。相信我,对于母亲来说,世上没有不可能的事。


The Necessary Exchange of Sacred Love for a Planets Survival


On Nova Gaia many people will once again become acquainted with the knowledge, of just how important... no~ how necessary... loving sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is~ as the key to literally bringing Heaven to Earth.

在新盖亚星上,许多人将再次熟悉这些知识,这些知识是多么的重要...... 没有必要...... 一个男人和一个女人之间的爱的性交是真正把天堂带到地球的关键。

How do you destroy the power for peace and balance and harmony? How do you destroy the most powerful force in the universe... namely the power of Divine Love being present on a planet? You need to know about and understand the answer to this question.

你如何摧毁和平、平衡与和谐的力量?你如何摧毁宇宙中最强大的力量... 也就是存在于一个星球上的神圣之爱的力量?你需要知道并理解这个问题的答案。

This is what you do...


The archons and their minions the draconian reptilians along with the Jesuits and the black nobility families have focused 80% of their energetic efforts in controlling humanity by creating every possible hinder imaginable that could prevent the success of loving sexual relationships on this planet.

执政官和他们的爪牙,以及耶稣会和黑色贵族家族,已经集中了他们80% 的精力来控制人类,通过创造一切可能的阻碍,可以阻止在这个星球上成功的爱的性关系。

If you would like to understand the depths that they have gone to... things that are not visible to the naked eye, then go to Dark Cabal Rulers and see in the'Archon' information articles what types of invisible methods they have used.

如果你想了解他们到了什么样的深度... 肉眼无法看到的东西,那么去黑暗阴谋集团的统治者那里看看他们在执政官信息文章中使用了什么样的隐形方法。


There are many more interesting facts to be found about this subject that have also been provided to us via Cobra. You can find a lot of this information on the page The New Atlantis. A large part of this information can be found in the articles gathered below the New Atlantis video which is clearly visible when you roll down the page.




Besides these unseen forces being used to destroy loving relationships between soulmates and twin souls, there is so much that has been visibly, purposefully created to make human love relationships as difficult as possible.


1} Approximately 65% of Hollywood films have been purposefully created to have a negative effect on people's beliefs and opinions about relationships in general

1}大约65% 的好莱坞电影是有目的地对人们关于恋爱关系的信念和观点产生负面影响的

2} At least 30% of these films have created character pictures of women aimed at making men suspicious of women in general.

2}这些电影中至少有30% 制作了女性角色的图片,目的是让男人对女人产生普遍的怀疑。

3} Religions were created for this very purpose!!! Here I am referring mainly to the Roman Catholic Church. If you were raised a Catholic like I was in the Republic of Ireland, you would have an understanding for the hypocrisies created by the church in this area of relationships.


4} You have all heard the appeal'make love not war'. Well just look at this planet. Just look at our entertainment business. If I for example take a look at the 16 channels that are available in my apartment block then a quick look at the programs available show clearly that violence, war, terror and fear compose a huge part of what's available.


5} The pornographic industry. The evidence is overwhelming that regular consumption of pornography most definitely harms relationships. This article provides facts from research in this area.



After The Event


Societies values will change dramatically and quickly. Clear evidence will be provided to show how the ideal of loving relationships has been purposely attacked in every possible way.


Maybe your mission in the future might be connected to bringing a much greater balance and harmony to young people's understanding of the importance of love and respect between the sexes which will be a very necessary part of the basis for our New Renaissance Society~ a basis for The New Atlantis.


To read Part One of this aricle go to Article# 249 below.




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