ECETI新闻:诚信、洞察力和信息|James Gilliland

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ECETI新闻:诚信、洞察力和信息|James Gilliland


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It has come to our attention some folks think we have to answer to them,they in error think they have some hidden power or authority in our lives.They don't!Many use Reuters,Associated Press,Snoops,mainstream even the social media fact checkers to base their reality upon.This fits into the socially engineered,critical thinking and research impaired.Unfortunately,a large majority of the population use these pathological liars,disinformation agents all funded and getting their talking points from the global elite,C*P and left to base their reality.


So let's take the wayback machine and look at how many times they have lied.The Russian hoax,the Ukraine hoax,impeachment hearings and over 90%of the bad press when the facts were known also turned out to be lies.If you look at Trumps accomplishments,he has done more for the American people cross culturally than any other president.These are facts,whether you hate Trump or not he has always done what is in the highest and best good for America and has not lined his pockets like almost every other politician.In fact,he has lost money and donated his salary to charity.Why do you think the global elite,mainstream press,and corrupt politicians hate Trump?If you think this is conspiracy what happened to Hunters laptop,Wieners laptop,the insurance file,Hillary's servers,laptops,phones wiped clean all under subpoena?What happened to the self-admitted extortion,the multimillion dollar Ukraine,Russia and China donations to the Bidens?All suppressed by government agencies and the main stream media.


This is not about Trump he is just in the way of a,"Take Down America Plan"carried out by the global elite,the C* Party,C*P,and quite a few bought and paid for corrupt politicians.This is lock step with the main stream and social media.They have declared war on the American people,the family unit,your health wealth and wellbeing.All conservative values,the freedoms the Constitution and the Bill of Rights insure are all under attack.We were fast tracking to be the most powerful,abundant,sovereign country in the world under Trump.He united countries that were sworn enemies for hundreds,some thousands of years.Then the"virus"the lock downs,the eugenicide,the destruction of small businesses,the complete infringement on our God given rights all spelled out verbatim in the Rockefeller Agenda hit and is still being carried out.We are fast tracking to socialism,the dictators dream or communism.Almost every genocidal dictator was either socialist or communist.Know your history.They centralize the power and wealth,start out with freebies and promises then when you give all your freedoms away the hammer comes down.Their slogan is you will own nothing and you will be happy.Let that sink in,your savings,your homes,your land,your vehicles will all be put into a pot controlled by the global elite.They will use every tactic to sell this program,the environment,global warming when in fact the raw data shows the planet is cooling.They will promise a utopian society but they will deliver serfdom.They will even promise an end to poverty and disease when in truth they are the war,disease profiteers,the enslavers through manufactured lack and dependency.They are also masters at divide and conquer.They generate and perpetuate the divisions,religious and cultural.They are the root cause of the latest riots,false flags,funding Antifa,BLM,Open Boarders,even gender division hoping to distract,divide,and pit people against each other as they do their dirty work behind the scenes.


The inspiration for this newsletter was what is real,what can we be lie ve.The masses are not ready for truth.They cannot handle it.To some it would create mass hysteria,a complete mental breakdown.What would happen if almost everything you have been told was a lie and you come to the realization your entire foundation,base of knowledge was socially engineered?Many would become despondent,apathetic,suffer extreme depression.Some would even commit suicide.Others would lash out at the deceivers,those who have betrayed their trust and there would be a total collapse of civilization.If you knew how many were killed,met with deadly force that tried to wake up the masses or had their character assassinated most would be in shock.It didn't stop with Jesus,or any other enlightened one.Until one has come to the obvious conclusion they have been socially engineered,lied to about the origin of Man/Woman,religions,the real history of Earth and the agendas of the global elite they will remain ignorant,in darkness and continue to serve the very people that have enslaved and practiced genocide on them for thousands of years.And who's job is it to awaken them?Where does personal responsibility kick in?How much time and energy do we put into such a monumental project that has thousands of years of disinformation,misinformation and hidden agendas?Personally,I help the ones who ask.When I see that glazed look in their eyes or resistance I walk away.Baba Ji once said to me don't water seedlings with a fire hose.


The last thing we want to address is who is alive and who is dead.This fits into the category of most cannot handle the truth and common sense.Did you know Hillary has three doubles and two clones.She died a long time ago.What you are now seeing is theatrics.CGI,computer generated scenarios as well as holograms.Biden is long gone as well.There is a silicon based Biden driven by a lap top,actors,doubles etc.Some are doing a hilarious job acting out his extreme incompetence and giving away their agenda.The question is not whether they are dead,alive,doubles or clones,the question is what is their agenda who is driving that agenda.The global elite,the CCP,the left and corrupt politicians have an agenda.The white hats,patriots,the military and freedom loving people also have an agenda.Are you paying attention?Has the global elite,the CCP and corrupt politicians agenda been exposed for all to see?Why is Biden not in the White House?The mock White House the lame stream media is showing you is not real.Why is Trump riding on the Real Air Force One,the helicopter designated to the president?Why did the military refuse to brief Biden and staff,why does the military still have the football,the nuclear codes?Do you really think they would give them to a man that does not know where he is half the time,has no original thoughts subject to mental and emotional breakdowns?He can't even follow a teleprompter let alone walk upstairs?Do you really think this man won the election legitimately?Yet there are still people,less than 10%more like 4%that still be lie ve in him.If you ask most democrats they are suffering from extreme voters remorse.The others are suffering from cognitive dissonance.Of course,if you follow the news one would think he is the new messiah.


We want to end on making one more point.It states clearly that anything posted on Farcebook,the Newsletter,and Telegram are not necessarily things we agree with 100%.This includes guests on our show.There is always a percentage of truth in every dialog.There are multiple people posting on each venue some thousands are posting.If you disagree with an article or website take it up with the author or website.In these days of mis and disinformation,theatrics,doubles,CGI,clones and hidden agendas it is next to impossible to be the global PC and truth police.We know there are ego driven,PC correct police,fact checkers,those who depend on Reuters,Associated Press,the main stream and social media to form their opinions.The socially engineered,critical thinking and research impaired driven to one up and character assassinate be lie ving this will raise their social status and self-worth.We find this amusing and to be perfectly clear it only establishes their character and ignorance.It has no power or reflection on us.With a heartfelt grin we wish that they have a nice day.We spend most of our time in Nature,the gardens,counselling and in service to the Awakening,Healing and Empowerment of the individual.By whatever means.The chaos,division and againstness are not our world.Have fun with that.Yes,againstness is not a"real word"but it best conveys the message and we reserve the right to use or create whatever word is best suited in an unlimited fashion.Be well.

我们想再说一点。它清楚地指出,任何张贴在 Farcebook,时事通讯和 Telegram 上的东西并不一定是我们百分之百同意的东西。包括我们节目的嘉宾。每个对话中总有一部分是真实的。每个地点都有很多人发帖,有成千上万的人在发帖。如果你不同意一篇文章或一个网站,向作者或网站提出来。在这个充斥着错误和虚假信息、戏剧效果、替身、CGI、克隆和隐藏议程的时代,要成为全球个人电脑和真相的警察几乎是不可能的。我们知道有自我驱动的,正确的 PC 警察,事实核查者,那些依靠路透社,美联社,主流媒体和社会媒体形成他们的意见。社会工程师,批判性思维和研究受损驱使一个人和人格中伤撒谎这将提高他们的社会地位和自我价值。我们觉得这很有趣,而且非常清楚,这只能证明他们的性格和无知。它对我们没有任何影响力。带着衷心的微笑,我们希望他们有一个美好的一天。我们把大部分时间花在大自然、花园、咨询和服务中,以唤醒、治愈和赋予个人权力。不管用什么方法。混乱、分裂和反抗不是我们的世界。好好享受吧。是的,反对不是一个"真正的词",但它最好地传达了信息,我们保留以无限的方式使用或创造任何最适合的词的权利。保重。

James Gilliland



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