2020年12月29日18:43:32最新情况,12月28日-轨道武器平台显示,特朗普正处于一场比任何选举都重要得多的战争之中已关闭评论 1.2K6118字阅读20分23秒


最新情况,12月28日-轨道武器平台显示,特朗普正处于一场比任何选举都重要得多的战争之中(Natural News)It is now increasingly clear that the explosion in Nashville was not caused by an RV bomb,nor a conventional missile but rather a"Directed Energy Weapon."


The evidence for this includes:


  • Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper warning in September that China possessed"killer satellites"and"directed energy weapons"that could threaten the United States.


  •  The apparent missile"trail"in the skyline video of Nashville,which is also consistent with a stream of ionized atmosphere and particular matter suspended in the air.(High-powered lasers can transform molecules into plasma.)


  • The large blue"plasma flash"observed on a street-level video camera,an instant before the kinetic explosion.This blue plasma light is consistent with the use of an extremely high-powered,high-altitude laser system that instantly transforms solid matter into its plasma state.This same technology has been used in pilot programs to transform landfill waste into simple elements such as carbon.This process is called"plasma torch gasification"and is considered a"green"technology to eliminate landfill by transforming matter into carbon.


  • Interestingly,this"plasma torch gasification"process,which can also be created by an extremely powerful laser burst,releases huge amounts of hydrogen gas,which is itself explosive in a conventional(chemical)sense.What an observer would see is first a bright blue plasma light,followed by a yellow fireball,followed by black carbon dust all over the ground,and this is what we observe in Nashville.


  •  The fact that no explosion crater appeared on the street under the RV,but rather a layer of charred carbon,which is consistent with the aftermath of a plasma state caused by an energy weapon(most likely a laser used for ablation of samples in the laboratory,which would typically be a laser in the 198nm range,or what is called"Deep-UV".Some ablation lasers also use 266nm.)

事实上,房车下方的街道上并没有出现爆心坑,而是一层烧焦的碳,这与能量武器(最有可能是用于实验室样品烧蚀的激光,通常是198nm 范围内的激光,或称为"深紫外线")造成的等离子体状态的后果一致。一些烧蚀激光器也使用266nm

  • The US State Dept.has warned that Russia is already testing an anti-satellite missile,which is part of Russia's defense against the orbital laser weapons possessed by China and the United States.


This topic is covered in more detail in the December 28th Situation Update,embedded below.


Here are the highlights from the podcast:


  • FBI claim of DNA matching from the scene of the explosion carried zero credibility.

联邦调查局声称爆炸现场的 DNA 匹配结果毫无可信度。

  • The explosion disabled the ZME air traffic control comms out of Nashville,blinding air traffic control to high-level aircraft on that day.

爆炸使纳什维尔的 ZME 空中交通管制通讯中断,当天高层飞机无法进入空中交通管制。

  • The FAA issued a highly unusual"ground stop"order.


  • Aftermath of the explosion reveals the AT&T building was hardened like an NSA bunker,with reinforced concrete and a fake public facade,with fake vents.

爆炸后的余波显示 at&t 大楼像国家安全局的地堡一样坚固,有钢筋混凝土和假的公共立面,还有假的通风口。

  • The AT&T building carried an NFP warning sign which explains,"Flammability 4=will vaporize or readily burn at normal temperature,or is readily dispersed in air and will burn readily."

At&t 大楼有一个 NFP 警告标志,说明"易燃性4=在常温下会蒸发或容易燃烧,或容易在空气中分散并容易燃烧。"

  • he materials warning sign also carried a"W"symbol:W=Reacts with water in an unusual or dangerous manner.


  • The AT&T/NSA center had intercepted all the traffic of Dominion voting systems software updates and real-time remote manipulations from China and other countries.

美国电话电报公司/国家安全局中心拦截了来自中国和其他国家的 Dominion 投票系统软件更新和实时远程操作的所有流量。

  • Data stored to magnetic tape,which was physically unharmed by the explosion but may have been subjected to electromagnetic interference sufficient to cause some data loss.


  • The Nashville FirstNet comms system also served the Huntsville,Alabama FBI"second headquarters"which Trump was setting up as a"white hat"FBI campus.CNBC reported on the$1 billion FBI building there.

纳什维尔第一网络通讯系统还为阿拉巴马州亨茨维尔的联邦调查局"第二总部"提供服务,特朗普将其设立为联邦调查局的"白帽子"校园。CNBC 报道了这座价值10亿美元的 FBI 大楼。

  • CodeMonkeyZ shares tweet:I heard there was a BIG meeting last night discussing"significant intel that is so much bigger than anyone can imagine".

CodeMonkeyZ 分享 tweet:我听说昨晚有一个大型会议讨论"重要的情报比任何人想象的都要大得多"

  • "Fairview"is the name of the NSA program to spy on Americans through AT&T data gathering.

"Fairview"是美国国家安全局通过 at&t 数据收集来监视美国人的项目的名称。

  • City Blue Imaging in Rochester burned down as part of a campaign to systematically destroy the evidence of voter fraud.This is the subcontractor involved in the printing of mail-in ballots.All equipment was destroyed in the three-alarm fire.


  •  Fake ballots in AZ arrived via a cargo plane from Korea,ballots were protected by AZ National Guard and transported to Maricopa County for counting in order to steal the election.This is the report from Stew Peters(see 2nd video below).

AZ 的假选票通过一架来自韩国的货机抵达,选票受到 AZ 国民警卫队的保护,并被运送到马里科帕县进行点票,以窃取选举结果。这是 Stew Peters 的报道(见下面第二段视频)

  •  Bobby Piton reveals new details of how"phantom voters"were used to rig the election,where people with common last names like Jones,Williams,Jackson were replaced with unique last name phantom voters who voted for Biden.

Bobby Piton 揭露了"虚假选民"如何被用来操纵选举的新细节,在这次选举中,像 JonesWilliamsJackson 这样有着共同姓氏的人被投票给拜登的独一无二的虚假选民所取代。

  • Piton concludes,"a sophisticated State Actor was able to optimize a desired outcome for both the State of Georgia and the State of Pennsylvania."


  • Far-left journalist charged in BLM firebombing attack on police cars.


  • Texas says pregnancy is a"medical condition"and plans to prioritize all people with medical conditions for covid vaccines,starting with Black and Brown people,as part of a eugenics/depopulation program to eliminate Hispanics and Blacks.


  •  It appears that Trump is dealing with much more than an election war,but rather a global war against human beings as citizens of Earth.


Listen to the full podcast here:



Situation Update, Dec. 28th - Nuke from orbit

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