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作者:MICHAEL SALLA 博士2021910日发表于《银河系外交,太空计划》专题栏目

According to Val Nek,a High Commander with the Galactic Federation of Worlds,Earth is undergoing a major power shift with the exodus of the Dark Fleet and their Draco Reptilian and Orion allies from our solar system.In his latest communication,relayed through one of his contactees,Megan Rose,we learn more about the status of unfolding events on Earth and our solar system,especially concerning the construction of huge motherships in Earth orbit that will serve as international outposts,and the development of a Starfleet for planetary defense.

根据世界银河联邦的高级指挥官 Val Nek 的说法,随着黑暗舰队及其天龙星、爬行动物和猎户座的盟友离开我们的太阳系,地球正在经历一场重大的能量转移。在他最新的通讯中,通过他的联系人之一,梅根·罗斯,我们了解了更多关于地球和我们太阳系正在发生的事件的状况,特别是关于在地球轨道上建造巨大的母船作为国际前哨站,以及发展星际舰队用于行星防御。

In a previous article, I explained why I believe Megan's communications closely align with another contactee,Elena Danaan,who has also met and knows Val Nek.One of the criteria I use to assess the validity of information from new sources such as Megan is if something is happening in real life that independently confirms what is being said.In the case of this latest intel,I was in the midst of communicating with JP,one of my long-time sources(since 2008)who is currently serving with the US Army,and wishes to remain anonymous.

在之前的一篇文章中,我解释了为什么我相信梅根的交流与另一个联系人埃琳娜·达纳安密切相关,她也见过并认识瓦尔·内克。我用来评估像梅根这样的新来源的信息是否有效的标准之一是,现实生活中是否发生了某些事情,这些事情能够独立地证实所说的话。在这个最新的情报中,我正在与 JP 联系,他是我的长期线人之一(2008年起),目前在美国陆军服役,希望保持匿名。

His information,which I will soon present,corroborated what Val Nek was saying to a surprising degree.Consequently,I pass on the following information with high confidence that it is credible and worth evaluating for gaining a big picture overview of current events in our solar system.


On the morning of September 7,this was the message Megan(M)received from Val Nek(VN).


VN:Mars has been liberated.The Ciakahrr empire,the dark fleet,have fled Mars completely.They are now trying to flee to other star systems,like Sirius A,and form alliances to attack the federation and planet Terra.This is the need for ongoing security and training personnel from the Terran military,along with building a space fleet equipped to handle an attack.On Mars,most of their dark portals have been completely closed,with the exception of a few,which the Federation is working on.Their main portal to their headquarters,Aldebaran,has been closed completely.This is a huge victory for the Federation,as it is impossible for them to re-enter and re-infiltrate their precious outpost on Mars.

VN:火星被解放了。帝国,黑暗舰队,已经完全逃离了火星。他们现在正试图逃往其他星系,比如天狼星 a,并形成联盟来攻击联邦和 Terra 星球。这就需要人族军队持续不断的安全和培训人员,同时建立一支能够应对攻击的太空舰队。在火星上,他们大多数黑暗的传送门已经完全关闭,除了少数几个,联邦正在努力工作。他们通往总部的主要入口 Aldebaran 已经完全关闭。这对联邦来说是一个巨大的胜利,因为他们不可能再次进入和渗透到他们在火星上的宝贵前哨。

As you know,I have been working with US military officials to train and implement a fleet to protect and defend Terra.I want to reiterate that we have implemented technology to protect planet Terra.The star fleet,as you call it,is designed with higher density technology,making many of the new ships undetectable to the enemy.The enemy is unable to track or locate these ships due to the higher frequency.The ships have the capability to materialize and dematerialize in a lower density when necessary.This technology was given to the Terrans and must be built/produced by Terrans as to be in accordance with the laws of the Federation.

如你所知,我一直在与美国军方官员合作,训练和实施一支舰队来保护和保卫 Terra。我想重申,我们已经实施了保护 Terra 星球的技术。你所说的星际舰队,采用了更高密度的技术设计,使得许多新飞船对敌人无法探测。由于频率较高,敌人无法跟踪或定位这些舰船。这些飞船在必要的时候可以以较低的密度物质化和非物质化。这项技术是提供给人族的,必须由人族按照联邦法律建造或生产。

This is where the information of my anonymous source,JP,becomes relevant.Synchronistically,on the morning of September 7,he was telling me that he and select US Army colleagues were participating in multiple missions to the Moon on advanced shuttle craft using Nordic extraterrestrial technologies that had been shared with the US military and built on Earth.

这就是我的匿名消息来源 JP 的相关信息。同时,在97日的早晨,他告诉我,他和精挑细选的美国陆军同事正在参加多项月球任务,使用先进的航天飞机,使用北欧的外星技术,这些技术已经与美国军方共享,并在地球上建造。

In a previous article,I explained an incident where JP met with one of these Nordics working with the US military,and took a photo of the spacecraft.JP said that while his Army colleagues were having their memories wiped,he remembered everything about the Moon missions.

在之前的一篇文章中,我解释了一个事件,JP 遇到了一个为美国军方工作的北欧人,并拍了一张飞船的照片。JP 说,当他的军队同事的记忆被清除时,他记得关于登月任务的一切。

Contact with Nordic Alien in USAF Uniform whose Spacecraft was Photographed

On May 24, my anonymous source, JP, who has provided dozens of photos of different types of craft belonging to a United States Air Force (USAF) secret space ...

He described the shuttlecraft as very similar to a Nordic spacecraft that he had witnessed in Brazil in 2008,soon after which we began communications.I have documentation proving JP is currently serving with the US Army and has completed special forces training(necessary for covert space missions)along with the training required for his Military Occupation Specialty(MOS 91J)as a quartermaster and chemical repairer.

他形容这种穿梭机非常类似于他2008年在巴西亲眼目睹的北欧飞船,不久之后我们就开始了通信。我有证明 JP 目前在美国陆军服役的文件,他已经完成了特种部队的训练(秘密太空任务所必需的),以及作为军需官和化学修理工的军事占领特种部队(MOS 91J)所需的训练。

JP described the Moon shuttlecraft as fully autonomous vehicles that were a combination of human and extraterrestrial technology being remotely controlled from the Moon and Earth depending on where the craft was transiting.The principle is similar to an airport shuttle,but in this case,the craft was shuttling military personnel very quickly forth and back to the Moon for defense and construction projects.

JP 将月球航天飞机描述为完全自动的交通工具,它是人类和地外科技的结合,可以根据飞船的过境地点从月球和地球上进行远程控制。这个原理类似于机场穿梭机,但是在这种情况下,这个飞行器非常快速地将军事人员往返于月球,用于国防和建设项目。

Here are extracts from my Skype conversation with JP:

以下是我和 JP Skype 对话的摘录:

Tiring moon and back moon and back moon and back moon and back moon and back…Converting ice into water…I never seen this craft before.Similar from the one in Brazil sharper ends…I remember something interesting the floor was made to like a gel substance…We sat around in a circle Belted in….You feel the G force a split 2nd and everything seems normal…A lot of people are going to the moon and not having recollection I still have recollection.I remember everything….There's always construction going around.Is always new stuff coming up….

累人的月球和后面的月球和后面的月球和后面的月球和后面的月球和后面...把冰变成水...我以前从来没有见过这个船。我记得有一件很有趣的事情,那就是地板被做成了凝胶状......我们围成一圈坐在一起。你感觉到 g 力分裂了,一切看起来都很正常......很多人去了月球,却不记得我还记得。我什么都记得。周围总是有施工。总是有新的东西出现.....

It was kind of funny when we left one time Another group stayed but only speaking French…It's like a International thing.And another time another group.Stayed that does not even look human…Similar to us…Take turn holding these spots down….It looks more like Nordic technology.It's like a mixture.Of us and them


JP's MOS 91J status supports his claim of being sent to the Moon to install or repair equipment that would convert ice into water.JP's information directly supports Val Nek's claim that the Galactic Federation is helping the US and allied militaries build fleets of new advanced spacecraft for a variety of missions–a modern day Starfleet.JP's information also supports a prior communication from Val Nek, who described the construction of a new Moon base,and refurbishing older abandoned bases.

JP MOS 91J 状态证实了他被送往月球安装或修理将冰转化为水的设备的说法。的信息直接支持了 Val Nek 的说法,即银河联邦(消歧义)空间站正在帮助美国和盟国军队建立新的先进的飞船舰队,用于各种任务----现代的星际舰队。JP 的信息也支持了瓦尔·内克之前的一个沟通,他描述了新月球基地的建设,以及翻新旧的废弃基地。

I now return to Val Nek's communication with Megan on the morning of Sept 7:

我现在回到97日早上 Val Nek Megan 的交流:

[VN]Thus the need for the earth alliance to make agreements with large corporations.I must stress that although there is of course,in times of war,the chance of an incoming threat,that planet Terra is secure and we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of the Terran people.Do not consent to fear.It is my honor and pleasure to serve the Terran people.

因此,地球联盟需要与大公司达成协议。我必须强调,尽管在战争时期,当然有可能出现新的威胁,但是 Terra 星球是安全的,我们正在尽一切努力确保人类的安全。不要同意恐惧。为人类人民服务是我的荣幸和快乐。

M:Can you say anything about why the Ciakars want to come back to Terra?

M:你能说说为什么 ciakar 人想回 Terra 吗?

VN:I cannot disclose everything.They are interested,of course,in planet Terra for its vast resources.They are trying to make alliances with other species from other star systems that will adhere to their strict code of ethics,if you can call them that.What I mean by this,the Ciakahrr historically,are not good negotiators.They need resources to negotiate,Terran resources.They do not make good allies,as they have a predatory nature and look out for their own self interests.Their ability to negotiate,their power,has substantially decreased since their supply of trade has been cut/obliterated.They are rendered powerless.This is good news.

VN:我不能透露一切。当然,他们对 Terra 星球的丰富资源感兴趣。他们正试图与其他星系的其他物种结盟,这些物种将遵守他们严格的道德准则,如果你可以这样称呼他们的话。我的意思是,从历史上看,Ciakahrr 并不是一个好的谈判者。他们需要谈判的资源,人族的资源。他们不会成为好的盟友,因为他们具有掠夺性的天性,并为自己的利益着想。他们的谈判能力,他们的力量,已经大大减少,因为他们的贸易供应已经被切断/消灭。他们变得无能为力。这是个好消息。

Val Nek's reference to the Galactic Federation and Earth Alliance's need to work with major corporations,especially Elon Musk's SpaceX,Jeff Bezos'Blue Origin,and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, has aroused much public criticism due to the questionable practices of these corporate CEO's in the past,and their links to the Deep State.However,from the perspective of Val Nek and the Galactic Federation,Earth has an urgent need to defend itself from the possible return of their former extraterrestrial overlords with new allies.Therefore,the construction of large fleets of stealth-equipped spacecraft with powerful defense technologies is a priority,and large aerospace corporations have vital roles to play in building a Starfleet for the Earth Alliance and the Combined Space Commands of allied nations.

提到银河联邦和地球联盟需要与大公司合作,特别是 Elon Musk SpaceX 公司,Jeff Bezos Blue Origin 公司,以及 Richard Branson Virgin Galactic 公司,由于这些公司 CEO 过去的可疑行为以及他们与深州公司的联系而引起了公众的批评。然而,从 Val Nek 和银河联邦(消歧义)的角度来看,地球迫切需要保护自己免受他们以前的外星领主与新盟友可能回归的影响。因此,建造具有强大防御技术的大型隐形装备航天器舰队是一个优先事项,大型航空航天公司在为地球联盟和盟国联合空间司令部建造星际舰队方面可以发挥重要作用。

Did Bezos, Branson & Musk secretly travel to Jupiter for negotiations with the Galactic Federation?

On July 11, to much fanfare, Richard Branson traveled on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft for a highly publicized trip to the edge of space-defined by NASA as be...

In the evening of September 7,Megan received further information from Val Nek about ongoing activities in space involving the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance.

97日晚上,Megan Val Nek 那里得到了关于银河联邦(消歧义)空间站和地球联盟正在进行的太空活动的进一步信息。

VN:The Federation is working with the Alliance and their partners to develop outposts surrounding Terra.These outposts will be put in place for various reasons,but the main reason being security and surveillance.There are different sections of the satellite grid,as I mentioned,the Space Fence,that will be monitored from these outposts.These outposts are similar to the International Space Station,but are not the same thing.The International Space Station is in the hands of the Alliance and will likely be dismantled or refurbished,depending on what the alliance decides to do.The Federation is independent from some of their decision making and this is one of them.I cannot say anymore about the ISS.

VN:联合会正在与联盟及其伙伴合作,开发 Terra 周围的前哨基地。这些前哨基地将因各种原因建立,但主要原因是安全和监视。卫星网格的不同部分,正如我所提到的,太空围栏,将在这些前哨基地被监控。这些前哨基地类似于国际空间站,但不是一回事。国际空间站在联盟的手中,很可能会被拆除或翻新,这取决于联盟决定做什么。联合会是独立于他们的一些决策,这是其中之一。关于国际空间站,我不能再多说了。

The outposts will be similar to what we call a mothership.It will be a station in the sky that is used to monitor Terra and the fleets protecting Terra.This technology that the station is built with will be manufactured by the companies that participated in the Jupiter agreements.It is very good news and a very big deal.The motherships(by motherships,I mean,there will be one main one and several other smaller outposts,but still large,considering the size of a normal ship)will be equipped with medical technology,living quarters for soldiers and many other technologically advanced components that I can reveal at a later date.

前哨基地将类似于我们所说的母舰。它将成为空中的一个站点,用于监视 Terra 和保护 Terra 的舰队。空间站所使用的这项技术将由参与木星协议的公司制造。这是一个非常好的消息,也是一件大事。母船(我的意思是说,将会有一个主要的和其他几个较小的前哨站,但是考虑到一艘普通船的大小,仍然很大)将会配备医疗技术,士兵的生活区和许多其他技术先进的部件,我可以在以后的日期透露。

There will also be space for fleets of ships to be docked,calibrated and checked on,to make sure they are working properly before and after space travel.Please understand this is a very large operation,as you can imagine,the Federation is helping engineers to work on,repair and learn these ships once they are manufactured by the Terran people.


M:The Space Fence,the satellite system,will be monitored from the Moon as well?


VN:Yes of course,for safety reasons,Terra will be monitored from many outposts in the sky as well as on the Moon,at the new base.This is the most secure way to handle operations.

VN:是的,当然,出于安全考虑,Terra 将在空中的许多前哨站以及新基地的月球上进行监测。这是处理操作的最安全的方法。

M:Is there anything else you would like to say?


VN:Not at this time,I will give more reports at a later date,as our operations are ongoing.


I[MS]asked Val Nek[VN]two questions which Megan[M]relayed to him and we received the following responses[Note:I mistakenly thought Val Nek had earlier referred to three outposts being built in Earth orbit in framing my question]:

我问了 Val Nek[VN]两个问题,Megan 向他转述了这两个问题,我们得到了以下回答[:我错误地以为 Val Nek 早先在构思我的问题时提到了正在地球轨道上建造的三个前哨站]:

[MS]1.I do have a question about the three outposts that will be established,and the decommissioning of the International Space Station.As far as I'm aware,the National Reconnaissance Office along with the CIA had one or more stealth wheel shaped space stations(based on the Von Braun Space Station design)that they used to conduct covert and intel operations around the world that were set up in the 1970s and 80s.What will happen to these NRO/CIA stealth space stations as the new outposts are set up?

1.我确实对将要建立的三个前哨站和国际空间站的退役有疑问。据我所知,美国美国国家侦察局和中央情报局在20世纪70年代和80年代建立了一个或多个隐形轮状空间站(基于 Von Braun 空间站的设计),用于在世界各地进行秘密行动和情报工作。新的前哨基地建立后,NRO/CIA 隐形空间站会发生什么变化?

VN:There are more than three and there will be one main station which is a larger structure.This structure is built with the same technology used to build the new moon base for the US.It is an impenetrable technology that uses a high frequency to create a grid in the walls of the structure,but,also,in this case around the station as well.This disallows any unauthorized personnel.This technology of course,will be built by the Terran people,thus referencing the agreements made in the Jupiter agreements.I would like to reiterate,it is likely,although I cannot confirm,that the ISS will be dismantled or at least refurbished due to its technology soon being very outdated compared to what is being manufactured for space at this time.


In reference to the NRO/CIA space stations:In the interest of Megan's safety,I cannot completely answer this question.What can I say…..our operations in respect to some of these groups are ongoing.There has been,as many know,an infiltration of[an]extraterrestrial presence in some of these organizations.The war on and under Planet Terra is ongoing.Now that the Dark Fleet has left Mars,the military allies of some of these groups are greatly weakened and they pose little threat.However,in times of war,we do not disclose ongoing operations.

关于 NRO/CIA 空间站:为了梅根的安全,我不能完全回答这个问题。我能说什么呢......我们对其中一些组织的行动正在进行中。正如许多人所知道的,在这些组织中有一些是外星人的渗透。地球上的战争正在进行中。现在,黑暗舰队已经离开火星,这些团体的军事盟友大大削弱,他们构成的威胁很小。然而,在战争时期,我们不会透露正在进行的行动。

萨拉博士|银河联邦正在帮助人类为行星防御建立一个星际舰队The security concern over Megan's safety is entirely understandable.A secret space program set up by the CIA is currently run out of National Reconnaissance Office facilities using CIA black budget funding.It is very secretive and runs out of the"Office of Space Reconnaissance,"which is formally part of the CIA despite being staffed by NRO personnel and aerospace contractors.I explain how the Office of Space Reconnaissance was set up this way in 2014 to escape Congressional and Executive branch oversight in Chapter 7 of my book,Space Force:Our Star Trek Future(2021).

对梅根安全的担忧是完全可以理解的。由中央情报局设立的一个秘密太空计划目前正在使用中央情报局的黑色预算资金,用光美国国家侦察局的设施。这是一个非常秘密的机构,隶属于"空间侦察办公室",该办公室正式隶属于中央情报局,尽管其工作人员包括 NRO 人员和航空航天承包商。在我的书《太空力量:我们的星际迷航未来》(2021)第七章中,我解释了太空侦察办公室是如何在2014年以这种方式成立的,以逃避国会和行政部门的监督。

It's worth emphasizing that in the Congressional legislation,the National Defense Authorization Act of 2020,which created the US Space Force,that NRO activities would remain outside of the military chain of command.In short,while US Space Command would have control of Space Force and other military assets in space,the joint NRO/CIA space program would remain independent.This will prove to be a major challenge to future US Space Command operations as my Space Force book explains.

值得强调的是,在国会立法中,创建了美国太空部队的2020年国防授权法案规定,国家空间研究办公室的活动将不受军事指挥系统的控制。简而言之,尽管美国太空司令部将控制太空部队和其他太空军事资产,但 NRO/CIA 联合太空计划将保持独立。正如我的《太空力量》一书所解释的那样,这将成为未来美国太空司令部作战的一个重大挑战。

Val Nek's response to my second question follows:

对于我的第二个问题,Val Nek 的回答如下:

[MS]2.Also,does Val Nek know about China's role for the…mothership outposts?China was excluded from the ISS due to mistrust,but due to the Jupiter agreements,I assume it will be included in the…new outposts.


VN:China has limited access as outlined in the Jupiter agreements.They are considered by the Federation to be the least trustworthy.There is an opportunity to gain trust with good behavior over time.I can reveal that the US will be in charge of these stations we are manufacturing.Other countries and their space programs will have access to them as outlined in the Jupiter agreements.There is a code of conduct outlined in these agreements.For example,how to behave in space and other,what you can consider,legal guidelines for maintaining their programs respectively.


M:Why is China the least trustworthy?


VN:The reasons I cannot fully disclose,but I can say…..they were evaluated by the Council of Five,a spiritually evolved organization,to be slightly regressive and to have many self-interests.The Council of Five had a role in the Jupiter Agreements,and part of that role was to evaluate the spiritual evolution of the leaders on Terra.This was done,of course,to ensure the safety of the Terran people,as we know they have been under Tyrannical control for some time.

VN:我不能完全透露原因,但是我可以说......它们被五人理事会评估,这是一个精神上进化的组织,有点倒退,有许多自我利益。五人理事会在《木星协定》中发挥作用,其中一部分作用是评估 Terra 上领导人的精神进化。当然,这样做是为了确保人族的安全,因为我们知道他们已经被暴君控制了一段时间。

In Rise of the Red Dragon:Origins&Threat of China's Secret Space Program (2020)I explain how China has built a secret space program using espionage,deception and corporate theft of advanced aerospace technologies from the US and around the world.China was in the midst of building a large powerful fleet of spacecraft with the help of negative extraterrestrial groups.China now has to face a new strategic landscape where its former allies have been forced to flee,and a new extraterrestrial group is mentoring humanity in its transition into a spacefaring civilization.In the meantime,China is quickly filling in the vacuum created by the exodus of the Dark Fleet from Antarctica,as I've explained in a previous article.


In conclusion,the latest information received from Val Nek provides many valuable insights into what is happening in our solar system.His information is independently backed by my anonymous source,JP,who has participated in secret Army construction projects on the Moon using hybrid human and extraterrestrial technologies,including autonomous space shuttlecraft.

总之,Val Nek 提供的最新信息为我们了解太阳系正在发生的事情提供了许多有价值的见解。他的信息由我的匿名消息来源 JP 独立支持,JP 参与了秘密的陆军月球建设项目,使用了人类和外星人的混合技术,包括自主航天飞机。

As far as constructing several massive space stations—motherships—to serve as monitoring,repair,and planetary defense outposts is concerned,there are good reasons why such an endeavor is necessary.There is indeed a high likelihood that the negative extraterrestrial races that have recently fled our solar system will attempt to return at some future time,first through infiltration,and eventually through more kinetic means using new interstellar allies.Val Nek's information confirms that we are in the midst of an enormous planetary transition.


Humanity is being helped by the Galactic Federation in building a Starfleet for Planetary Defense.A"Star Trek Future"is unfolding right now,as envisaged in a 2019 Space Futures Report, and presents many new opportunities and challenges for humanity.


I wish to thank Megan Rose for relaying Val Nek's information and answers to me.Megan's website is here.


If you want to learn more about our Star Trek Future,then I highly recommend my September 11 webinar titled Our Star Trek Future,which will reveal how the Galactic Federation played a significant role for decades in nurturing such a future and even was in contact with Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s in seeding such an idea into humanity's consciousness.


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