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Galactic Federation Is Bringing Free Energy Technology And Establishing A Free Energy Zone On Earth!


*NOTE…No mention of TESLA so not clear if this is that or something else?Mr.Ed 银河联邦|在地球上建立自由能源区

-注意...没有提到 TESLA 不清楚是这个还是其他什么?-ed 先生

Dear ones,


This is a message for humanity from the Galactic Federation.We are here to inform you that,based on new developments and research,we are introducing this new initiative on the planet earth.


The idea is to create a free energy zone here on earth,which will be areas of designation that are provided to supply clean and free without charge or cost energy to those in these areas willing to participate in these projects.


This new breakthrough in technology will change the entire planet.


You may not know that you have a galactic federation representative very close by.We're here to let you know we're upgrading your planet's energy supply.No need to panic!We won't be taking anything away from you and making things worse for you in the process,quite the opposite.We'll be installing a new completely free energy source that not only takes care of all your needs better than your current system does but there's so much more to it.


It not only keeps your household appliances running,but also keeps your car on the road.This works with zero emissions and is completely green!


By using the free energy source,you are taking back your right to exist on this planet without being taxed by someone else;you take back your liberty right to live without paying for someone else's pollution.It is time to stop paying your monthly bills for your fuel,electricity,or crude oil.


The moment you realize that you don't need electricity or heating oil or gas,to be able to live comfortably,is truly magical.


As we observe,many people on earth are on the verge of destroying themselves because of the choices they have made.Many of these destructive choices are inherent within their belief systems.They have destroyed so much of your natural resources and continue to create pollution that changes the composition of the earth's atmosphere.


Today,most systems use dirty and outdated technology as their source of energy.The Earth has become very polluted.This pollution is all around you.It surrounds the planet at certain levels.


Our free clean energy system will be portable and more efficient for your needs.It's environmentally friendly and will help the planet become more sustainable for future generations.


With the enormous amount of energy that is available in space,the use of completely new energy capture and conversion technology,and the very low cost of energy storage in space,it is practical for this advanced infrastructure component to provide clean and free energy to the entire planet.


It does not need any wiring;it is wireless,and it is STRONGER.Hence,you can enjoy unlimited technological power for your computer,mobile phone,home appliances,etc.,without the necessity of any fuel like electricity,gas,or oil.


It is compatible with all devices.There's no need to charge your phone or put gas in your car.All these gadgets will work'ON'24×7 with this energy without the worry of theft of power because it is wireless Free Energy.


Are you ready to be part of this free energy movement that will change the world and bring about a bright and prosperous future for you and your family?


You are about to make the right choice that will empower you beyond imagination!You are about to take your life into your own hands.


The first phase of free zones will be established by the Galactic Federation of Light.To become available for this designation does not require an individual to subscribe to any specific religion,ideology,system of belief,or way of life.


The first phase of free energy zones will be strategically chosen based on several variables including but not limited to;land contour,water flow patterns,temperature patterns,the location of hot spots(vortices),tectonic plate movement,tectonic plate stress points,tectonic plate stress points,and residual tectonic pressure points will all factor into this area's selection.


It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you this gift of new technology.This will provide you with the necessary foundation to allow your civilization to progress on its ascension path.


The words you are reading now are just a glimpse into the main goals of the Galactic Federation.


We are here to prepare you and your planet for ascension,and we will not stop until you and everyone else on Earth experience enlightenment and become free!


We love you dearly.


We are here with you.


We are your family of light.



Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation


Channel and Art by Aurora Ray

通道与艺术作者:Aurora Ray

From the PAO–Sheldan Nidle camp newsletter

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Planetary Activation Organization




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