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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 14,2021 2021914


We've heard from a couple of well-connected people that there were big announcements expected on Sunday but…as so often happens…nothing yet.I have a feeling it's going to be well worth the wait.A very good feeling.The Earth Alliance may be deeking out the enemy.


In this video Phil Godlewski gets into it because with intel from two sources,he was expecting it.Scott Mowry said same.He was a little disappointed that nothing happened but knows there is good reason for it.Scott told us his military source indicated what's coming is incredibly good.Amazing,even.


In this video Phil explains some background on who has been controlling the world and why and how NESARA/GESARA are not only possible,but definitely coming.He also says"flat Earth"is not a theory,just to warn you.That is my belief,so it's nice to hear a very savvy and sensible guy admit it.

在这个视频中,菲尔解释了一些背景知识,关于谁控制了世界,为什么和如何 NESARA/GESARA 不仅是可能的,而且肯定会出现。他还说,"地球是平的"不是一个理论,只是警告你。这是我的信念,所以听到一个非常精明和明智的家伙承认这一点是件好事。

It's a great discussion for those still scrambling to pick up the puzzle pieces to form a"big picture".He then gets into the silver segment for a few minutes,then after 1:35:00 goes back to the announcement he was expecting with 90 per cent certainty.That was on September 10.He says do not allow yourself to be deflated if it does not—because this is war.



Timing is everything.Everything.This well-oiled machine we call'The Plan'has thousands of gears all ticking away in unison toward an ultimate reveal[actually many of them]that will knock the socks off the public.Probably us,too.We don't see all those gears so we don't know what they're doing.




I have to wonder…


Kim Shady pointed to this Q drop today and I have to wonder…is CA California or…CANADA?We know Trudeau just called a completely illegal and treasonous election.Did the"Dominion voting machines"not originate in the Dominion of Canada?

Kim Shady 今天指出了这个 q 下降,我不得不想知道...是加利福尼亚州还是...加拿大?我们知道特鲁多刚刚称这是一场完全非法和叛国的选举。难道"自治联盟投票机器"不是起源于美国加拿大吗?

You never know.Q likes to lead us down a path and give us a surprise ending when things don't mean what we assumed."CA"is the short form for Canada.Wouldn't that be the bee's knees to centre the drama around the US election and suggest that the holdup has been the AZ audit,etc.etc.when it's really the Canadian election called for September 20?That's a mere 5 days away,folks.Five,four,three,two…

谁知道呢。当事情并不像我们想象的那样时,q 喜欢引导我们走上一条道路,给我们一个惊喜的结局。"CA"是加拿大的缩写。这难道不是蜜蜂的膝盖,以围绕美国大选的戏剧为中心,暗示滞留已经是 AZ 的审计等等,当它真的是加拿大选举要求在920日?再过5天就到了,伙计们。五,四,三,二..



Apr 19,2018 10:29:03 PM EDT 19,201810:29:03 PM EDT

Q!xowAT4Z3VQ!xowAT4Z3VQ ID:d7571e No.1109320 1109320

Apr 19,2018 10:22:51 PM EDT
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Q&A 5 min.



>>1108897 Will election fraud be revealed soon???>>1108897选举舞弊会很快被揭露吗?

>>1109176 Yes,midterms are safe.>1109176是的,期中考试安全了

Watch CA.观看 CA


Romana keeps talking about the EBS/EAS like it's coming very soon.Would a situation involving national security in Canada warrant an EAS?I think yes.The Canucks are still deeply in a trance and need that proverbial pitcher of ice water dumped on them.IMHO.

罗曼娜一直在谈论 EBS/EAS,好像它很快就会到来。涉及加拿大国家安全的局势是否值得建立埃及防御系统?我想是的。加拿大人仍然处于深深的恍惚之中,他们需要那瓶众所周知的冰水。国际水文学联合会。

Whatever happens,there's no holding back the gears.


Yes,midterms are safe

We believe big stuff is definitely coming.The TKO.Very soon.Here's a one-year delta from Q:

我们相信重大的事情一定会发生。将军澳战略。很快就会发生。以下是 q 的一年三角洲:


Sep 14,2020 9:46:54 PM EDT 2020914日美国东部夏令时下午9:46:54

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID:69adbe 编号:69adbe No.10650666 10650666

Hold the line,Riders.守住阵线,骑手们
Justice is coming.


Kim Shady brings us this today, for those who appreciate the decodes. Q did tell us to “follow Huma”. We have not seen the end of this crew. Huma Abedin was Hitlary Clinton’s aide for years, was the former wife of convicted pervert Congressman Anthony Weiner, and she had it all, including the family ties to Saudi Arabia. Link to Telegram for better quality.

金·沙迪今天为我们带来了这篇文章,献给那些欣赏解码的人。Q确实告诉我们要“跟着Huma走”。我们还没有看到这个团队的末日。胡玛·阿贝丁(Huma Abedin)是希特拉·克林顿(Hitlary Clinton)多年的助手,是被判有罪的变态国会议员安东尼·韦纳(Anthony Weiner)的前妻,她拥有一切,包括与沙特阿拉伯的家庭关系。链接到电报以获得更好的质量。


Here's a distraction to keep everyone busy while the gears turn.


Gen.Mark Milley Held Secret Pentagon Meeting,Told Staff Not To Take Orders From President Donald Trump Regarding Nuclear Weapons 


They went after Texas again.Hurricane Nicholas.Let's hope it doesn't get parked,as some suggested it might.



Squeaky wheels get the grease AND the weather wars.



Meanwhile,the People show strong feelings towards mandatory vaxxination initiatives in New York.When enough people feel enough pain…


Link to Telegram 链接到 Telegram for video from RT.来自 rt 的视频

"F***THE VAX!"New York City continues protests against jab mandates


Around 1,000 people hit Foley Square in NYC to protest vaccine mandates as enforcement begins in the city.


The vaccination requirement has been in place for a few weeks but had not previously been enforced;now though non-compliance comes with$1,000 fines.


Enforcement of rules requires workers and patrons to provide proof of at least partial vaccination to go indoors at restaurants,museums,gyms and entertainment venues.


Subscribe to RT t.me/rtintl

订阅 RT t.me/rtintl


The antidote to the virus is knowledge.Way,way back in the early days of the scamdemic[seems like years ago]when we were suspicious and learning a lot,a very well-informed young doctor told us what he knows about viruses.


Dr.Zach Bush told us that a virus is NOT a living organism that is contagious and can spread around and make people sick.It's not like bacteria.A virus is created within the body as a response to stress,an invader,inflammation…some situation the body wants to alleviate to return to homeostasis.


Viruses are part of our Human biome and they are part of our evolution.They are not a bad thing.And—"viral shedding"is also a normal process.The body doesn't want that within.It expels it.It knows how to drain the swamp.


Do you throw out a whole block of cheese because it gets a little mold on it?I just cut it off.Same with my sour cream or yogurt.Look at a beautiful block of fromage bleu!Roquefort…Gorgonzola…Yummy—made from fungal spores.Viruses,fungus,leeches…why do we vilify them all?


Because of ignorance due to misinformation and disinformation and a global effort to have us forget the truth.Like flat Earth.



See how they have used fear to blow this up to create a threat out of nothing but a common cold or annual flu?They have us fearing"nature".


What the psychopaths have done is misinform the world about the Human body and weaponize medicine.They hid the natural remedies,nutrition,and discouraged and even suppressed support mechanisms like acupressure,chiropractic,meditation,and energy practices given to us so we could heal and maintain healthy avatars.


There are so many ways to provide therapy to the emotional body like the Hawai'ian Ho'oponopono and Emotional Freedom Technique.It is easy to deal with"other people's stuff"if you know how.


There is sound therapy with beautiful music and frequencies blended together as a salve for the soul.They knew very well how important resonance is to the Human body and changed our music from the harmonic 432 Hz to 440 which is not conducive to healthy listening for mind,body and soul.


Instead of supporting the Human organism,they pushed quackery and indoctrination in the medicine from medical school on.They made it all about the physical body.Their universities and labs put out lies and false research papers.Doctors and scientists were bribed and awarded status they didn't deserve.They sold us out.



Consider fevers.Fever is a natural response to a contagion or condition the body needs to eliminate to restore balance.What did the establishment do?They prescribed aspirin and other pharmaceutical poisons to"bring the fever down".They even peddled"baby aspirin".Bayer.Nazi chemical company.A Band-aid instead of a resolution of the cause.


Fever is a GOOD thing.Let it run its course and keep the cabal's poisons out.Our first response has too often been to grab a thermometer and pop pills when we should have just ignored it,or if the patient felt ill,to lie down and sleep and let the body heal itself.It always will if we don't stand in its way.I've never taken my temperature when I didn't feel well.I know how I feel.Why do I need a number?Or a pill?


It will take time for all of us to rethink science,medicine,homeopathy,food,herbs,exercise,sunshine,etc.but we have to start somewhere.While you may not agree with everything Dr.Zach Bush MD says in this interview with London Real's Brian Rose,I believe if you are open-minded and listen to the end,you will have some significant information to consider and will better innerstand the Human organism.


It's a good jumping off point.I think it's obvious that"CovID"is not a"virus",but the world needs to get there.Just keep in mind that this was in June of 2020 BEFORE we learned all that we have about the plandemic,who dunnit,and why.


Dr.Bush may have a different stance on some points now.We know that if you go after the cabal and expose their agenda your information may not get out at all,so perhaps it's better to skate around it.


You just need to subscribe by providing your email address to watch the whole thing for free;2 hr;and it claims to validate the address first.


Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport has been screaming the truth from the rooftops from very early on.You'd think he'd be hoarse by now but he keeps churning it out every day.Fact,not fiction.

调查记者 Jon Rappoport 从一开始就在屋顶上大声呼喊真相。你可能认为他现在已经嘶哑了,但是他每天都在大量地发出声音。事实,而非虚构。

In case you thought the PCR test detects an actual virus…wrong 

如果你认为 PCR 检测出的是真正的病毒......那就错了

Our friends who have beaten pneumonia or"Covid"this past week shared this pharmacy in India that will ship the magic protocol that kicks ass.



They have referred five people to the Texas doctor who is consulting with Arizonans and sends scripts to a compounding pharmacy here in Mesa.


There is always a way.Big Mike is completely off oxygen now and able to maintain upper 90 percentile of O2 on his own and is heading toward a maintenance dose of Ivermectin.


I don't feel compelled to get any Ivermectin or HCQ because I take NANO SOMA every day and it is confirmed to enable the body to resolve viral issues from even tough"viruses"like MRSA."Viral shedding" is also addressed,and the body will regulate its own Vitamin D receptors,and make Vitamin C"in house"with this revolutionary immune support so I don't believe I will get sick,and if that is my belief then it will probably be my reality.

我不觉得有必要服用任何伊维菌素或 HCQ,因为我每天都服用 NANO SOMA,它被证实可以使身体解决病毒问题,即使是像 MRSA 这样的棘手"病毒""病毒散播"也被提及,身体将调节自己的维生素 d 受体,并在这种革命性的免疫支持下,使维生素 c"内部",所以我不相信我会生病,如果这是我的信念,那么它可能就是我的现实。

The out-of-stock issues are being resolved and Dr.Presser's update yesterday tells us:




The European store is open and has plenty of stock of NANO SOMA,and is now open for orders for all of Europe and beyond,including Switzerland,Norway and Finland,and including the UK as an interim until the UK store opens in a few weeks,once we receive our bottle supply.Customs issues arise beyond the EU,which are your responsibility.

这家欧洲店已经开业,有大量 NANO SOMA 存货,现在正在接受包括瑞士、挪威和芬兰在内的整个欧洲以及其他地区的订单,包括英国,直到英国店在几周后开业,一旦我们收到我们的瓶子供应。海关问题超出欧盟范围,这是你的责任。



We will be shipping our locally bottled product via our new fulfilment partner from about the end of September.We have a second bottling right behind the first,so supply will not be an issue going forwards.


I am expecting my first bottle of the NANO SOMA gel,"Metasomer" to arrive today.

我期待着我的第一瓶 NANO SOMA 凝胶,"Metasomer"今天抵达。

I found this website that shows the results people have had with this topical gel and it's impressive.See the photos of many skin conditions there.And the hair regrowth—never expected that.


I appreciate you sharing my affiliate link with your friends and family as many of you have done.If you think you will share the product and your story a lot,you could get your own link to share by email or text and make a commission through Dr.Presser.This is an amazing product that continues to impress us all as more people globally discover it and use it for their own issues and report back.



The People know who the enemy is.


🇨🇦Slayerjayman🇨🇦 on Twitter: "I don't watch CTV, CBC or Global news for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet. / Twitter"

I don't watch CTV, CBC or Global news for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet.

Queen Romana and WhipLash347 are talking about med-beds today on Telegram.Hopefully it won't be long before these are deployed to all"hospitals"very soon.Hospitals of a very different sort.Please visit Romana Didulo's channel on Telegram.Not to be missed.

罗曼娜女王和 WhipLash347今天在 Telegram 上谈论医疗床。希望这些设备不久就会被部署到所有的"医院"。医院的类型完全不同。请访问罗马娜·迪杜洛在电报上的频道。不容错过。

Q&A,MedBeds Group Chat after EBS.

EBS 之后的问与答,MedBeds 群聊。

Q:Hi Queen Romana!After the EBS/EAS and all platforms including Telegram maybe shutdown,where are we going to meet for the MedBeds chat?Thank you.

:你好,罗曼娜女王!在 EBS/EAS 和包括 Telegram 在内的所有平台关闭后,我们在哪里会面进行 MedBeds 聊天?谢谢你。

A:I will make a public announcement via TV,Radio,and text messages to your phones with details. 2021年9月14日:“计划”的齿轮正在转动|星际飞船地球


MedBeds represent the future of medicine,which will eradicate Big Pharma2021年9月14日:“计划”的齿轮正在转动|星际飞船地球.As President Trump announced a year ago,every hospital will soon be equipped with such technology.Thus,every person will have access to non-invasive,personalized medicine 2021年9月14日:“计划”的齿轮正在转动|星际飞船地球.Link to Telegram.

医疗床代表着医学的未来,它将根除大型制药公司。正如特朗普总统一年前宣布的那样,每家医院很快都将配备这种技术。因此,每个人都可以接触到非侵入性的个体化医学。链接到 Telegram

The Quantum Healing Technologies of Med Beds - America Out Loud

The world is about to take a giant quantum leap into the revolutionary 'New Age' of healing technology systems that will become an integral part of transforming the way our traditional medical communities heal and remedy the masses with plasmatic use energies and healing frequencies.

2021年9月14日:“计划”的齿轮正在转动|星际飞船地球You can check the Med Bed Token on our website:brainlaboratory.net


Some nasty truths have to come to the fore and many have done what they can to share them.





For relaxation and contemplation,we want to share this marvelous channel on Telegram from the crew;Tartaria–Britannica.Take a trip back through time and discover the world they have hidden from us as much as possible—and lied about.


Beautiful old photographs,videos,and striking truths about the civilization they destroyed to control us and steal our wealth and resources.We know people with horses and buggies didn't build these breathtaking,gargantuan,architectural masterpieces,and we have to wonder about the stature of those who did.


They stole our history,our origin,our purpose,and our link to our Creator and left us adrift in a sea of unspeakable horrors where we were prey because we were too stupid to know any better.


Don't be depressed—be joyful that some of this incredible history still remains after the psychopaths'last reset and we will soon return to a life with free energy and gobsmacking technology—and a new identity!


If this historical material doesn't set your imagination alight,I don't know what will.I would love to see our cities illuminated like this again.Dark to Light.Link to Telegram.

如果这些历史材料不能激发你的想象力,我不知道还有什么能。我希望看到我们的城市再次像这样被照亮。从黑暗到光明。链接到 Telegram

Here's a video they shared.



Before you go,the crew wants you to know about this Telegram account…
Arabella Kennedy

在你走之前,工作人员想让你知道关于 Telegram 的账户......阿拉贝拉·肯尼迪

My father JFK was born on 29/5/1917 我父亲肯尼迪出生于1917529
add nos.=34>7 

I was was born on 23/8/1956 
add nos.=34>7 

My brother JFK JR was born on 25/11/1960 
add nos.=25>7

My brother PBK was born on 7/8/1963 
add nos.=34>7 


Still believe in coincidences?[Do spelling errors matter?]


Follow the sings in my messages.Some things can not be said clearly.They are watching.


Dig deeper…and you will find.


That's the show for today,my friends.Plenty of excitement ahead so rest up!Love you all.Except for the trolls.;0)~BP




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