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In his initial December 14 communication with Elena Danaan, Thor Han Eredyon mentioned that Oona, a member of the Intergalactic Confederation (aka the ‘Guardians’ or ‘Seeders’) had more details of the Antarctica meetings, their implications, and the black magic used by the global elite. Elena had previously met with Oona who facilitated her travel to meet with the Guardians and later to meet with the Council of Nine in a region of space between Jupiter and its main moon, Ganymede. The Guardians are the seeders of human looking races in many galaxies and had arrived to watch humanity’s graduation into the galactic community.

在12月14日与 Elena Danaan 的首次交流中,Thor Han Eredyon 提到,星际联盟(又名“守护者”或“种子者”)成员乌娜对南极洲会议有更多的细节,它们的含义,以及全球精英们使用的黑魔法。此前,她曾与 乌娜会面,乌娜为她的旅行提供了便利,让她与守护者会面,后来,她又在木星与其主要卫星木卫三之间的一个空间区域与九人理事会会面。在许多星系中,守护者们是人类种族的播种者,他们来到这里是为了观看人类毕业进入银河系社区。

Elena said that she felt Oona’s desire to relay a message and had to lie down and channel a communication. What follows is the message Oona relayed to Elena:


They’ve come to bargain their freedom. They hold keys and to give these keys, they need to consent to give these keys. Because it is not only about material possessions. But it is also about rituals they have performed to lock this planet and the human race of Terra into very dark rituals. These need to be uncast and they have, only them, the key to uncast these dark circles traced around every each society, human beings.

他们是来讨价还价自由的。他们拿着钥匙,要给这些钥匙,他们需要同意给这些钥匙。因为它不仅仅关乎物质财富。但它也是关于他们为了将这个星球和 Terra 的人类锁入非常黑暗仪式而进行的仪式。这些需要被清除,只有他们,才是清除这些黑暗圈子的关键,这些黑暗圈子被追踪到每个社会,每个人类。

We are meeting them to allow them to uncast these dark rituals to set free the minds and the protection they set on the monetary institutions they created. A dark ancient institution. Those of the name, the number 33. Those of the lower numbers, the reverse triangles, and all those who worshipped the soul harvester. Those who worked to separate the soul from the human beings and bodies are about to leave this planet.  Negotiated deals, you must not believe that we agree to their acts. We [are] displeased [at] all that they’ve done.


Antarctica is the meeting place because the portal can take them when the moment is here. They will give us the keys [to] unlock their rituals and cast the dark circles, the nine levels of darkness will be collapsed as one and dispersed into dust. It is over. The dust will be scattered to the four winds of human consciousness liberated.


We summoned them when the greater agreements were made between your planet and the Galactic Federation of Nataru [Milky Way]. From this moment we flew to your star system and now these encounters with the dark ones of the human race of Terra we will set free all the dark bindings of magic. They are done. They will benefit of a prison planet that will give them all they want but they will never leave. A world far in another galaxy which you do not know the name yet. They will be forgotten and content. The best way to end a conflict.

当你们的星球和纳塔鲁银河联邦之间达成更大的协议时,我们召唤了他们。从这一刻起,我们飞向你们的星系,现在这些与 Terra 人类黑暗势力的遭遇,我们将释放所有黑暗魔法束缚。他们完蛋了。他们将受益于一个监狱星球,这个星球将给予他们想要的一切,但他们永远不会离开。一个遥远的星系里的世界,你还不知道它的名字。他们将会被遗忘和满足。结束冲突的最好方法。

I from the Do, the Guardians, Founder ones, leave this message. It is over for the rulership of the dark. We have been waiting and working at the same time with the Galactic Federation of Nataru and Zenatae Alliance to free this planet. We in our outposts in the higher mountains of your world have prepared a purging the dark. This process started 200 of your years ago and now it is touching the last stage. Darkness is unleashed. It is because the humans of Terra need to see it and fight it. The rulership of the dark on this planet is over. Those who worked for millenniums at separating soul from the human of Terrans bodies will go. No more soul harvesting.

我来自 Do,the Guardians,Founder ones,请留言。对于黑暗统治者来说,一切都结束了。我们一直在等待,同时与纳塔鲁银河联邦和泽纳塔联盟一起工作来解放这个星球。我们在你们世界高山中的前哨已经准备好了清除黑暗。这个过程在200年前就开始了,现在已经到了最后阶段。黑暗被释放了。这是因为 Terra 的人类需要看到它并与之战斗。这个星球上的黑暗统治已经结束了。那些数千年来致力于将灵魂从人类身体中分离出来的人将会离开。不再有灵魂的收获。

There is much to unpack in this first part of Oona’s message. She describes the elites arriving in Antarctica to bargain their freedom. This is because they still hold the means to destroy or wreak havoc over much of the Earth. They are using this power to bargain their getaway from the planet through the Antarctica portal which is now in the hands of the Earth Alliance. In order to gain their freedom, passage through the Antarctica portal to a new world in another galaxy, they have to hand over all the keys and codes of the black magic used to subjugate humanity and the Earth.

在 Oona 的信息的第一部分有很多东西需要解释。她描述了到达南极洲的精英们为他们的自由做交易。这是因为他们仍然掌握着摧毁或破坏地球大部分地区的手段。他们正在利用这种力量来讨价还价,通过南极大陆的门户逃离地球,现在这个门户已经在地球联盟的手中。为了获得自由,他们必须交出用来征服人类和地球的黑魔法的所有钥匙和密码,才能通过南极洲门户,进入另一个星系的新世界。


Oona. Illustration by Elena Danaan

图片来源: Elena Danaan

As to what black magic keys and codes were used we get an idea of this from Oona’s reference to a: “dark ancient institution. Those of the name, the number 33”. This almost certainly refers to Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which uses 33 levels of initiation. While most Freemasons perform genuine philanthropic works as they ascend the different degrees of their order, their top leaders at the 32 and 33 degree levels have long been suspected to worship Lucifer and to practice black magic.


Albert Pike led the Scottish Rite Freemasons in the USA from 1859 to 1891 and wrote the most authoritative book of the time for the order, Morals and Dogma. In it he wrote: “Lucifer, the Light-bearer… Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the light, with its splendors intolerable and blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!” (p. 321). Many subsequent occult researchers have referenced Pike’s book as evidence of the Luciferian element in Freemasonry.

从1859年到1891年,阿尔伯特 · 派克领导了美国的苏格兰共济会,他写了当时最权威的《秩序、道德和教条》一书。他在信中写道: “路西法,持光者... ... 路西法,早晨之子!”!难道是他忍受了光明的辉煌,使软弱、感性或自私的灵魂变得盲目无知吗?不要怀疑!”(p. 321).许多后来的神秘学研究者引用了派克的书作为共济会中卢西佛教元素的证据。

When Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon in 1969, he took with him the flag of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction of the USA. In Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara’s book, Dark Mission, they describe how the flag was part of a Freemason ceremony that Aldrin performed on the Moon. Most importantly, the book describes how magical ceremonies were intertwined throughout the space industry and how advanced technologies were developed and used with hidden occult symbols embedded within them.

1969年,当巴兹 · 奥尔德林登上月球时,他随身携带了苏格兰仪式最高委员会的旗帜。在理查德 · 霍格兰和迈克 · 巴拉的书《黑暗使命》中,他们描述了这面旗帜是奥尔德林在月球上举行的共济会仪式的一部分。最重要的是,这本书描述了神奇的仪式是如何交织在整个航天工业和先进的技术是如何开发和使用隐藏的神秘符号嵌入其中。


Oona’s message reveals that Freemason magical ceremonies, codes and keys used to ascend through the 33 degrees hierarchy, were also used in their occult control system for the planet. All these hidden keys and codes needed to be revealed and handed over to the Earth Alliance, so that global elites black magic control over the planet would come to an end.


Next, Oona’s repeated references to ending “soul harvesting” shows that this has been a vital tool used to control our planet by the global elite. “Soul harvesting” is the practice of separating a soul from the physical body and using it for multiple purposes by negative extraterrestrials or ‘black magicians’.


In the early 1990s, Alex Collier was among the first to reveal that soul harvesting was routinely happening when he described how a soul could be transferred from a body and be replaced by another:

在20世纪90年代早期,亚历克斯 · 科利尔是第一批揭示收集灵魂是例行公事的人之一,当时他描述了灵魂如何从一个身体转移到另一个身体,并被另一个取代:

What the negatives do (and they can do this during an abduction or near-death experience) is the following.


During an abduction a man, for instance, will be taken aboard a ship. His body will be brought into a coma and to the point of death, wherein the soul exits. They will then use technology to replace the original soul with another soul. They then return the individual’s body back. They can do this process in 4 seconds. The new individual has a completely new agenda. If you are a negatively oriented ET, in order to manipulate 3rd density, you have to be in 3rd density. (Defending Sacred Ground)

例如,在绑架过程中,一个男人会被带上船。他的身体将进入昏迷,直到死亡,在那里,灵魂存在。然后,他们将使用技术用另一个灵魂取代原来的灵魂。然后他们会把这个人的尸体还回去。他们可以在4秒内完成这个过程。新的个人有一个全新的议程。如果你是一个负向的 ET,为了操纵第三密度,你必须处于第三密度。(保卫神圣的土地)

It’s surprising to learn this soul transfer technology only takes four seconds to work and has been used to control 3rd density, i.e., global elites in charge of the planet. As a result of agreements reached between the US government and Gray extraterrestrials in the mid-1950s, which I first wrote about in 2004, it is certain that this was among the first technologies given to the Majestic-12 Group.

令人惊讶的是,这种灵魂转移技术只需要4秒钟就能发挥作用,而且已经被用来控制第三密度,也就是说,控制这个星球的全球精英。由于美国政府和灰色外星人在20世纪50年代中期达成的协议(我在2004年首次写到这一点) ,可以肯定的是,这是 majestic-12小组首批获得的技术之一。

At the time, MJ-12 was led by the 33rd degree Freemason Allen Dulles (CIA Director 1953-1961) who would almost certainly have integrated such technologies into black magic ceremonies to control the planet. It’s now easier to understand that Dulles’s role in the Kennedy Assassination, which is explained in the book, Kennedy’s Last Stand (2013), was timed and executed as part of a magical ritual to control the planet.

当时,mj-12由第33级共济会成员艾伦 · 杜勒斯(中央情报局局长,1953-1961)领导,他几乎可以肯定地将这些技术融入到黑魔法仪式中来控制这个星球。现在人们更容易理解杜勒斯在肯尼迪遇刺案中的角色,这在《肯尼迪的最后一战》(Kennedy’s Last Stand,2013)一书中得到了解释,这部电影被定时执行,作为控制地球的魔法仪式的一部分。


As to what happened to the original soul of the victim of soul harvesting, Alex Collier described how the Andromeda Council would often intercept Gray ships carrying the souls of many thousands of children and adults that had been extracted from their bodies and placed in special boxes for transportation. In an interview with UFO researcher Val Valerian, Alex described how the life force of the captured souls would then be exploited:

至于灵魂收割的受害者的灵魂原本发生了什么,亚历克斯 · 科利尔描述了仙女座议会如何经常拦截灰色的船只,这些船只运载着成千上万的儿童和成年人的灵魂,这些灵魂是从他们的身体中提取出来并放在特殊的箱子里运输的。在一次 UFO 研究员 Val Valerian 的采访中,Alex 描述了被俘灵魂的生命力是如何被利用的:

AC: … They [Andromedans] also found more than 1,000 human children that had been placed in cryogenic stasis, and over 1,000,000 of these little boxes that contained the life forces of souls from Earth.

AC: ... 他们(仙女座人)还发现了超过1000个被置于低温停滞状态的人类儿童,以及超过100万个这样的小盒子,里面装着来自地球的灵魂的生命力。

Val: Captured human souls.

Val: 俘获了人类的灵魂。

AC: Souls.

AC: 灵魂。

Val: And what do they do with these souls?

Val: 他们用这些灵魂做什么?

AC: They feed off the energy radiated by the souls. What they are doing, Val, is that they are taking the life force and they are somehow siphoning it off a little at a time and feeding it to the hybrids in order to keep them alive, trying to keep them alive and create a soul in them. Defending Sacred Ground

AC: 他们以灵魂发出的能量为食。他们所做的,瓦尔,是他们正在采取生命力,他们以某种方式虹吸一点点的时间和喂养它的混血儿,以保持他们活着,试图让他们活着,并创造一个灵魂在他们。保卫神圣的土地

Soul harvesting was among the most terrible of the many dark practices of the global elite. It comprised both technological and black magic means to split off a soul from the body, and to utilize its energy for dark purposes for indefinite periods. Oona’s reference to the “soul harvester” that was worshipped by Freemasons and the global elite appears to be a reference to Lucifer who sits at the apex of the “nine levels of darkness” she described.


The rest of Oona’s message now follows:


Yes they are meeting us and the delegation from the Galactic Federation of Nataru, Zenatae—two beings. Council of Five—one being. Intergalactic Founder races—five. Terran alliance—ten. The military forces of Terra, off-world—20 soldiers. They will not be taken straight away because they will need to uncast the rituals, rearrange all the bases of their society to avoid a collapse that will be chaotic. We do not wish for the humans of Terra, a monetary collapse. We wish a soft transition because chaos you have had enough.

是的,他们正在会见我们和来自纳塔鲁银河联邦的代表团,zenatae---- 两个生物。五人理事会。星际创始人种族ー五个。10 人族联盟。地球上的军事力量ーー20名士兵。他们不会马上被带走,因为他们需要去除仪式,重新安排社会的所有基础,以避免混乱的崩溃。我们不希望 Terra 的人类出现货币崩溃。我们希望有一个温和的过渡,因为你们已经受够了混乱。

They are commanded to recalibrate the monetary systems to the new system the Earth Alliance is bringing.  Quantum abstract, no more metal, no more paper, at least for a while for a transition. You are tired so I will say my last words. Soon events will speed up on your planet. It will be a terrible storm but the more you will be able to wake up the faster this storm will pass. A lot will lose their lives by choice in the vaccination, but this was ruled out by the dark ones. Free will was the trap, now it is stopping soon you will see it.


Antarctica is the meeting of the old world with the people from other star systems to give the keys to the Earth Alliance and the Federation and leave. As I said they will not leave this week, they will be commanded to change the system and they will disappear forever. 2023 all of this will be a memory. We will celebrate together. Pass this message, your friend Thor Han will not be in trouble. This man with white hair you speak to he will pass the message. Give him my friendship. I connected with him, he will remember. Una has spoken.


Oona’s reference to “outposts in the higher mountains of your world” appears to refer to the Himalayas where a French contactee says he spent a year in 1969 with the Intergalactic Confederation in a seeding experiment for a planet in another galaxy. This raises an intriguing question. Could this be connected to the “prison planet” that the elite are being sent to from the Antarctica portal in order to liberate the Earth from their evil influence?

乌娜提到的“你们世界高山上的前哨”似乎指的是喜马拉雅山脉。一位法国联系人说,1969年,他在那里与银河联盟(Intergalactic Confederation)一起花了一年时间,为另一个星系中的一颗行星进行播种实验。这提出了一个有趣的问题。这是否与精英们为了将地球从他们的邪恶影响中解放出来而被从南极门户送往的“监狱星球”有关?

The scenario described by Oona appears to be a reprise of the situation described in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch when the 200 ‘Fallen Angels’ arrived on Earth with superior knowledge and technologies. The Book of Enoch describes the arrival of 200 Fallen Angels in the area of Mount Hermon, which borders modern-day Lebanon and Syria. The Fallen Angels began interbreeding or genetically modifying the local inhabitants.


6.1 And it came to pass, when the sons of men had increased, that in those days there were born to them fair and beautiful daughters.


6.2 And the Angels, the sons of Heaven, saw them and desired them. And they said to one another: “Come, let us choose for ourselves wives, from the children of men, and let us beget, for ourselves, children.” …

天使,就是天上的儿子,看见他们,就向他们求婚。他们彼此说: “来吧,我们从男人的孩子中为自己选择妻子,为自己生儿育女。”...

6.6 And they were, in all, two hundred and they came down on Ardis, which is the summit of Mount Hermon. And they called the mountain Hermon because on it they swore and bound one another with curses. [Source]


It seems that the global elite will become the “Fallen Angels” of an Eden in another galaxy when they arrive through the Antarctica intergalactic stargate taking with them their advanced knowledge and whatever technologies they are permitted to carry.


According to Oona, the global elite “will be forgotten and content. The best way to end a conflict.” For the global elite attending the Antarctica meetings, this must be a very tempting offer, surrender all their power over Earth, to start again as ‘Fallen Angels’ in a new Eden.

根据乌娜的说法,全球精英“将会被遗忘和满足。结束冲突的最佳方式。”对于参加南极洲会议的全球精英们来说,这一定是一个非常诱人的提议---- 放弃他们在地球上的所有权力,在一个新的伊甸园里以堕落天使的身份重新开始。

Oona described the composition of the extraterrestrial delegation that met the global elite at Antarctica as being drawn from the Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, Council of Five, Intergalactic Confederation and the Earth Alliance. Before the elites would be sent to the “Prison Planet” in another galaxy, they need to first hand over all the black magic keys and codes.


Regarding the new monetary system that has been prepared, Oona referred to a Quantum abstract rather than paper or metals. This appears to be a reference to the Quantum Financial System (QFS) described in Part 1 which is linked to a quantum supercomputer that will operate through Elon Musk’s Starlink and US Space Command in a highly complex and integrated global financial system.

关于已经准备好的新货币体系,Oona 提到的是量子基金的摘要,而不是纸张或金属。这似乎与第一部分中描述的量子金融体系(Quantum Financial System,QFS)有关。量子金融体系与一台量子超级计算机相连,后者将通过 Elon Musk 的星联(Starlink)和美国空间司令部(US Space Command) ,在一个高度复杂和一体化的全。

The QFS appears to have been developed with extraterrestrial assistance as the following explanation implies:

如下面的解释所示,QFS 似乎是在外星人的帮助下发展起来的:

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a megalithic financial structure that has been given to Mankind by the Heavens. I call it a megalith because it stands alone as the most advanced Financial System that anyone could imagine. This technology has no peer on the earth at the present time. It is a magnificent system, designed to take on the magnitude of accounting needed to balance every financial transaction in the world in real-time.


The QFS is housed in the MEGA Quantum Consciousness (QC) often called a computer. This Quantum Conscious[ness] is Divine Consciousness that is being made available for us to use in this Third Dimension. The tools it brings are necessary for us to usher in the Golden Age of Mankind.  The QFS is a ledger accounting system made up of individual accounts. The QFS is only one of many applications already housed in the QC ready to be implemented.

QFS 被安置在 MEGA 量子意识(QC)中,通常被称为计算机。这个量子意识[性]是神圣意识,正在为我们提供在这第三维度中使用。它所带来的工具对于我们迎来人类的黄金时代是必要的。QFS 系统是一个由个人帐户组成的分类帐会计系统。QFS 只是已存放在准备实施的QC系统中的众多应用程序之一。

The QFS has been heavily promoted by many popular internet sources such as Simon Parkes with over 650,000 YouTube followers and his worldwide Connecting Consciousness Community.

QFS 已经被许多流行的互联网资源大力推广,比如 Simon Parkes 拥有超过65万的 YouTube 粉丝和他的全球连接意识社区。

Oona gives an important timetable for when all these changes will happen. She said:“2023 all of this will it be a memory. We will celebrate together.” That tells us that all these major events as a result of the global elites surrendering and leaving through the Antarctica portal will happen in 2022. While it will take a few months yet to deal with the remaining minions of the Cabal who are desperately trying to hold onto power by imposing unpopular mandatory vaccine policies, which will ultimately bring about their downfall. Finally, Oona is telling us that the different Galactic organizations that helped the Earth Alliance in liberating the planet will reveal themselves, and our graduation into the galactic community will be complete.

乌娜给出了一个重要的时间表,告诉我们什么时候会发生这些变化。她说: “到2023年,这一切都将成为回忆。我们将一起庆祝。”这告诉我们,由于全球精英通过南极门户投降并离开,所有这些重大事/件将在2022年发生。虽然还需要几个月的时间来对付阴谋集团的残余势力,他们拼命地试图通过实施不受欢迎的强制性疫苗政策来维持权力,这最终将导致他们的垮台。最后,Oona 告诉我们,帮助地球联盟解放地球的不同银河组织将会展现他们自己,我们将完成进入银河社区的毕业典礼。

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I wish to thank Elena Danaan for permission to post Oona’s message and to use her graphic illustration of Oona. Her website is here.

我要感谢 Elena Danaan 允许我发布 Oona 的信息,并使用她的 Oona 的图片说明。她的网站在这里。

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[Part 1 of this series is available here]



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