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特朗普总统在接受劳拉·英格拉汉姆(Laura Ingraham)采访时表示,他不希望美国人使用个人武力进行报复,而是希望允许警察执法。他知道”深州”为了打垮美国所做的一切努力都失败了。他也知道他们正在尽最大努力制造足够的动乱,以至于爱国者们会卷入一场内战。特朗普不想让我们上钩!

Civil War Is Their Agenda;Don't Take The Bait



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



PRESIDENT TRUMP,when interviewed by Laura Ingraham,stated he didn't want Americans to use personal force in retaliation but to allow police officers to enforce the law.He knows everything the Deep State has tried in bringing America down,has failed.

特朗普总统在接受劳拉·英格拉汉姆(Laura Ingraham)采访时表示,他不希望美国人使用个人武力进行报复,而是希望允许警察执法。他知道"深州"为了打垮美国所做的一切努力都失败了。

He also knows they are trying their very best to create enough unrest that the Patriots will engage in a Civil War.Trump doesn't want us to take the bait!


The DS does not want the news to expose their corruption and when things get close,they create an event,a false flag.This is why we are in a'pandemic,'and are seeing riots.The media tells us we are heading into a Civil War.This is what they want but Patriots understand not to bite.

DS 不希望新闻曝光他们的腐败,当事情接近真相时,他们会制造一个事件,一面假旗。这就是为什么我们正处于"流行病"之中,并且正在看到骚乱。媒体告诉我们,我们正走向一场内战。这就是他们想要的,但是爱国者们知道不能咬人。

A while back,the Biden Campaign issued a statement saying Biden and Harris will be routinely tested for COVID.We understand Biden was tested but we have not heard what the test results were.Are they staving off the results because Biden will be swapped out for the real candidate very soon?


Is Biden's apparent dementia real or is it a ruse to avoid criminal prosecution?Something to pay attention to!


President Trump's approval rating has jumped to 52%.In the black community,the polls show a jump to 45%.In comparison at this time in history,Obama had an approval rating of 47%and he had a 95%media support.Trump has a 52%approval rating without media support.According to The Rassmussen Reports,his media approval rating shows 5%.This comes as no surprise since we now know the same few people control the media narrative.


One of the largest police unions,The Fraternal Order of Police,with 355,000 members,publicly endorsed President Trump for his next term.Their saying is:America's Law&Order President.He supports them,they support him!


Regardingthe Russia Collusion investigation,missing documents have been replaced with blank pieces of paper as placeholders.Paul Sperry tweeted out the following:


"Several documents are missing from the Woods File for both the 2nd and 3rd renewal applications for the Carter Page FISA warrant,and in lieu of some of the documents,the FBI inserted a piece of paper as a"placeholder"to represent the supporting documents that are missing.


FBI's finding from 2/17 interview of Joseph Mifsud that"he had no advance knowledge Russia was in possession of emails from the DNC and therefore did not proffer any information to PAPADOPOULOS,"calls into question the FBI's predication for opening probe of Trump campaign.

联邦调查局在217日对约瑟夫·米夫苏德(Joseph Mifsud)的采访中发现,"他事先不知道俄罗斯掌握着民主党全国委员会的电子邮件,因此没有向帕帕佐普洛斯提供任何信息",这让人们对联邦调查局宣称要开启对特朗普竞选活动的调查产生了质疑。


Their entire Russia Collusion and investigation was built on shifting sand.What is currently being exposed is their cover-up.The FBI,Obama,Biden did not have a warrant,nor lawful permission,and when it all boils down,it exposes treasonous spying.


Trump,Senators like Ted Cruz,news anchors like Hannity and Laura Ingraham,judges,representatives and many others were the targets of Spygate.Treason is the definition of what they did.What is the punishment for treason?

特朗普、泰德·克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)等参议员、汉尼提(Hannity)和劳拉·英格拉汉姆(Laura Ingraham)等新闻主播、法官、众议员以及许多其他人都是间谍门的目标。叛国就是他们所作所为的定义。叛国罪的惩罚是什么?

We want the FEDS at the polls in case of aggressive oppression.The media,the DS,the corrupt politicians are saying we can't have that,it's not legal.


But Bill Barr gave a historical account of when the black vote needed to be protected and the FEDS were indeed called in.In order for it to be legal,there must be evidence of a criminal threat.It was done to protect Civil Rights and to ensure suppression against African American voters didn't exist.


We saw what happened to the people after the RNC in DC.They were harassed and threatened.The same could happen at the polls,but less likely if police detail is present.


It looks like Bill Barr is putting together a case to support police detail when we all vote at the polls in November.


We are seeing children being saved and more and more raids are being performed against pedophiles.Currently in Germany,authorities raided 50 homes in child porn investigations.They seized approximately 2,000 cell phones,cameras and computers,which images were stored on.Arrests are forthcoming.


How are people trafficked?We know large shipping containers either by land or sea,can be piped with oxygen and other survival needs.How easy would it be to smuggle a mass group of people in this fashion,undetected?


We know at the Mexican border it was a prolific trafficking hub of smuggling women,children and drugs.This was one of the main reasons why Trump wanted the wall built,to stop the flow of slavery and drugs.



The DS took over Afghanistan because of the vast poppy fields which brought opium to the table for sale across the world.This is how they paid for their missions.

DS 之所以接管了阿富汗,是因为广阔的罂粟田将鸦片带到了世界各地的销售桌上。这就是他们如何支付他们的任务。

The endless wars continue in Lebanon,Libya,Sudan,Iraq,Syria,Ukraine,etc.They needed to keep operational and expand their system of the petrodollar.Now,their plan is crumbling.Trump is planning to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan.


Remember,the DS told us these endless wars would never end.Obama was telling the military where to drop the bombs all the while protecting ISIS.They told us if President Trump got into office,we'd certainly be in a war with North Korea.What happened?Trump and Putin teamed up against ISIS.President Trump is bringing peace to the world!

记住,DS 告诉我们这些无休止的战争永远不会结束。奥巴马一直在告诉军方在哪里投放炸弹,同时保护 ISIS。他们告诉我们,如果特朗普总统当选,我们肯定会与朝鲜开战。发生了什么?特朗普和普京联手打击 ISIS。特朗普总统正在给世界带来和平!

This is historic!Trump tweeted,"Another great day for peace with Middle East–Muslim-majority Kosovo and Israel have agreed to normalize ties and establish diplomatic relations.More Islamic and Arabic nations will follow soon!"


The DS does not want peace.Their entire agenda is war!Trump is reversing all this.Bravo!

DS 不想要和平。他们的整个议程就是战争!特朗普正在扭转这一切。太棒了!


Nancy Pelosi booked an appointment at a hair salon wearing no mask,where the city's lockdown was still in place for everybody else.Two hours after her wash and blow-dry,she was caught on camera reminding us how important it was to wear our masks.She also,by this appointment,admitted in deed how going to the polls to vote would be completely safe.Thank you,Nancy!


Since other area hairdressers had so much time on their hands due to the lockdown,they formed a peaceful protest in front of Nancy Pelosi's house and hung hair dryers and curlers from a tree in front of her home.With all those hairdressers,we are sure that tree was done up right!


Speaking of the the Speaker,did she break federal law when she ripped up the President's speech after the State Of The Union Address?Two House Republicans have officially called on U.S.AG Bill Barr to determine whether or not Speaker Pelosi broke the law when she destroyed an official document set to be placed in the House of Representatives Library of Congress.


18 U.S.Section 2071 deals with the topic of the destruction of official federal records.The criminal penalty is prison for up to 3 years.Did she break the law?She destroyed government property during the event,so it would seem so and now it is under criminal investigation.I wonder if they have her favorite brand of ice cream in prison?


Trump is now formalizing the exit from The WHO.He said he would and he is.They are in line with China and he wants the US to have no part of it.


FBI agents have raided two nursing homes accused of criminal neglect after 300 people tested positive for C-19.and another was accused of stealing stimulus checks.Quite a bit of investigating going on!

美国联邦调查局特工突击搜查了两家被指控犯有疏忽罪的疗养院,此前有300人的 C-19检测呈阳性。另一个被指控偷窃经济刺激支票。我们正在进行大量的调查!

The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg,posted a story that President Trump called the military,'suckers and losers.'It makes no sense for POTUS,who praises and funds the military,who visits the military during holidays,to say something like this.It would be inconsistent with his past performance as a President.Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been in the room when President Trump made that phone call to fallen heroes'families,to send his condolences.Where is the proof he said these things?

《大西洋月刊》的杰弗里·戈德堡(Jeffrey Goldberg)发表了一篇文章,特朗普总统称军方是"笨蛋和失败者"美国总统在节假日访问军队,赞扬并资助军队,他说这样的话是没有道理的。这将与他过去作为总统的表现不一致。当特朗普总统给逝去的英雄的家人打电话表达哀悼时,萨拉·哈克比·桑德斯也在场。他说这些话的证据在哪里?

The Atlantic said they had 4 sources and a video to support their claim but there were more eye witnesses who said they were right there and that it never happened.Even John Bolton sided with Trump saying he never heard him say anything like that.

大西洋月刊说他们有4个消息来源和一个视频来支持他们的说法,但是有更多的目击者说他们就在那里,而且这件事从来没有发生过。就连约翰·博尔顿(John Bolton)也站在特朗普一边,说他从未听他说过这样的话。

Trump's digital soldiers will continue researching this narrative and will be able to debunk the story.It's another fake story with political intents and purposes,but Patriots see right through it.Because of the research we now do,where fake narratives would have lasted a month or so,now only lasts a couple of hours.We are digital soldiers!



Jay(Aaron)Danielson 杰伊(亚伦)丹尼尔森

In a nutshell,the DS has death quads set to murder Trump supporters,i.e.,Portland's,Aaron Danielson.The DS had counted on Trump supporters to fight back,creating a Civil War.The thug,who pulled the trigger admitted he was 100%ANTIFA,and did an interview to begin the next wave.

简而言之,DS 的死亡四方组织准备谋杀特朗普的支持者,也就是波特兰的亚伦·丹尼尔森。DS 曾指望特朗普的支持者进行反击,从而引发了一场内战。那个扣动扳机的暴徒承认自己是100%的反足协分子,并接受了采访,开始了下一波攻击。

On camera,the thug explained he had to kill the Trump supporter in order to defend himself.They were hoping for a Civil War.They were hoping Trump would bring in U.S.forces to take ANTIFA down.Then,they could set up a false flag and blame the killings on the president.ANTIFA was set and had snipers in place,ready to go!

在镜头前,这名暴徒解释说,为了保护自己,他不得不杀死特朗普的支持者。他们希望内战爆发。他们希望特朗普能够带来美国军队来摧毁 ANTIFA。然后,他们可以设置一个假旗,把杀戮归咎于总统。ANTIFA 已经就位,狙击手已经就位,随时可以出发!

When the police went to arrest this guy,he was shot and killed.Now,ANTIFA is all over twitter saying this guy we call a thug,was shot innocently,that he was unarmed and blamed it on police brutality,just like with George Floyd,Jacob Blake and others.

当警察去逮捕这个人的时候,他被枪杀了。现在,ANTIFA 在推特上到处说这个我们称之为恶棍的家伙,被无辜射杀,他没有武器,并且被归咎于过度用武,就像 George FloydJacob Blake 和其他人一样。

Why wasn't the thug arrested after the murder?Why did he flee to another state,do an interview,letting everyone know what he looked like and where he was?


It's a set-up by ANTIFA.They use pawns to create civil unrest,create false flags,then fan the narrative that Patriots must be taken down.Remember,they start the fight,create a scenario,then blame it on the good guy.Since the media is complicit and do as they are told,they report of agenda being fanned by those who hold all the power and by those who pay them.They will continue to spark a Civil War,but it won't work.

这是 ANTIFA 设计的圈套。他们用兵来制造内乱,制造假旗,然后煽动爱国者必须下台的说法。记住,他们开始了战斗,创造了一个场景,然后把责任推到好人身上。由于媒体串通一气,按照他们被告知的去做,他们报告说,议程被那些掌握所有权力的人和那些付钱给他们的人煽动。他们将继续引发内战,但这不会奏效。


The DOJ has been tracking and arresting these people.


In Portland,two men and a woman appeared before a federal judge becoming the first people in Oregon to face the rare federal charge of civil disorder for alleged violence during all this rioting in the streets.A Seattle man is accused of launching a ball bearing with a sling shot during a downtown demonstration in July and striking a Portland Fire Bureau Medic.A Portland woman is accused of throwing a helmet which struck a police sergeant in the head last week outside the Police Bureau's precinct.



We still hear people complain that nothing is happening.Not so!Things are happening!Many prosecutions are taking place all over the country.Investigators are searching for the financiers.Patriots know of their shenanigans and are allowing the Department of Homeland Security,and the National Guard do their jobs.No Civil War,here!Law&Order!


As more information is being declassified,the DS will continue to create chaos and mayhem.People cannot be told,they must be shown who the real enemy is.Once seen,things cannot be unseen.

随着更多信息被解密,DS 将继续制造混乱和伤害。人们不能被告知,他们必须被展示谁才是真正的敌人。一旦看见,事物就不可能不被看见。

This was planned from the beginning.The Patriots have their playbook.Stay vigilant,Patriots and above all,continue to pray!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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