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2月8日,埃隆•马斯克(Elon Musk)的 SpaceX 公司发射了49颗星际连接(Starlink)卫星,其中40颗卫星未能到达轨道,并在火焰中坠落回地球。


On February 8, 40 out of 49 Starlink satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX for his space-based communications system failed to reach their orbital paths and crashed back to Earth in a fiery display. SpaceX quickly put out a statement that a geomagnetic storm was the culprit, even though the storm hitting the Earth during the satellites’ deployment was relatively weak. According to a representative of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, however, the satellites were shot down by a Deep State faction still active in Europe.

2月8日,埃隆•马斯克(Elon Musk)的 SpaceX 公司发射了49颗星际连接(Starlink)卫星,其中40颗卫星未能到达轨道,并在火焰中坠落回地球。 SpaceX 公司的太空通信系统是用于太空通信的。尽管在卫星部署期间风暴袭击地球的力量相对较弱,但 SpaceX 公司还是迅速发表声明,称磁暴是罪魁祸首。然而,根据世界之银河联邦的一位代表的说法,这些卫星是被仍然活跃在欧洲的深层国家势力击落的。

It has been two months since I last shared information from Thor Han Eredyon, as relayed through Elena Danaan, so it is worth repeating why I consider his information reliable and worth considering. First, Elena was a former professional archeologist who worked both in Egypt and France for 20 years. Elena gave up a respected professional career to work on esoteric and extraterrestrial related topics, which carry little prestige among her former peers. A pure motivation and integrity are vital elements for reliable information, and Elena displays these in abundance in her communications with Thor Han.

我已经有两个月没有通过艾琳娜 · 达纳恩转发索尔 · 汉 · 埃里顿的消息了,所以我认为他的消息是可靠的,值得考虑。首先,埃琳娜曾是一名专业考古学家,在埃及和法国工作了20年。埃琳娜放弃了一个受人尊敬的职业生涯,转而从事深奥的、与外星人有关的话题,这些话题在她以前的同龄人中几乎没有什么威望。纯粹的动机和完整性是获得可靠信息的重要因素,而 Elena 在与 Thor Han 的交流中充分展现了这些。

Second, there have been multiple sources that have come forward who have independently confirmed key aspects of Elena’s information, many of whom I have interviewed about a variety of topics she first discussed. In particular, Alex Collier, James Gilliland, and my US Army source, JP, all confirm key aspects of Thor Han and Elena’s testimony about a large fleet of spacecraft comprising highly evolved extraterrestrials that recently entered our solar system. In addition, Elena’s information about an Ashtar Command facility on Jupiter used for galactic diplomacy was independently corroborated by a remote viewing team from the Farsight Institute.

其次,已经有多个来源站出来,他们独立地证实了埃琳娜信息的关键方面,其中许多人我采访过她最初讨论的各种各样的话题。特别是,亚历克斯 · 科利尔、詹姆斯 · 吉利兰和我的美国军方消息来源 JP,都证实了索尔 · 汉和埃琳娜关于一个由最近进入我们太阳系的高度进化的外星人组成的大型飞船舰队的证词的关键方面。此外,埃琳娜关于朱庇特星上用于银河外交的阿斯塔指挥设施的信息得到了法赛特研究所远程观测小组的独立证实。

Finally, I have worked closely with Elena in vetting and corroborating her information using open-source scientific literature. Elena is not merely content to put out unsubstantiated stories, but vetting and confirming all the information she receives and relays out to the public.

最后,我与 Elena 密切合作,利用开放源码的科学文献来审查和证实她的信息。埃琳娜不仅仅满足于发布未经证实的故事,而是审查和确认她收到的所有信息,并向公众转发。

An excellent example is that Elena has just let me know about a February 10 scientific announcement confirming that a third planet was discovered around Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star. In her book, A Gift from the Stars, she had stated that there were three inhabited planets orbiting Proxima Centauri, four around Alpha Centauri, and six around Beta Centauri which she illustrated in a diagram (p. 340).  

一个很好的例子就是 Elena 刚刚告诉我2月10日的一个科学公告,确认在一颗红矮星---- 比邻星周围发现了第三颗行星。在她的书《来自星星的礼物》中,她说有3颗有人居住的行星围绕着比邻星,4颗围绕着半人马座阿尔法星,6颗围绕着半人马座贝塔星。


Used with permission from Elena Danaan, A Gift From the Stars (2020)

《来自星星的礼物》(2020) ,获得埃琳娜 · 达纳安的许可使用

This kind of scientific corroboration is an important reason why I enjoy working with Elena and believe her information from her Galactic Federation sources is reliable and well worth considering to get the big picture of what is happening on Earth, our solar system, and beyond.

这种科学证实是我喜欢和 Elena 一起工作的一个重要原因,我相信她从她的银河联邦(消歧义)来源获得的信息是可靠的,值得我们考虑去了解地球、我们的太阳系以及更远的地方发生了什么。

On February 10, I asked Elena about the failed Starlink satellites:


Did you notice that 40 of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites were knocked down due to solar activity, even though it’s quite weak at the moment. Perhaps Thor Han can enlighten us on what really happened?

你有没有注意到,埃隆 · 马斯克的40颗星际连接卫星由于太阳活动而被击落,尽管目前太阳活动相当微弱。也许索尔 · 汉能告诉我们到底发生了什么?

Later that day, Elena sent me Thor Han’s reply:          

那天晚些时候,埃琳娜给我发来了索尔 · 汉的回信:

E: Now what about these 40 satellites knocked [out] by a solar emission?


TH: I am allowed to tell you that the attack was shot from the ground, not from space. Some of the secret organizations on this planet have a military program and hybrid weapons. 

TH: 我可以告诉你,这次攻击是从地面发起的,而不是从太空。这个星球上的一些秘密组织有军事计划和混合武器。

E: what are hybrid weapons?


TH: back engineered technology from the enemy, including non-Terran parts. This wasn’t shot from the USA but from the European continent. There is a powerful dark cult that owns this type of equipment. 

TH: 来自敌人的反向工程技术,包括非人类部分。这张照片不是从美国而是从欧洲大陆拍摄的。有一个强大的黑暗邪教拥有这种类型的设备。

E: so all bad ETs have gone from Earth, but still, there are some negative human organizations up and running?


TH: Yes, we are doing our best to assist you in taking them down.

TH: 是的,我们正在尽最大努力帮助你们抓捕他们。

It’s worth pointing out that Ben Davidson from Space Weather News did an analysis of the geomagnetic storm that impacted the SpaceX satellites. He pointed out how weak these were in comparison to severe space weather that can be as much as 1000 times more powerful. Most importantly, he affirmed that SpaceX satellites have survived geomagnetic conditions ten times as disruptive as the one that allegedly took out the satellites.

值得一提的是,《太空天气新闻》的 Ben Davidson 对影响 SpaceX 卫星的太空磁暴进行了分析。他指出,与强度可能高出1000倍的恶劣空间天气相比,这些天气是多么微弱。最重要的是,他确认 SpaceX 的卫星在地磁条件下存活了下来,其破坏性是所谓摧毁卫星的那次的十倍。

To explain the puzzling failure of the satellites, Davidson concludes that the real culprit for their demise is the Earth’s weakening geomagnetic field. Effectively taking away Earth’s protective shield from disruptive space weather.


It’s hard to imagine that a weakening geomagnetic field suddenly makes SpaceX satellites vulnerable to spaceweather 10 times weaker to what has been previously endured. The more likely scenario is that the weak space weather in the path of the satellites was temporarily augmented in a disguised attack, as claimed by Thor Han.

很难想象一个正在减弱的地磁场会突然使 SpaceX 的卫星在太空天气中的脆弱程度比之前弱10倍。更有可能的情况是,正如 Thor Han 所说,卫星路径上微弱的空间天气在一次伪装的攻击中暂时得到增强。

It’s likely that the place in Europe that was used in the attack on Musk’s satellites is in northern Italy. This has long been rumored to be a stronghold for the “black nobility” and was the birthplace of Italian Fascism in the 1920s. Occult researchers such as Fritz Springmeier have discussed in books such as Bloodlines of the Illuminati, the long history and power of the black nobility that dates back to medieval Europe.

很可能马斯克的卫星在欧洲遭到攻击的地方在意大利北部。长期以来,这里一直被谣传为“黑色贵族”的据点,是20世纪20年代意大利法西斯主义的诞生地。像弗里茨 · 斯普林梅尔这样的神秘学研究者在诸如《光明会的血统》这样的书中讨论过,黑色贵族的悠久历史和权力可以追溯到中世纪的欧洲。

I further speculate that the hybrid weapons system and military program used in the attack was very likely associated with the same aerospace defense contractor allegedly involved in hijacking the 2020 US federal elections in what was widely dubbed “Italygate”, and led to furious debunking efforts by mainstream media sources such as ReutersLeonardo SpA is an Italian satellite company that gets defense contracts from military organizations worldwide in building advanced aerospace technologies.

我进一步推测,在攻击中使用的混合武器系统和军事程序很可能与据称参与劫持2020年美国联邦选举的国防合约商航天局有关,并导致路透社等主流媒体愤怒地揭露此事。Leonardo SpA 是意大利的一家卫星公司,该公司从世界各地的军事组织获得国防合同,建立先进的航空航天技术。

Thor Han’s information suggests that the weak geomagnetic storm that impacted the Starlink satellites was, in fact, a cover for a Directed Energy Weapon that was used to increase the storm’s severity in the vicinity of the Starlink satellites. This is the same method in which natural hurricanes are exacerbated and redirected by weather modification technologies, which were acknowledged to exist in 1997 by William Cohen, the Secretary of Defense, during the Bill Clinton administration.

根据 Thor Han 的信息,影响星联卫星的微弱磁暴实际上是一个直接能量武器,用来增加星联卫星附近风暴的强度。1997年,美国国防部长 William Cohen 在比尔 · 盖茨比尔·克林顿总统任期上承认了人工影响天气技术的存在。

This would explain why SpaceX engineers and scientists believed a geomagnetic storm was responsible for the Starlink satellites’ demise, since the Deep State’s weather modification technologies are not widely known.

这就解释了为什么 SpaceX 公司的工程师和科学家们认为磁暴应该为星联卫星的毁灭负责,因为深州的人工影响天气技术并不广为人知。

Thor Han went on to describe Elon Musk’s role and why his satellites are now being targeted by a Deep State faction:

接着描述了伊隆 · 马斯克的角色,以及为什么他的卫星现在成为深层国家的目标:

[TH] Listen, this will be difficult for some people to hear: Elon Musk is protected by us, as long as he will respect the agreements of good conduct. He was granted assistance in developing more advanced technologies for the good future of this planet. The Terrans working for service to self are trying all they can to stop him. 

[ TH ]听着,有些人可能很难听到这样的话: 伊隆 · 马斯克受到我们的保护,只要他遵守良好行为的协议。他获得了为这个星球的美好未来开发更先进技术的援助。为自我服务而工作的人类正在竭尽全力阻止他。

I first discussed Musk’s involvement with the Galactic Federation of Worlds back in July 2021 when it was claimed he attended the diplomatic meetings held high in Jupiter’s atmosphere at the Ashtar Command facility there. Musk’s entrepreneurial endeavors have had a powerful effect in advancing the electric car industry, rocket industry, and now satellite communications industry.


It is very plausible that Musk is being helped by the Galactic Federation to release more advanced technologies, many of which have been suppressed for decades. Currently, there are almost 6000 patent applications that have been suppressed by secrecy orders imposed by the Intelligence and Defense communities through the US Patents and Trademark Office.



In earlier articles, I have discussed how an “Earth Alliance” is being helped to build advanced technologies on the Moon for eventual public release.


This raises the critical question, is Starlink going to become an important tool for helping free humanity, or will it be used to control us with even more sophisticated technologies? A crucial point to keep in mind in finding an answer is that the current global communications system is controlled by Deep State assets that own the mainstream media and big tech social media companies.


These companies have been used to censor free speech all over the world, inflame public passions through contrived social and medical crises, and stifle the Great Awakening taking place on our planet. Musk’s Starlink would break the Deep State’s monopoly control over global communications, which explains why his Starlink satellites are now being targeted.


While credible independent sources such as Ben Davidson find it plausible that Musk’s Starlink satellites were knocked down by a weak geomagnetic storm, I don’t buy it. Given the Deep State’s access to weather modification and other hybrid technologies that can exacerbate atmospheric and solar storms with great accuracy, I find Thor Han’s explanation far more plausible and worth investigating further.

虽然可靠的独立消息来源,如本 · 戴维森认为马斯克的星际连接卫星是被弱磁暴击落的,但我不买账。考虑到深州获得的人工影响天气和其他混合技术可以非常准确地加剧大气和太阳风暴,我认为 Thor Han 的解释更加可信,值得进一步研究。

A podcast version of this article is available on YouTube & Rumble

这篇文章的播客版本可以在 YouTube & Rumble 上找到

I wish to thank Elena Danaan for forwarding Thor Han Eredyon’s information and for permission to use her diagram of planets in the Centauri star systems.

我要感谢 Elena Danaan 转发 Thor Han Eredyon 的信息,并允许使用她的半人马座星系行星图。

Special Note: On February 26 I will present my first webinar of the year on “What’s Coming in 2022 and Beyond.” Join me as I dive deep into the Exopolitics Paradigm Shift that we are about to witness all over the planet as humanity awakens.

特别提示: 2月26日,我将举办今年的第一次网络研讨会,主题是“2022年及其后的未来”加入我,因为我潜入到外星政治范式的转变,我们即将见证全球人类的觉醒。

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