X22报道|第3163集: 货币贬值加速,深层国家准备打击选举基础设施

2023年9月15日14:47:01最新动态X22报道|第3163集: 货币贬值加速,深层国家准备打击选举基础设施已关闭评论751字数 1582阅读5分16秒阅读模式

罗斯柴尔德承认,ESG 已经失败,他们正在失去对人民的影响力。[DS]试图表明他们没有攻击特朗普,他们继续起诉亨特,这是分散注意力,与[JB]无关。

X22报道|第3163集: 货币贬值加速,深层国家准备打击选举基础设施

Ep. 3163a – Rothschild Admits ESG Has Failed, Devaluation Of The Currency Picks Up Speed

罗斯柴尔德承认 ESG 已经失败,货币贬值加速

Ep. 3163b – Hunter Indicted, [DS] Preparing To Hit The Election Infrastructure, Right On Schedule

猎人被起诉,[ DS ]准备袭击选举基础设施,时间正好

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Streamed on: Sep 14, 7:15 pm EDT

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Rothschild admits that ESG has failed, they are losing their power over the people. Their agenda is going down the tubes. The people see [WEF] true intentions, destroy the economy and try to bring us into the great reset, but the people are seeing who is actually pushing the collapse of the economy. This will not end well for the [CB]/[WEF].

罗斯柴尔德承认,ESG 已经失败,他们正在失去对人民的影响力。他们的计划要泡汤了。人们看到了(世界经济论坛)的真实意图,破坏了经济,并试图把我们带入大重置,但人们看到的是谁实际上在推动经济的崩溃。[ CB ]/[世界经济论坛]不会有好结果。

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Streamed on: Sep 14, 7:46 pm EDT

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The [DS] is trying to show that they are not attacking Trump, they went ahead and indicted Hunter, this is a distraction, this has nothing to do with [JB]. They are trying to convince the people that the DOJ is not biased, it already failed. The [DS] knows they can’t win the election so they are building the narrative for a cyber attack. They are already laying out their plan where they are going to hit the election infrastructure. Right on schedule, the patriots are in control. 



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