查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

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查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

作者: Kat,特约作者

Submitted on October 31, 2021


Enclose a brief transcription from a marvelous Charlie Ward and Pryme Minister video. It contains for me, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle Charlie’s yet presented.

下面附上一段简短的视频,内容摘自精彩的《查理 · 沃德与普莱姆牧师》。对我来说,它包含了查理提出的最重要的难题之一。

As well, there’s exciting news from Simon Parkes and Charlie re the QVS / RV.

同时,西蒙帕克斯和查理关于 QVS/RV 的消息也令人振奋。

Before I get to that beautiful transcription, I wanted to point out this amazing video.


I did not transcribe it because honestly, it would have taken me weeks, but for every Anon worth his or her salt, this video is a masterpiece of a Q decode.



战争法则: 风暴(系列1)超级防护——特别频道视频

This is a very well-known Q post:


查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

Of course, one daren’t hope 11.3 is a date, that would be too easy for Q. Even I, no decoder, would never believe Q would be so obvious and I was right about that.

当然,人们不敢期望11.3是一个日期,这对 q 来说太容易了。即使我,没有解码器,也不会相信 q 会如此明显,我对此的判断是正确的。

11.3 isn’t a “date.” However, according to Majic Eyes Qnly, it has something to do with the Department of Defense Law of War Manual, Chapter 11. Oh yeah. Enjoy this deep dig vid.

11.3不是”约会”然而,根据 Majic Eyes Qnly 的说法,这与《国防部战争法手册》第11章有关。哦,是的。享受这个深刻的挖掘视频吧。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

Everyone I know on this path is on pins and needles. We KNOW BIG THINGS are happening behind-the-scenes, arrests, Gitmo-ing, Tribunals, etc. and that finally finally everything will start to be revealed for the whole world to see.


According to the posts I’ve read, most Anons are assuming Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is going to be the first “public” arrest. Possible.


But if you watch the video by, Majic Eyes Qnly, he has an even better suggestion: The removal in one fell swoop of the entire Bidan administration and the ushering in of Martial Law.

但是,如果你看了马基奇 · 艾斯克利的视频,你会发现他有一个更好的建议: 把整个拜登政府一举赶下台,引进戒严法。

Now THAT would be AWESOME.


However, I’ll take the public removal of HRC as a First Domino.

然而,我将把公开移除 HRC 作为第一个多米诺骨牌。

Here are 2 Wikileaks Clinton Emails. They are disgusting, but this is what the devil is.


查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

“Nothing gets my heart going like sacrifice night.” HC


To be clear, “sacrifice night,” means raping, skinning alive, drinking the blood of and eating the organs of children. THIS is what gets Hillary Clinton’s heart going.

需要明确的是,“献祭之夜”意味着强奸、活剥皮、吸食儿童的血液和吃掉儿童的器官。这就是希拉里 · 克林顿的动力所在。

She is NOT a human being. Just keep that in mind. If she ever was human, that was long long ago. She is a soulless demon who hopefully long long ago was executed.


查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

I’ve noticed lately that the separation between White Hat / Patriots and “supposed” White Hat / Patriots is being sharply drawn. Those one might have thought were “good guys” are very clearly revealing themselves to be soldiers in the devil’s army.


A highly regarded Anon, Doq Holliday, had this to say about someone who ill-advisedly took on Juan O Savin [and who has in the past attacked every single person I’ve ever transcribed.]

Doq Holliday 一位备受尊敬的匿名人士这样评价一个人: 他不明智地对付胡安•奥•萨文(Juan o Savin)(他过去攻击过我所记录的每一个人)

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

Last weekend, during the Patriot Double Down in Las Vegas, Juan O Savin made several appearances to a rapturous audience, and the videos of his speeches there have been viewed by more than a million people.

上周末,在拉斯维加斯举行的爱国者双倍行动期间,胡安 · 奥· 萨文(Juan o Savin)多次在狂热的观众面前露面,他在那里演讲的视频已经被观看了超过100万次。

Nevertheless, apparently Sather attacked him again and Doq again posted about it. I’ve actually never seen Doq so pissed off.


查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

I’ve remained quiet on the subject of shills, bots and negative posts on anonup. I delete, block or ignore. But I felt moved to post a reply to Doq. My post instantly received positive replies, so I post it here for those who are also fed up with the devil’s constant negativity.

对于托儿、机器人和匿名上的负面帖子,我一直保持沉默。我删除、屏蔽或忽略。但是我觉得我应该回复 Doq。我的帖子立刻收到了正面的回复,所以我把它贴在这里给那些也受够了魔鬼的持续消极。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

Juan O Savin has a powerful voice in God’s Army, like Charlie, Sacha Stone, Gene Decode, Pryme, Q The Storm Rider, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Ezra A. Cohen, etc. so he’s going to be a magnet for the devil’s shills until the devil and his army are sent to eternal oblivion.

胡安 · 奥· 萨文在上帝的军队中有一个强大的声音,像查理,萨沙 · 斯通,吉恩,普莱姆,q The Storm Rider,弗林将军,西德尼 · 鲍威尔,以斯拉 · 科恩等等,所以他将成为一个吸引魔鬼的骗子的磁铁,直到魔鬼和他的军队被送往永久的遗忘。

Can’t be soon enough.



Juan O Savin & David Nino Rodriguez: A DOMINO WILL FALL, 10-21-21

胡安 · 奥 · 萨文和大卫 · 尼诺 · 罗德里格斯: 多米诺骨牌会倒下,10-21-21

47:00  Juan O Savin
If you’re still here, you’ve made it this far.
If you hadn’t had the First Administration by President Trump
when NOBODY thought he could be elected at the last instant
& he got 4-years of grace to do the set-up for the fight.
Even this intervening period
& everybody in [FEMA] camps.

We’re still in the fight.
Get your head screwed on correctly…
Pull you’re f*cking head out of your ass,
& get into the fight.
Stop your bellyaching & point your fricking face
in that direction.

47:00 Juan o Savin 如果你还在这里,你已经走了这么远。如果没有特朗普总统奇迹般的第一届政府,当时没有人认为他能在最后一刻当选 & 他得到了4年的宽容来为这场战斗做准备。即使在这期间,你没有像他们为你和联邦应急管理局难民营里的每个人计划的那样,卷入美国的全国内战。我们还在战斗。正确地把你的头拧紧... ... 把你的头从屁股里拉出来,然后投入战斗。别发牢骚了,把你那张该死的脸朝那个方向。

David Nino Rodriguez
The boomerang flip reversal is coming.

大卫 · 尼诺 · 罗德里格斯回力棒反转即将到来。

48:08 Juan O Savin
It is.
If you’re looking out there on the horizon
you can see it turning right now.

48:08胡安 · 奥· 萨文就是这样。如果你朝那边的地平线望去,你会看到它正在转向。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

Juan O Savin
You don’t see all the people beginning to wake up & go
‘Excuse me, I’m NOT going there.’
I sent you the clip, 4 and a half hours of Military personnel saying
“Are you f*cking kidding me?
There’s no way they’re going to freaking pollute my internals
with any kind of b*llshit.”

4 and a half hours of troop after troop after troop after troop after troop,
ranking personnel,
And I’ve had the conversations privately.
You know this. We’ve talked about this.

胡安 · 奥· 萨文你不会看到所有的人都开始醒来并说‘对不起,我不去那里。我给你发了这个视频,四个半小时的军事人员都在说: “你他妈的开什么玩笑?”?他们不可能用任何垃圾来污染我的内部。”4个半小时的部队,一个部队接着一个部队,一个部队接着一个部队。我们私下谈过。你知道的。我们已经谈过这个了。


We’ve got a lot of pretty brave people that are saying no,
they’re holding the line

& then you’ve got a bunch of bellyachers
that are sitting there like,
‘Nothing’s happening.’


49:39 Well nothing might be happening
because they’re not paying attention.
Excuse me, there’s a whole bunch that is happening.
Those troops that are saying no.
Those pilots that are saying no.
There’s people out there stopping their careers,
coaches, players…


50:22 If you’re saying nothing’s happening
YOU’RE the problem.


51:15 As I’ve said multiple times
before this is all over you will have CEOs,
presidents of colleges, professional & college sports coaches,
medical people & school administrators
forced anything on anybody,
or compelled them,
“Well, we just didn’t know.”

51:15正如我多次说过的,在这一切结束之前,你会遇到 ceo、大学校长、专业和大学体育教练、医务人员和学校管理人员的道歉。请求宽恕曾经强迫任何人做任何事,或强迫他们,“嗯,我们只是不知道。”

51:57 LOTS is happening.
It is coming to a head.
The pressure.
The heat is getting intense.
Yeah. We’re in this cauldron moment.
This Red Sea moment.


查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

52:09 Juan O Savin
Actually we’re coming together as a people.
Remember I said we had to have 80+% together on this.
It’s about the American people coming together
In such an overwhelming compelling manner
as we move into this Red Sea moment,
that we’re united in an agreement so that nobody can divide.

52:09 胡安 · 奥· 萨文事实上,我们作为一个民族聚集在一起。还记得我说过我们必须在这个问题上达成80% 以上的共识吗。这是关于美国人民团结在一起,在我们进入红海的时刻,以如此压倒性的令人信服的方式,我们团结在一个协议,没有人可以分裂。

52:42 The whole point is trying to get us to divide
cuz if we’re divided we can be conquered…


55:13 This is about all of us joining together
stepping up at the same time, Nino.
Everybody bringing what THEY HAVE to the game.

55:13这是关于我们大家一起加强同一时间,尼诺。这就是80% 以上每个人都把他们所拥有的带到游戏中。

David Nino Rodriguez
I will see you at the Patriot Double Down in Vegas.
Are we gonna gamble a little bit?

大卫 · 尼诺 · 罗德里格斯我们在拉斯维加斯的爱国者双倍赌博上见。我们要赌一把吗?

55:46 Juan O Savin
Shit, I gamble every day.
Crap I’ve been gambling every day I’ve been in this fight,
you know, 30 years.

55:46胡安 · 奥 · 萨文靠,我每天都赌博。废话我每天都在赌博我已经在这场战斗中,你知道,30年了。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录


On 10-30-21 President and Melania Trump attended Game 4 of the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros World Series. Since Juan O Savin has repeatedly said Melania is the Flagship for President Trump, I took note that she wore a raincoat to the game and it wasn’t raining. Is she messaging, “A storm is coming?” That’s my guess.

10-30-21总统和梅拉尼娅 · 特朗普参加了亚特兰大勇士队和休斯顿太空人队世界职业棒球大赛的第四场比赛。自从胡安 · 奥· 萨文(Juan o Savin)反复强调梅拉尼娅是特朗普总统的旗舰后,我注意到她穿着雨衣去看比赛,而且没有下雨。她是在发短信说”暴风雨要来了?”这是我的猜测。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

President and Melania Trump, National Anthem, Game 4 World Series, 10-30-21

总统和梅拉尼娅 · 特朗普,国歌,世界职业棒球大赛第四场,10-30-21

Also at the game, “Let’s Go Brandon” was well represented in flags, tees and chants:

在比赛中,“布兰登,我们走”在旗帜、 t 恤和圣歌中得到了很好的体现:

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录
查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录
查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录



QFS 的最新更新,一个重要的周末即将来临,与 PRYME 部长 & CHARLIE WARD 10-29-21

Partial transcription by Kat

部分转录: Kat

14:04 Pryme Minister
I’m a little overwhelmed to be honest with you.
Because now the fight is, I’m not saying it’s subsiding
but we’re definitely at a different place
where the Q Team is now showing their force & power.
They’re coming out —
Space Force,
The Military,
are just showing out their magnificent power
that it seems like they’ve prepared themselves for.
Mass arrests, major exposure.
I don’t know what else to do.
I’m kinda’ used to being on this journey…

14:04普莱梅大臣说实话我有点不知所措。因为现在的战斗是,我不是说它正在消退,但我们肯定是在一个不同的地方,q 队正在显示他们的力量和权力。他们正在走出来ーー太空部队,军队,正在展示他们似乎已经为之做好准备的强大力量。大量逮捕,大量曝光。我不知道还能做什么。我已经有点习惯这种旅程了。

14:40 Charlie Ward
I’ll tell you something I learned the other day:
Let’s put this in context.
I’m a 61-year old grandfather of 4,
father of 4.
I’m not a journalist, that’s not what my profession is.
But I DO research.

14:40查理 · 沃德我要告诉你一些我前几天学到的东西: 让我们把这个放在上下文中。我是一个61岁的4个孩子的祖父,4个孩子的父亲。我不是记者,那不是我的职业。但是我做研究。

14:50 So all those people out there
as Pryme Minister referred to about Q,
& people have said,
‘oh it’s all a conspiracy theory about Q.’

14:50所以所有那些在外面以普莱姆部长的身份提到 q 的人都说,‘哦,这都是关于 q 的阴谋论’

15:05 Yes, Donald Trump reactivated Q
5-years ago.
Prior to that, Q was used by John F. Kennedy Jr.
I went back & managed to find out
Q went back to Abraham Lincoln
who also used Q.

15:05是的,唐纳德 · 特朗普5年前重新启用了 q。在此之前,q 被小约翰·肯尼迪使用。我回去后发现 q 回到了亚伯拉罕 · 林肯那里,他也用 q。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

15:25 Charlie Ward
But I’ve now found out,
people who are watching this, if you go onto a search engine
& search Book Of Q
you’ll find it goes back to the times of Jesus Christ.
It’s a Lost Gospel of Q.

15:25查理 · 沃德:但是我现在发现,那些正在看这个节目的人,如果你进入一个搜索引擎并搜索 q 之书,你会发现它可以追溯到耶稣基督的时代。这是一本遗失的福音书。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

15:44 Charlie Ward
So those journalists who go ‘Q doesn’t exist’
means that these journalists aren’t even worth
an ounce of soul.
They’ve got no credibility at all.
They’ve done nothing journalistic at all.
All they’ve done is follow a narrative
to try & discredit the truth.
That’s it…

I found that out. All you have to do is put Book Of Q.
The Lost Gospel of Q
The Gospel of Thomas.
It’s there in B&W.
The history of it is there for anybody with an ounce of integrity
who’s done their own research.

15:44查理 · 沃德:所以那些说‘ q 不存在’的记者意味着这些记者根本不值一文。他们根本没有可信度。他们根本没有做任何新闻工作。他们所做的一切都是按照叙述来试图诋毁真相。就是这样... 我发现了。你所要做的就是把 q 之书。失落的福音 q 多马福音。就在黑白电影里。对于任何一个做过自己研究的正直的人来说,它的历史就在那里。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

16:35 Charlie Ward
Q goes back to the times of Jesus Christ. Isn’t that amazing?

16:35查理沃德 :q 回到耶稣基督的时代,是不是很神奇?

16:43 Pryme Minister
He’s back to save the world.
Q is Jesus Christ.
Isn’t that some sh*t?
It’s incredible.

16:43普莱姆牧师:他回来拯救世界了。 q 是耶稣基督。 q 是上帝。这不是狗屁吗? 太不可思议了。

16:47 Charlie Ward
Isn’t it incredible?
It’s followed all the way through.
God has used Q as a protection.
For goodness.

Abraham Lincoln was a good man.
John F. Kennedy was a good man.
Donald Trump is a good man.

16:47查理 · 沃德:难以置信吧?从头到尾都是这样。上帝用 q 作为保护。为了善良。亚伯拉罕 · 林肯是个好人。约翰 · f · 肯尼迪是个好人。唐纳德 · 特朗普是个好人。

17:10 And they’ve all used the Q-Protection,
to try & protect against evil.

17:10而且他们都使用 q 保护,哲学尝试和保护对邪恶。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

Charlie Ward
This time, fortunately, Donald Trump has not been killed
like John F. Kennedy & Abraham Lincoln.
Whether Jesus used Q or not I don’t know.
But it came from his time, he was also crucified.

查理 · 沃德:这一次,幸运的是,唐纳德 · 特朗普没有像约翰 · 肯尼迪和亚伯拉罕 · 林肯那样被杀。我不知道耶稣是否使用了 q。但那是从他的时代来的,他也被钉在十字架上。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

17:38 Pryme Minister
This is amazing.
It’s mind blowing.
When I think about the Tribunals,
the taped confessions,
when I think about just the bankers,
cnn—China News Network—cnn
I feel every emotion of excitement
cuz I know what it means.
The world’s gonna stand still.
& I don’t know what’s going to happen
I know it’s gonna be good.

17:38Pryme Minister:这太神奇了。这真是令人兴奋。当我想到法庭、录音认罪,当我想到银行家,cnn ー中国新闻网ー cnn 我感到十分兴奋,因为我知道这意味着什么。整个世界都会停滞不前。& 我不知道会发生什么我知道一切都会好起来。

18:24 Charlie Ward
Isn’t it such a blessing just to be alive at this time
& see this transition?

18:24查理 · 沃德:在这个时候活着是不是一件幸事 & 看到这种转变?

18:29 Pryme Minister
Yeah. Never thought I’d be alive to see this.

18:29Pryme Minister:没错,没想到我还能活着看到这个。

18:31 Charlie Ward
Nor me.
I honestly feel sorry,
I honestly feel sorry for the people that are missing
the Greatest Show on Earth.
It’s so exciting to see.
There’s so much going on.
And you can see it in the enthusiasm of people like Lin Wood
who’s out there doing an awful lot of good work
General Flynn, Mel K., Ann Vandersteel…
many good people out there.

18:31查理 · 沃德:也不是我。我真诚地感到抱歉,我真诚地为那些错过了世界上最伟大的演出的人们感到抱歉。看到这些真是太令人兴奋了。还有很多事情要做。你可以从林 · 伍德这样的人的热情中看出来,他们在外面做了很多很好的工作,弗林将军、梅尔 · k、安 · 万德斯蒂尔... ... 还有很多很好的人。

19:42 It’s all a distraction.
It’s the game of chess.
You create a problem over there so you can move over here.
It’s just trying to understand the game at the moment.
I’ve been told by the Quantum team who I speak to every day.
I even spoke to them this morning before you,
everything is under control.


20:01 Pryme Minister
I wanted to ask you about that too,
about the Quantum Financial System
& what can you share about that?

20:01Pryme Minister:我也想问问你关于量子金融系统的事情,你能分享些什么?

20:08 Charlie Ward
Things are really really really under control.
Really really under control.
I am under a Military NDA
but Simon Parkes is a very very good friend of mine
he sent a voice message to me,
yesterday [10-28-21]
about things that I’m not allowed to talk about but he is,
because I’m under a Military NDA.

20:08查理 · 沃德:事情真的得到了很好的控制。一切都在掌控之中。我在军事保密协议之下,但是西蒙 · 帕克斯是我的一个非常非常好的朋友,他昨天给我发了一条语音信息,关于一些我不能谈论的事情,但是他可以,因为我在军事保密协议之下。

20:40 Simon Parkes
“Hello Charlie… I’m doing your thing.
Here we go. This the report I got.
All currency test-runs done.
HSBC will lead the process.
[Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp.]
U.S. on full alert for the Redemption process.
Temple Texas—NOT Reno—sets it off.
DOD & Military is pushing everything out tomorrow.
Heavy roundup happening of remaining deep state cabal
as NESARA is fully installed.
United States Navy ready to go.
Gold-backed currency locked in.
Lots of it (_?) funded
Advanced healing technologies making its rounds.
Humanitarians worldwide will be funded.
…very good!”

20:40西蒙 · 帕克斯:“你好,查理,我在做你的事情。开始了。这是我拿到的报告。所有货币测试运行完成。汇丰银行将领导这一进程。[香港上海汇丰银行有限公司]美国对赎回程序保持高度警惕。坦普尔 · 德克萨斯ーー不是里诺ーー引爆。国防部和军方明天会把所有东西都推出去。由于 NESARA 已经完全安装完毕,剩余的深州阴谋集团正在进行重型围捕。美国海军准备出发。黄金支持的货币被锁定。很多(_?)为先进的治疗技术提供资金支持。全世界的人道主义工作者将得到资助。非常好!”

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录

21:32 Charlie Ward
Very very simply, what I can tell you is,
the Quantum Financial System was fully operational
in August 2020.
Well over a year ago.
And it’s been tested tested tested
to make sure there’s no infiltration from the dark side.
It was interfaced with STARLINK & Space Force
about 4 → 6 weeks ago
to allow it to be able to come into the current banking system
as we transition.
It will take a couple of years for us to transition fully
from one system to another
without causing too much damage.

21:32查理 · 沃德:很简单,我可以告诉你的是,量子金融系统在2020年8月全面运作。一年多以前。它已经经过测试,以确保没有来自黑暗面的渗透。它在4→6周前与 STARLINK & Space Force 接口,以便在我们过渡期间能够进入当前的银行系统。我们需要几年的时间才能完全从一个系统过渡到另一个系统,而不会造成太大的破坏。

22:17 The money will come off the Quantum System
through STARLINK
into what’s known as a Legacy Fund.
The Legacy Fund then pays out the paymasters,
the mega files
& the sovereigns.

22:17这笔钱将通过 STARLINK 从量子系统流入一个所谓的遗产基金。遗产基金随后支付出资人、巨额文件和主权债务。

22:36 So far there have been a couple that have already been paid
& it has worked perfectly.
But what they’re doing is they’re making sure
that there is no contamination
no theft of the money
& no money is going ‘missing.’
And they’re not in any hurry.


23:00 There was supposed to be 25 transfers to mega files last week
it didn’t happen
because there were concerns about the algorithm
for detecting fraud.


23:17 They’re hoping that this week the algorithm is accurate
& picks up on anything that is not right
but they’re not in a hurry
they’re not in ANY hurry.
They’ll make sure they’ll get it right
& that there is no contamination.
What we don’t want to do is have contaminated money in the system.


23:41 The 2 main things they’re trying to stop is
Child Trafficking.
They’re 2 huge businesses
which this is all about stopping,
putting an end to forever.


23:53 Child Trafficking is BIGGER than drugs
it overtook it 2 years ago.


24:00 Things are very very positive.
Now it’s time to sit back & know that
God won this.
Everything’s under control. This is pantomime. Don’t panic.


24:24 The wake-up process is to help wake up the rest.
For those who are awake
they’ll find it frustrating they want it done yesterday
they wanted it all done urgently.
But for those who KNOW WHY,
we’re going through this delay process.
It doesn’t bother me at all if it’s done this week, this month
or even this year.
If it’s done properly, even if it takes us into early next year,
it doesn’t bother me.
As long as we move into a New World
that is clean & clear of all this rubbish
then I’m happy.
Everything is completely under control.


25:00 Pryme Minister
I’m looking forward to it but I’m patient.
Patient like Job.

25:00Pryme Minister:我很期待,但我很有耐心,像约伯一样有耐心。

查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录



End Kat Partial Transcription

结束 Kat 部分转录

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness & Abundance unceasing.


This is Kat, over & out.



查理沃德和普莱姆牧师: 失落的福音 q,QFS 更新和一点点胡安|Kat转录



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