X22报道|第3092集: 大多数人关心通货膨胀,洪水大门正式开启

2023年6月13日15:16:12最新动态X22报道|第3092集: 大多数人关心通货膨胀,洪水大门正式开启已关闭评论982阅读模式


X22报道|第3092集: 大多数人关心通货膨胀,洪水大门正式开启

Ep. 3092a – The Majority Of People Are Concerned About Inflation & Reject The CBDC

大多数人关心通货膨胀,拒绝 CBDC

Ep. 3092b – Flood Gates Officially Open, No Turning Back “What Storm, Mr. President?” “You’ll See!”


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Streamed on: Jun 12, 7:13 pm EDT

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The food manufactures are creating the illusion that food is the same price by shrinking the product, we have seen this playbook before. The electric trucking agenda in CA will not work. The people see inflation as a problem and they are rejecting the CBDC.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 12, 7:35 pm EDT

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The [DS] know they only have a couple of moves left before they go to jail. Trump wants the people see the corruption and the more this plays out the people are seeing it all. The scare event is coming, Trump already signaled that the seal is broken, which means the flood gates officially open and their is no turning back. The storm is coming and its going to hit hard.



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