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Adam is a problem for America. A big one. After you go through this article, I am sure you will conclude POTUS should remove his security clearance.


Read the following tweet very carefully: tweet. This is a rare instance in American politics where the President publicly recommends the resignation of a member of Congress who is no less than the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. From this article, we already know the wide range of Adam's activities. From his involvement in the Standard Hotel incident, its cover up and his connection to Alison Mack, to the averted Dec 2017 false flag in NY, Tick Tock LLC and the related $7.8 mm, to his intercepted communications with Valerie Jarrett, to his personal war against FISA declas and other doozies, we gather Adam is a very compromised politician with very demanding masters.

仔细阅读下面的 tweet: tweet。这在美国政治中是一个罕见的例子,总统公开建议一位国会议员辞职,而这位议员正是众议院情报委员会的主席。从这篇文章中,我们已经知道了亚当的各种活动。从他参与标准酒店事件,掩盖他与艾莉森麦克的关系,避免201712月假旗在纽约,蒂克托克公司(Tick Tock LLC)和相关的780万美元,截获了他与瓦莱丽·贾勒特的通讯,以及他与 FISA declas 和其他怪人的个人战争,我们认为亚当是一个非常妥协的政治家,要求非常苛刻的主人。

​It seems that this tweet adds something to this already long list. Something so big, it's now time for Adam to resign and lose his clearance.


​To find out, we need to analyze the corresponding drops in the Q board. Img1 The tweet is quoted by Q3241 where Q insists 5 times on the word [knowingly]. What did he know? The answer is in the last line: Gang of 8(INTEL). If Adam is part of the Gang of 8, it means that, all along, he had access to ALL the information pertaining to the FISA saga, from its beginning to its end. He therefore knew what Devin Nunes discovered in March 2017 and found so big about incidental collection, that he felt he had to go to the White House and inform the President video. This means Adam knew at least 2 years ago that the President and his team were illegally surveilled for a long time and that despite all the ongoing investigations, there was no evidence of collusion with Russia. He therefore [knowingly] lied to the American People and leaked selective and altered information to the Fake News media to keep his lies alive.

为了找到答案,我们需要分析 Q贴上相应的下降量。Img1该推文被 Q3241引用,Q在这个词上坚持了5次。他知道些什么?答案就在最后一行: 8人帮(情报)。如果亚当是八人帮的一员,这意味着,自始至终,他都能接触到所有与 FISA 传奇有关的信息,从头到尾。因此,他知道德文·努涅斯(Devin Nunes20173月发现了什么,并且发现了大量的附带收藏,他觉得他必须去白宫通知总统的视频。这意味着亚当至少在两年前就知道总统和他的团队长期受到非法监视,而且尽管所有的调查都在进行中,但没有证据表明与俄罗斯有勾结。因此,他(明知故犯地)向美国人民撒谎,并向假新闻媒体泄露有选择性和篡改的信息,以维持他的谎言。

​Now the interesting question is why would Adam take the risk to lie about something that may at some point be declassified?




​Aha! So Adam had some kind of insurance that this material would never be declassified. What were these insurances? The answer is in the same drop:




​Incredible. They threatened to go after the President's children. Let that sink in. Adam and his Masters tried to blackmail the President of the United States in these terms: "if you declas this material, we will go after your family. You are the perfect example we don't need any crime or probable cause to do that. Now that we know it will never be declassified, we will lie about it as much as needed and manipulate the American People until the polls show we can successfully impeach you". That was Adam's & Co plan.


​This plan worked as long as they were given the illusion the Russia probe component of the DOJ was under their control. The Maestro wanted the clock to run and purposely appeared weak until he decided recess was over. When he was ready for the next phase, he got Barr in and everything collapsed.


​Q3036 Did POTUS just install a rogue AG who allows for the indictment of his children based on false pretenses? BARR Senate vote? 54-45 Do UNICORNS exist? Q


​No: unicorns don't exist in our realm. Barr would therefore never allow for these bogus indictments to prosper as later confirmed in this drop:

: 独角兽在我们的王国里是不存在的。因此,巴尔绝不会允许这些伪造的起诉得以顺利进行,这一点后来在本文中得到了证实:

​Q3060 "Insurance" indictments re: Ivanka, Jared, Jr. all removed. But, you already knew that from the drop. Q

Q3060"保险"起诉书: 伊万卡、小贾里德都被撤销。但是,你已经从一开始就知道了。Q

​This is the reason why Adam is going crazy. He lost his insurance. He has to find another one. Quick before declas. Hence the WH whistleblowers and other current shenanigans. Run Adam! Run! Let's see if you can run faster than McCabe who got caught by Sessions when he was 26 hours away from his pension link… You caught 26 stands for Z right? You thought Sessions was sleeping all this time? Once again, have you ever chased with lions? Sometimes they fake their sleep and when you think it's all good and start whistling with your hands in your pockets, BAM!

这就是亚当发疯的原因。他失去了保险。他必须再找一个。在declas之前快点。因此,白宫告密者和其他当前的恶作剧也随之而来。快跑,亚当!快跑!让我们看看你是否能比麦凯布跑得更快,他在离养老金链接26个小时的时候被塞申斯抓住了... ... 你抓住了26 z 的代表,对吗?你以为塞申斯一直在睡觉?再问一次,你有没有被狮子追赶过?有时候他们假装睡着了,当你认为一切都很好的时候,他们开始吹口哨,你的手放在口袋里,砰!

​With the help of the Dems in Senate, Rosenstein was voted in as DAG with a stunning 94-6 when Sessions could only secure 52-47. The Dems plan was to get Rosenstein in and force Sessions to recuse on the Russia probe which would mechanically fall into RR's exclusive hands. Once that recusal occurred, they could freely try to get Trump with all the power of the DOJ and the Special Counsel while the children insurance was still running. In other words: Adam was tasked to psychologically prepare the American People for impeachment while Rosenstein was tasked to find a crime to justify that impeachment.

在参议院民主党的帮助下,罗森斯坦以946的惊人优势被选为DAG,当时议会只能以5247获胜。民主党的计划是让罗森斯坦介入,并迫使塞申斯回避对俄罗斯的调查,这将机械地落入罗德里格斯的专属手中。一旦这种情况发生,他们可以自由地试图在儿童保险仍在运行的时候,让特朗普拥有司法部和特别顾问的所有权力。换句话说: 亚当的任务是在心理上为弹劾美国人民做好准备,而罗森斯坦的任务是找出一项罪名来为弹劾辩护。

​Did the Maestro know? Of course he did, it's right here: Img2

大师知道吗?当然了,就在这里: Img2

As you can see, Sessions' recusal was kindly offered to the Dems to get them to sleep before the surgery. Which surgery? This one: Img3

正如你所看到的,塞申斯被取消资格是为了让民主党人在手术前睡个好觉。哪个手术?这个: Img3

The LEFT did not attack Sessions because they thought he was their Prisoner Of War and this idea was reinforced by the Maestro regularly attacking him. In reality, Sessions surreptitiously activated Huber, excluded RR from his Chain of Command (CoC) and made available to him the tremendous manpower of the DOJ with its 470 investigators without RR ever knowing what Huber was up to. By doing so, Sessions accessed all the information Mueller decided to pursue and even more since Huber was pursuing EVERYTHING.

左派并没有攻击塞申斯,因为他们认为他是他们的战俘,而这个想法被经常攻击他的大师强化了。事实上,塞申斯偷偷地激活了胡贝尔,把 RR 排除在他的指挥链(CoC)之外,并向他提供了司法部庞大的人力和470名调查员,而罗伯特根本不知道胡贝尔在做什么。通过这样做,塞申斯获取了穆勒决定追查的所有信息,甚至更多,因为胡贝尔正在追查一切。

​Do you see it? Sessions played it as if RR got him out when in fact Huber was directly informing him. Once this line of communication was secured, all Sessions had to do was to still play dumb, never confront Rosenstein and make him feel as if he was in charge: Img4

你看到了吗?塞申斯表现得好像是终结者把他救了出来,而实际上是胡贝尔直接告诉了他。一旦这条沟通渠道得到了保障,塞申斯所要做的就是继续装傻,永远不要与罗森斯坦对抗,让他觉得自己在掌控一切: Img4

Future proves past: look at how they are attacking AG Barr today. If Sessions hadn't faked his sleep, the Dems would never have snored as they did and Huber could not have quietly done his investigations. Q linked to an article in Q1275illustrating this reality and said the following about Sessions playing 4D chess:

未来证明了过去: 看看他们今天是如何攻击巴尔的。如果塞申斯没有假装睡觉,民主党人就不会像他们那样打鼾,胡贝尔也不可能悄悄地进行调查。Q 链接到Q1275的一篇文章,说明了这一现实,并对塞申斯下4D国际象棋做了如下评论:

​Q1275 Interesting theory. It's nice when you can work in peace.


​The Maestro knew there was no collusion. So? He knew Mueller went into a dead end investigating him but he wanted him to continue his investigations. Why? Because he made the bet that after Mueller discovered there was no collusion, he would pursue all the other side's crimes he stumbled upon. This work could not have been done by Sessions without him being accused of political bias. This is another reason why Sessions recused and why POTUS met Mueller before appointing him:


​Q1286 Why did POTUS interview (FBI Dir) Mueller a day prior to SC appointment if impossible to assign position? Why did Sessions recuse?

Q1286如果无法确定职位,为什么在 SC 任命的前一天,POTUS 会见了穆勒?为什么塞申斯要回避?

​What do you think they talked about if Muller was not there for the FBI Director position as well explained in Q1285? The Special Counsel was set up on May 17 2017 and, as of March 21 2018, it was composed of 17 attorneys and never had more. Coincidence? Probably…


Now the question is did Mueller pursue the other side's crimes after he discovered there was no collusion?


​Let's read Barr's letter to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on the Mueller Probe and let's focus on the 8th paragraph. Img5 Do you see this "despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign"? This is why Dems lost their sleep. They don't know how far Mueller went pursuing this breadcrumb trail. If he opened that door, there is no way he could have missed ex MI6 Russia expert Christopher Steele with his fake dossier paid by the Witch and the involvement of his friend Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS. Our excellent Jon Solomon told us here there were pictures taken at the July 2018 Aspen security conference showing Adam meeting with Glenn Simpson. Do you think Mueller had these pictures?

让我们读读巴尔写给众议院和参议院司法委员会关于穆勒调查的信,让我们关注第8段。Img5你是否认为"尽管俄罗斯下属个人多次提出协助特朗普竞选"?这就是民主党失眠的原因。他们不知道穆勒追查这个面包屑导航走了多远。如果他打开了那扇门,他就不可能漏掉前军情六处俄罗斯专家克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔和他的女巫支付的假档案,以及他的朋友来自 Fusion GPS 的格伦·辛普森。我们优秀的乔恩·所罗门告诉我们,这20187月阿斯彭安全会议上亚当与格伦·辛普森会面的照片。你认为穆勒有这些照片吗?

​Now you know why Adam has to see the full report and why he has to see it yesterday.


​Dems and their Fake News are devastated. They now realize Bob was not their asset and are looking back to understand what really happened. They are hoping that seeing Mueller's full report will give them some clues as to how the Maestro and his secret weapon Sessions played them. Well, let me tell you: it's not that simple. You thought the name "Maestro" was randomly picked? The Mueller report is just one part of the symphony. If you get his solo score, you'll still have to deal with Huber. And when you'll think your nightmare is over with Huber, another beautiful gift from Sessions will be graciously handed to you:

民主党人和他们的假新闻被摧毁了。他们现在意识到鲍勃不是他们的资产,并且正在回头看看到底发生了什么。他们希望看到穆勒的完整报告能给他们一些线索,弄清楚这位大师和他的秘密武器塞申斯是如何玩弄他们的。好吧,让我告诉你: 事情没那么简单。你以为"大师(Maestro"这个名字是随机抽取的?穆勒报告只是交响乐的一部分。如果你得到了他的独唱分数,你还得对付胡贝尔。当你认为你和胡贝尔的噩梦已经结束时,另一份来自塞申斯(Sessions)的美丽礼物将优雅地送给你:

​Q2603 What if there's another prosecutor (outside of DC) assigned by SESSIONS w/ the same mandate/authority? ONE FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS? NOT LONG NOW. Q

Q2603如果由塞申斯指派的另一名检察官( DC 之外)具有同样的授权和权限,该怎么办?为历史书写一篇文章?时间不多了。Q

​So Adam. Do you know the real reason why you could not figure out Mueller during the 675 days of his probe? Answer:




​Q1222 These people are stupid. We have it all. Q



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