X22报告|第2802集: 经济转型已经开始,服务器击败众议院

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爱国者现在带来了压力,达勒姆已经准备好再次出击,亨特的笔记本电脑在甲板上,现在我们得知 JA 正被带回美国。

 X22报告|第2802集: 经济转型已经开始,服务器击败众议院

Ep. 2802a (web) – The Economic Transition Has Begun, Another Piece On The Chess Board Moves Into Place


Ep. 2802b – Patriots Have The Source, JA June ETA, Server Brings Down The House, Timing Is Everything

爱国者有情报来源 JA June ETA 服务器击败众议院,时机决定一切

X22 报告发表于2022年6月17日


The people see the truth, they are awake and 91% are concerned about inflation and they know it has nothing do with Ukraine, Covid etc.. They know [JB]/Puppet masters and the [CB] are responsible. The battle has begun, the Fed pushes the same playbook that we had back in 1971 with Nixon.

人们看到了真相,他们清醒了,91% 的人担心通货膨胀,他们知道通货膨胀与乌克兰、冠状病毒疾病等无关。他们知道[ JB ]/傀儡主人和[ CB ]要负责。战争已经开始,美联储推出了我们在1971年对尼克松采取的同样策略。


The patriots are now bringing the heat, Durham is on the hunt is ready to strike again, Hunter’s laptop is on deck and now we come to learn that JA is being brought back to the US. [HRC] is panicking, the D party is panicking. JA is protected, the server is going to bring down the house. Future proves the past, it all happened in June. Trump says the people have no voice, during the midterms the people’s voice is going to be heard, timing is everything.

爱国者现在带来了压力,达勒姆已经准备好再次出击,亨特的笔记本电脑在甲板上,现在我们得知 JA 正被带回美国。[HRC]正在恐慌,民主党正在恐慌。JA 受到保护,服务器会把房子搞垮的。未来证明了过去,一切都发生在六月。特朗普说,人民没有发言权,在中期选举期间,人民的声音会被听到,时机就是一切。


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