Teri wade|当你醒来

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Teri wade|当你醒来

When you wake up and you see the world for what it really is,it's an amazing,brilliant but very sinister well thought out manipulation of an entire species and to tell you the truth it pisses me off!Because the human race was meant to thrive…


At the time of our creation,when we were seeded here on Earth we were beautiful,high vibrational,crystalline beings with abilities that are beyond our comprehension.


Humanity has been manipulated to the point that we continue to let ourselves be completely controlled and oppressed due to DNA manipulation but this is changing in a BIG way.

人类已经被操纵到这样的程度,我们继续让自己完全被控制和压迫,因为 DNA 操纵,但是这正在发生巨大的变化。

We are waking up,our frequencies that we are buzzing on now are rising and with that brings knowledge,wisdom and incredible insight and many are recovering the memory of our past,present and future.


This is the time to let all your religious and societal programming go!I know I sound like a broken record but this is so incredibly important!You are a prisoner of those beliefs whether you know it or not.Some will continue to hold on to their belief system oblivious to what it's doing to them and how it's stunting and hindering their evolutionary process by debilitating their expansion of consciousness...but they will deal with those consequences individually.


Humanity needs to be woken up,I mean really woken up there are too many still so asleep!In my opinion it's going to be an event so massive that MSM will not be able to cover it up.What I hope it is,is hundreds of thousands of ships,gigantic motherships hovering over all major cities of the world!That'll do it and don't think that won't happen.😏



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