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It shows the existence of a two-tier scientific culture, of which the upper tier would be a domain for clandestine R&D, unknown to democratically elected authorities.


Many investigators and whistleblowers in the United States have, over the last 40 years, called attention upon unacknowledged scientific and technical programmes being carried out in various publicly and privately funded laboratories and research centres, affiliated to military and intelligence agencies, in "exotic" areas that are officially not regarded as deserving of serious attention in civilian institutions such as universities. The existence of such programmes, now being proven, would demonstrate the existence of a two-tier scientific culture in the US at least, if not in the rest of the world, of which the upper tier would be a domain for clandestine R&D, unsupervised by, and unknown to, democratically elected authorities. If only for this reason, finding out the truth about the situation is of great value to society.


What do we know about the long suspected "special access" programmes hiding within the American military-industrial-intelligence complex and what is backed by material evidence?


Among the first whistleblowers, who emerged in the 1980s (1989 in his case), Bob Lazar is noteworthy because of the extensive information he provided in videotaped talks about research he had carried out in Area S-4 close to the since notorious Area 51 in the Nevada desert's atomic testing range, around the dry Groom lake riverbed.

20世纪80年代(以他为例,是1989)出现的第一批告密者中,鲍勃·拉扎尔(Bob Lazar)值得注意,因为他在录像谈话中提供了大量信息,内容涉及他在内华达州沙漠原子试验场附近的干涸的格鲁姆湖河床附近的 S-4区域进行的研究。

Lazar claimed to have being recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), through defence contractor EG&G, to work as part of a team on a highly classified project which involved examining and reverse engineering a 52 feet wide saucer-shaped craft that he quickly realised was not built by humans. He further explained that it was made of some unknown ceramic-like material, could sit three small sized (3 feet tall) crew members and was powered by a hitherto undiscovered super-heavy element, eventually identified as number 115 on the periodic table, which generated its own gravitational field and enabled the craft to reach fantastic speeds. Lazar further explained that the retrieved space vehicle was being test flown in Area 51/S-4 although neither its materials nor its propulsion systems could be figured out or reproduced. However, he warned that the US military had somehow gotten hold of a substantial quantity of Element 115, stored at Los Alamos and intended for weaponisation. His report was supported by well connected investigators, including John Lear, son of the Learjet inventor and a veteran CIA operative who testified that he was also exposed to covert research into "alien" technologies.

拉扎尔声称,他通过国防承包商EG&G,被海军情报局(ONI)招募,作为一个高度机密项目团队的一员参与工作,该项目涉及检查和逆向工程一艘52英尺宽的碟形飞行器,他很快意识到这艘飞行器不是人造的。他进一步解释说,它是由一些未知的类似于陶瓷的材料制成的,可以容纳3名小型(3英尺高)宇航员,由一种迄今为止尚未发现的超重元素提供动力,最终确定为元素周期表115号元素,这种元素产生了自己的引力场,使飞船达到了惊人的速度。 Lazar 进一步解释说,回收的空间飞行器正在51 / S-4区进行试验飞行,尽管无法计算或复制其材料和推进系统。
然而,他警告说,美国军方以某种方式获得了大量的115号元素,这些元素储存在洛斯阿拉莫斯,用于武器化。他的报告得到了人脉广泛的调查人员的支持,其中包括约翰李尔(John Lear) ,他是里尔喷气式飞机(Learjet)发明者的儿子,也是一名经验丰富的中央情报局(CIA)特工。李尔作证称,他也接触过"外星人"技术的秘密研究。

Lazar's testimony (retraced and updated in a recent documentary by Jeremy Corbell entitled Bob Lazar, Area 51 and Flying Saucers) was one of many that were more or less publicised in the following decades despite stubborn denials from official quarters. In 1997, former Pentagon intelligence officer (foreign technology desk) and White House staffer Colonel Philip Corso's bestselling book, The Day After Roswell, purported to lift the veil on much of the clandestine research pursued since 1947 by various branches of the federal government and compartmentally outsourced to defence contractors such as Lockheed, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Martin Marietta, Northrop, Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics and others. However, the results of those advanced investigations remained largely undisclosed, although Corso alleged that major technical breakthroughs such as microtransistors, superconductors, fibre optics, Kevlar and night vision goggles had been developed through reverse engineering of alien materials. Since then aeronautics engineer Edgar Fouché, who reports having worked for the Aurora Project at Area 51 which built the secret Tr3-B triangular mercury plasma fuelled spacecraft, Dr Robert Wood from McDonnell Douglas, Corey Goode, Wlliam Tompkins also formerly at McDonnell Douglas and the more controversial Dan Burisch, are among the alleged "insiders" who have blown the whistle on various "black" programmes. Some like Goode claim to have served on an SSF (Secret Space Fleet), a branch of the US Navy which began operating in the 1960s or 1970s under the Solar Warden code name. Their accounts have been extensively reported and analysed by veteran researchers such as Linda Moulton Howe as part of her Earthfiles series, Paola Harris, Dr Steven Greer (in his widely publicized Disclosure Project) and Dr Michael Salla, co-founder of the Exopolitics Institute.

拉扎尔的证词(在杰里米科贝尔(Jeremy Corbell)最近拍摄的一部名为《鲍勃拉扎尔,51区和飞碟》(Bob LazarArea 51 and Flying socders)的纪录片中回溯并更新) ,是接下来几十年中或多或少被公开的众多证词之一,尽管官方坚决否认。 1997年,前五角大楼情报官员(外国技术办公室)和白宫工作人员 Philip Corso 上校的畅销书《罗斯韦尔之后的一天》,意图揭开自1947年以来联邦政府各个部门进行的大部分秘密研究的面纱,并将其外包给国防承包商,如洛克希德,波音,麦克唐纳-道格拉斯公司,Martin MariettaNorthropGrummanRaytheon,通用动力等。然而,这些先进的调查结果大部分仍然没有公开,尽管 Corso 声称主要的技术突破,如微晶体管、超导体、纤维光学、凯夫拉纤维和夜视镜都是通过逆向工程外星材料研发出来的。从那时起,航空工程师埃德加·福奇(Edgar fouch),他报告说曾在51区为极光计划工作,该计划建造了秘密的三角形三角形水银等离子体燃料航天器,来自麦克唐纳-道格拉斯公司的罗伯特·伍德(Robert Wood博士,科里·古德(Corey Goode),同样曾在麦克唐纳-道格拉斯公司工作的威廉·汤普金斯Wlliam Tompkins和更具争议性的 Dan Burisch,都是揭发各种"黑色"计划的所谓"内部人士"一些像古德一样的人声称曾在 SSF (秘密太空舰队)服役,这是美国海军的一个分支,在20世纪60年代或70年代开始运作,代号为太阳守护者作为她的地球档案系列的一部分,琳达·莫尔顿·(Linda Moulton Howe)、保拉·哈里斯(Paola Harris)、史蒂文·格里尔博士(Steven Greer)(在他广为宣传的披露项目中)和外星政治研究所(Exopolitics Institute)联合创始人迈克尔·萨拉博士(Dr Michael Salla)等资深研究人员对他们的叙述进行了广泛的报道和分析。

Additionally, in June 2017, a 47-page top secret briefing document was leaked and analysed by various experts. It appears to be a briefing dictated by a member of the clandestine MJ-12 agency (set up to deal with UFO related issues in 1954) for Dr Philip Morrison, an eminent MIT physicist. It contains detailed descriptions of alien craft and their recovery, transcripts of communications with alien beings and spells out the measures taken by concerned agencies to keep the entire subject secret, even to the highest elected authorities.

这份简报似乎是由 MJ-12秘密机构(成立于1954年处理 UFO 相关问题)的一名成员向麻省理工学院著名物理学家菲利普·莫里森博士口述的。报告详细描述了外星飞行器及其恢复情况、与外星人的通信记录,并详细说明了有关机构为保守整个事件的秘密所采取的措施,甚至向最高当选当局保密。

Back in 2007, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, in which Area 51 is located, and who then chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, set up a new study group with the support of fellow Senators, Inouye and Stevens, under the name of AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) at the suggestion of his friend, billionaire Robert Bigelow, chairman of Bigelow Aerospace, a contractor to NASA which conducted research on UFOs and collected substantial evidence of the extraterrestrial presence.

早在2007年,51区所在地内华达州的参议员哈里·瑞德(Harry Reid在他的朋友、亿万富翁罗伯特·毕格罗(Robert Bigelow的建议下,在同为参议员的 Inouye Stevens 的支持下,成立了一个新的研究小组,名为 AATIP (高级航空航天威胁识别项目) ,罗伯特·毕格罗(Robert Bigelow)是美国宇航局的一个承包商,该承包商对不明飞行物进行了研究,并收集了大量外星人存在的证据。

Senator Reid wished to gather information on the secret work being carried out outside the purview of Congressional authorities and got an appropriation of $22 million for a five-year budget. The investigations were entrusted to Bigelow's aerospace research division and coordinated by Earthtech of Austin, Texas, an R&D centre in frontier areas of science headed by Dr Harold Puthoff, formerly at Stanford Research Institute. AATIP under the stewardship of high-ranking intelligence officer Luis Elizondo, commissioned a still unissued 490-page report and collected 38 classified papers from a number of universities and research centres reflecting some of the goals pursued at the behest of the DIA (as Defense Intelligence Research Documents or DIRD) and other military intelligence bodies.


AATIP remained unknown to the public until both the New York Times and the Washington Post on 16 December 2017 published articles about it with the mandatory sceptical rumblings. They both, however, provided online links to a film taken in 2004 by Super Hornet jet pilots from the USS Nimitz, off the coast of Southern California, of a fleet of extremely fast flying objects, exhibiting performances far beyond the abilities of the most advanced aircraft, whose shapes suggested "tictacs" which became their moniker.

直到20171216日,《纽约时报》和《华盛顿邮报》发表文章,强制性地表示怀疑,AATIP 才为公众所知。然而,他们都提供了2004年拍摄的一部电影的网上链接,这部电影是由南加州海岸尼米兹号航空母舰上的超级大黄蜂喷气式飞机飞行员拍摄的,展示了一个极其快速的飞行物队,其表现远远超出了最先进的飞机的能力,飞机的形状暗示着它们的绰号"嘀嗒"

Physicist Jack Sarfatti, formerly at San Diego State University, has gone on record to say he is doing research on the propulsion system of the "tictac" by studying "alien" recovered metamaterials in the custody of Dr Puthoff's Earthtech. The existence of those materials of non-earthly origin has been officially confirmed.


In January of this year a Freedom Of Information Act request from Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists against Government Secrecy, led to the release by the DIA of the list of titles of above mentioned 38 government-funded research reports gathered by AATIP as part of the process to "read in" on a need-to-know basis, officials in the military and civilian administrations. They include two papers leaked earlier by Corey Goode, respectively entitled Traversable Wormholes, Stargates and Negative Energy (number 8 in the list) and Warp Drive, Dark Energy and the Manipulation of Extra-Dimensions (number 19). Others are dedicated to invisibility cloaking technologies, propulsion systems from space vacuum, anti-gravity, space communication based on Quantum Entanglement and Non-Locality, programmable matter, negative mass propulsion and other such topics not publicly recognised as being within the realm of realistic possibilities.

今年1月,美国反政府保密美国科学家联盟主任史蒂文·阿弗特古德(Steven Aftergood
泄露的两篇论文,分别题为《可穿越的虫洞》、《星际之门》和《负能量》(列表中的第8) ,以及《曲速引擎》、《暗能量和对超维度的操纵》(列表中第19)还有一些致力于隐形隐形技术,来自太空真空的推进系统,反重力,基于量子纠缠和非定域性的太空通信,可编程材料,负质量推进和其他一些公开认为不属于现实可能性领域的主题。

Cynics who alleged that all this is speculative mumbo-jumbo amounting to a waste of public money did not consider that the disclosure from AATIP seems to be what the CIA calls a "limited hangout": i.e. a superficial glimpse of a much larger secret cloaked in "plausible deniability".

愤世嫉俗者声称所有这一切都是投机性的胡言乱语,等同于浪费公共资金,但他们并不认为 AATIP 的披露似乎是中央情报局所称的"有限的巢穴": 也就是对披着"似是而非的否认"外衣的更大秘密的肤浅一瞥。

Since the alleged closure of AATIP in 2012, a private initiative called TTSA (To the Stars Academy) has been set up with the participation of some of the staffers of AATIP, including its former director Luis Elizondo. TTSA is working with retired military and civilian officials to further disclose the extensive and long-standing secret military R&D pursued between government agencies and private contractors involved in what is commonly called the Deep State. Its executive director Tom DeLonge has produced a new documentary series for the History Channel relying on military insider testimonies and entitled Unidentified.

2012 AATIP 被宣布关闭以来,一个名为 TTSA (星际学院)的私人项目已经成立,AATIP 的一些员工参与其中,包括其前任主管路易斯·埃利桑多。 Ttsa 正在与退休的军官和文职官员合作,进一步披露政府机构与私人承包商之间进行的广泛而长期的秘密军事研发活动。它的执行董事汤姆·迪朗格(Tom DeLonge )为历史频道制作了一个新的系列纪录片,依据军方内部人士的证词,题为《不明身份》。

How much more time and effort will it take for certain agencies in the US government to confess to the many ominous or mind-boggling secrets they have kept from the public, often in violation of constitutional principles and legal norms and procedures?



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