真相: 社会洪水之门开启|星际之门通讯

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April 23, 2022 2022年4月23日

Opening with a little five minute video. Please take the time to watch it to the end. I promise you won't be disappointed.



A reminder that the Alliance is WINNING - bigly. TS is President Trump's social media platform Truth Social. The floodgates of TRUTH are about to open. It's going to be BIBLICAL.

提醒我们,联盟正在取得巨大的胜利。TS 是特朗普总统的社交媒体平台。真相的闸门即将打开。这将会是圣经中的。


真相: 社会洪水之门开启|星际之门通讯

Dr Ryan Cole explains why the jab is responsible for highly-accelerated cancer rates.

莱恩 · 科尔博士解释了为什么注射导致了癌症发病率的高速增长。


There are TV commercials now warning of the dangers of blood clots. This is unprecedented.



The IMF (International Monetary Fund) with some appalling fear-mongering about food shortages. This is how the [D]eep [S]tate creates panic in people. Do NOT buy into it.



Here is another [D]eep [S][tate organization spreading fear about global food shortages. Threats of mass starvation is the option left in the DS playbook. Humanity WILL NOT STARVE.

这是另一个传播深州全球粮食短缺恐惧的组织。大规模饥荒的威胁是 DS 剧本中剩下的选项。人类不会挨饿。


President Trump is holding a rally in Delaware Ohio today. Interesting choice of venue. And note what is happening next month - auction of the White House painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. Hmmm.

特朗普总统今天在俄亥俄州的特拉华州举行集会。有趣的地点选择。请注意下个月发生的事情---- 白宫华盛顿横渡特拉华河的画作拍卖。嗯。


Feels like a marker…
The painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware” is going up for auction next month.
Maybe after 4 years and 6 months Durham is done?

感觉像是一个记号笔... ... 这幅名为华盛顿横渡特拉华河下个月将被拍卖。也许4年零6个月后,达勒姆已经结束了?

真相: 社会洪水之门开启|星际之门通讯

There is plenty happening, Light Warriors. Remember Q: 'April showers, May flowers...'

有很多事情正在发生,光明战士们。记住 q: “四月的雨,五月的花... ...”

We can take heart from the steady progress of the Alliance. They are clearly in FULL control.


Your most important role as a Light Warrior is to stay out of fear. Be sensible - have a few week's worth of supplies on hand - but then forget about it. Constantly worrying about 'food shortages' is a waste of precious energy. We need to conserve our energy for when the 'sleepers' suddenly awaken to the enormity of the lies about their 'reality'.


Finally, Ascension 'symptoms' - I am still getting very tired at times...I am experiencing moments of vertigo where I feel that I might tip over while sitting or standing...and ear ringing is louder and more persistent. 

最后,扬升的“症状”——我有时仍然感到非常疲倦... ... 我感到头晕目眩,当我坐着或站着的时候,我可能会翻倒... ... 耳鸣声更大,更持久。

Also 3D life is increasingly surreal. Yesterday I spent an hour as a volunteer in my local Habitat for Humanity charity shop. It was noisy and busy. I was completely immersed. When I stepped outside into the small car park in a daze, I was staring directly at my car but I didn't recognize it. I had made the transition from 3D to 5D too quickly.

3D生活也越来越超现实。昨天我在当地的仁人家园慈善商店做了一个小时的志愿者。那里又吵又忙。我完全沉浸其中。当我茫然地走进小小的停车场时,我正直直地盯着我的车,但我没有认出它来。我从3D 过渡到5D的速度太快了。

It is prudent to ensure that you have lots of solitary time, regular sojourns into nature, and frequent connections with 5D friends. I keep hearing the words from Upstairs, 'Stay grounded...'

谨慎的做法是确保你有足够的独处时间,经常在大自然中逗留,与5D朋友保持频繁的联系。我一直听到楼上的人说,‘脚踏实地... ...’



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Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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