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今天的主题呼吁关注一个重要的细节,让我们大多数人放心。因为现在通过打开5维门户而产生的能量将会显著地改变身体内部的 DNA,部分是由于强化解毒的结果。

The Old 3D Cycle has ended on Planet Earth.

古老的3D 循环在地球上已经结束

Many shadows will emerge into your consciousness through enlightenment


Welcome your Shadow



Planetary Transition as Humanity Wakes Up


Today’s theme calls attention to an important detail, to reassure most of us. For the energy that is now being generated by the opening of the 5D Portal will significantly alter the DNA of the physical body internally, partly as a result of intensive detoxification.

今天的主题呼吁关注一个重要的细节,让我们大多数人放心。因为现在通过打开5维门户而产生的能量将会显著地改变身体内部的 DNA,部分是由于强化解毒的结果。

 行星地球的正面转变|最后的警钟The Dark Forces, who for five hundred thousand years have had unlimited freedom on planet Earth, are now facing our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, the Light Forces, Digital Soldiers and Patriots, who through great effort are making progress in order to remove these negative forces from planet Earth forever.


It was these negative forces that sabotaged positive initiatives to make it impossible to break through this negative isolation. But this has now been definitively achieved.


The pandemic critics knew it all along, now confirmed by the head of the US health authority, Dr Fauci: The PCR test cannot detect viruses nor their transmission.

美国卫生部门负责人福奇博士证实: PCR 检测不能检测病毒及其传播。

The entire pandemic, including ‘voluntary’ mandatory poison injections, all freedom restricting measures such as wearing face masks, is based solely on results of the PCR test. These results should now be classified as unsuitable, as the basis for Corona regulations, and set aside. Will governments and politicians react accordingly? – Clearly not. What does this mean? – That the “Corona Proclaimers” are a criminal syndicate that deserve the death penalty.

整个流感大流行,包括‘自愿’强制性毒药注射,所有限制自由的措施,如戴口罩,完全是基于 PCR 测试的结果。这些结果现在应该被归类为不适用的,作为电晕法规的基础,并放在一边。政府和政客们会做出相应的反应吗?显然不是。这意味着什么?“ Corona Proclaimers”是一个犯罪集团,应被判处死刑。

The sooner humanity wakes up to the lies and deceit, the better it is for all of us. Do not be modest; let this be a challenge for all to join in and apply our maximum potential.


Our planet has been thoroughly polluted by huge amounts of, chemicals, radiation, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, etc. Maintained by half-truths, fraud, distorted images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and especially brainwashing.


Our physical body is “thoroughly poisoned and polluted” by radiation and air pollution, but also by heavy metals and dangerous toxins through pharmaceutical drugs and food. All this is stored in the human organism, which is why physical detoxification is necessary.


The great revolution has begun! This process is unstoppable! From above and below on earth the energies are coming together. This is, since many centuries, the long-awaited moment. And with it we are entering the new 5D-World!


The Deep State cabal has been defeated, what remains are cabal puppets and their cronies, who will only be removed when the majority of humanity has woken up. The sleepers must convince themselves to believe and see who their real enemy is. That the Covid pandemic is a propaganda lie to wipe out humanity on earth. Until then, the awakened will have to be patient.


For the many who have yet to wake up, remember that God is with you. Every human being has the respect of the Lord in him, therefore you don’t need to have fear, certainly not for something that doesn’t exist!!!


 行星地球的正面转变|最后的警钟Realise that the new world is already a fact, the revolution has begun right before your eyes. Wasn’t that also your choice originally? Start by forgetting everything you have learned in your life and forget it for good. Have a totally new look at life, and discover the real truths. Have love for our new beautiful world with true freedom that brings you closer to the Lord. It is important to know that the worst of the evil is over and will never come back. It is now everyone’s task to pass on this good news message to all the people you know. Help them to increase their awareness and redevelop the faith that was once possessed!


Our returning Exterrestrial author Vital Frosi gives his view on this event below.

返回《外地生活》的作者维塔尔 · 弗洛西在下面给出了他对这一事件的看法。



Beloved ones!


 行星地球的正面转变|最后的警钟Earth is a School Planet, to which souls came to experience duality, that is, to alternate between the polarities of Light and Shadow. As if forgetting experiences from past lives were not enough, the difficulties that the incarnated are facing are increasing, as they also feel disconnected from the Source and do not know who they really are, nor what they came here to do.


According to the Creator’s plan, this School will leave the class of Atonement and Trials. The height of consciousness will go to a higher level and this will be the big difference from now on.


A large part of humanity has already learned the necessary lessons, even if they do not even remember it. You still cannot remember what you learned in previous lives, but there has always been an evolution of consciousness, even in incarnations where the shadow dominates the consciousness of the incarnate.


The total sum of what has been learned in the hundreds or even more than a thousand incarnations that humanity has already lived will determine the frequency of each consciousness in this end of time of 3D vibrations. There will be a mass ascension of souls, as approximately 1/3 of humanity has reached this frequency.


The light will gradually become more intense as the pulses become more intense and more frequent. High vibrations of this Light, will keep the Earth in a higher dimensional frequency, which will definitely stay between 5D and 9D.


The Old 3D-cycle is being extinguished on Planet Earth.


The Light is increasing, and in the same proportion, the ready consciousness is broadening. In this way everything changes for the one who wakes up in this New Age of life. Knowledge will flow from within, for it has always been there. The experiences gained in duality will, in a certain sense, serve as an endorsement of this awakening. But they will also be of great value in a future where the Ascended beings of Earth will be part of groups led by Ascended Masters.


 行星地球的正面转变|最后的警钟As consciousness now expands, each incarnate will integrate his consciousness into higher soul versions. We will gradually move from soul fragments to a higher soul version. This is necessary in order to become part of the Rebirth, or Five Dimensional World.


We already have access to these higher versions of ourselves. Some have already reached the Higher Self, which is the version at the top of the Ascension Pyramid. This version is housed at the Source, and is nothing more than the integral Spirit, that is, the Divine Seed Atom. We are coming home! This is the long-awaited time since we came to this Planet.


So, if we can access our Higher Self, our memories of all past lives here on this Planet, those of penance and tribulation, will be brought back to life. All successive lives will return to our consciousness like a film. As we are willing to remember and understand our own history, it will appear on the screen of every consciousness.


And in this film of each person’s life, we will discover that we experienced polarities in duality. When we have made progress in learning, we have also had setbacks or mistakes. But that is absolutely normal, for there is no other way to learn in the school of the Third Dimension.


Whenever we experience polarity immersion in the Shadow, we build up a version called the inferior self.  Indeed, we can now receive such information when our consciousness is ready to understand it. That nothing is more natural than the positive polarity, as one’s own experience.


The soul is ready for accretion when it has followed and understood all the lessons from both polarities, both the Light and the Shadow offers experience. You would not know the difference between the two if you had not experienced both. That is what now determines who goes to the new 5D Earth and who still has to learn further in the Third Dimensional World.


Anyone reading or hearing this message has already experienced it. Now you are in the last part of the journey. Therefore, it is time to clear your basements, that is, to lighten the dark parts that you experienced when you went through the darker polarities.


Do not be concerned about deeds and actions that would be detested today. Remember that they were necessary to learn the lessons of this school.


Many shadows will arise in your consciousness through illumination.


Before your entire history is remembered in detail, these shadows must be recognised, understood and illuminated. They are a part of you. Therefore, they must not be forgotten.


Be on your guard in these first 5 weeks of 2022. Those who dissolve their shadows now will have some strange symptoms. Which most of them have never felt before. Some old acquaintances may also reappear, such as anger, fear, guilt, shame, resentment, etc.


The new symptoms may also vary from person to person. We have already received many reports in this first week. The most common is the feeling that a dark spirit is haunting. Yes, it does feel like an attack, because attacks have always been there. But you have to understand that the shelves are being emptied and there are not as many as there used to be.


What is happening now is that the inferior self is manifesting to be understood and enlightened. What appears to be an evil spirit is nothing more than a version of your reflection self. a shadow of you! It represents that version of your soul in a particular incarnation, when the experience of duality was in the polarity of the shadow. Yes, you have lived that experience! You lived the lower version to learn the difference between the Light and the Shadow.


Were it not for such experiences, you would not be ready for ascension now. You would be among the 2/3 who still belong to the Third Dimension. So instead of doubting and panicking, go into the loving vibration of welcoming.


Welcome your Shadow!


Look at those lower versions of yourself with love and compassion. They can also represent all those sister souls who are not ready yet. There are all those people represented who are still creating joy from evil, that is, in the shadows.


The people we hold in such high esteem for their evil deeds are in the same situation as we have experienced at some point in the past. Thus, we understand what is permissible and what is not. There is no other way to learn without living the experience. And it is by living that experience, that we create the characters that make up the inferior self.


Don’t deny that version of yourself, because it’s not real anymore. It is just a memory of something that once was. But if you feel something pressing down on you, understand it, accept it and let it go. Do this lovingly! There is no obsessive spirit bothering you. It is a memory of a difficult time, where the experience was important and necessary, but should not be repeated, because it represents the antithesis of the light. It is now your antithesis, for you are the light! And that is why you feel like something heavy, because this is a lower, denser energy.


 行星地球的正面转变|最后的警钟Remember, we have 5 weeks to lighten those shadows. If you resist, they go on longer. This is a unique opportunity, because before you had to open them to illuminate them. Now they come up without you looking for them. The shadows need the light. They are asking for this gesture of charity from you. Release them and your energy will be much lighter. This is all part of the final adjustments that the moment requires.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

我是Vital Frosi,我的使命是启蒙!




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