I am opening this post with a glorious image that will gladden the heart of every Light Warrior. Bring it on...!
我以一个光荣的形象开始这篇文章,这个形象将使每一个光明战士的心灵感到高兴。放马过来... !
Apparently Bill [G]ates has stated that [C]ovid should now be treated like seasonal flu. Official capitulation..?
显然比尔 · 盖茨已经声明应该像对待季节性流感一样对待Covid?
Mexico has opened its borders to tourists with no restrictions whatsoever - holidays like it used to be before 2020. Love it.
Further good news - GE Electric has suspended jab mandates and testing for its employees, citing the Supreme Court decision. This is awesome news. When a big company like GE Electric pulls out of the Scamdemic, other big businesses will be forced to consider their own stance.
The 'EU Science Committee' admits that on-going booster shots HARM the immune system and should not be administered. BOOM.
Hospital whistle-blower with irrefutable TRUTH about the jab. Short video, recommended, pass it on.
If you had any doubt that Jim Carrey is [D]eep [S]tate, this short video will convince you. EVIL.
A ten foot high steel reinforced concrete wall has been built around the White House, effectively walling it in. Also the White House live camera feed, which always runs 24/7, has been cut. Wake up, people! Something YUUUUUGE is happening in Washington DC.
Anons are buzzing over strong rumors that Q will resuming posting - and that we might soon see the magic message from President Trump: 'Fellow Americans, the storm is upon us...'. Followers of Q have been waiting for that message for a long time.
无名氏们纷纷传出 q 将恢复发帖的强烈谣言——我们可能很快就会看到特朗普总统发出的神奇信息: “美国同胞们,风暴即将来临... ...”。Q 的追随者已经等待这个消息很长时间了。
President Trump is holding a rally in Arizona on 15th January. It's a great venue - a canyon ranch in the desert. I watch his rallies on Newsmax because the feed is usually clear and rarely breaks down.
1月15日,特朗普总统在亚利桑那州举行集会。这是个很棒的地方——沙漠中的峡谷牧场。我在 Newsmax 上观看他的集会,因为他的信息通常很清晰,很少出故障。
Speaking of Q and President Trump's rally, Cowboyw2b has come up with a great Q connection to the rally.
说到 q 和特朗普总统的集会,Cowboyw2b 提出了一个与集会有很大关联的 q。
Trump rally on 1.15 = High noon on the Qclock.特朗普1:15集会 = 正午时分。


Finally, the Q words 'Scare Event' keep playing in my mind. I am sure that we are very close to an event - whatever it is - that will bring the entire population on this planet to its knees in shock. What could be frightening enough to achieve that result..? Well, Tarot by Janine has a theory, and although it may seem pretty wild, there are other Light Warriors talking about the same thing. Could it be that the jabbed are activated somehow...? Janine's video:

最后,“惊吓事件”这几个字一直在我脑海中回响。我确信,我们非常接近一个事件——不管它是什么——它将使这个星球上的全体人民震惊地屈服。有什么可怕的事情足以达到这样的结果。.?好吧,珍妮的塔罗牌有一个理论,虽然它可能看起来很疯狂,但是也有其他的轻武士在谈论同样的事情。有没有可能是注射被激活了... ?珍妮的视频:

Today I have been reflecting on the staggering amount of change that has transpired in my life within the last 12 months. I have many new friends, most of whom I didn't even know a year ago - in some cases, a few weeks ago. I have replaced old appliances in my home that I have had for decades. There are daily routines that I did for many years that I don't do any more, and there are some new ones that I instigated only months ago. 
The reason why the sleepers mask up and blindly follow the [D]eep [S]tate narrative is because they fear change. They crave comfort and security. Comfort and security for them is a shopping mall full of muzzled faces - hundreds of people just like them, so they must be okay.
Meanwhile, out on the edge of the precipice, you'll find Light Warriors charging forward, swords raised. Comfort and security - what's that...???
与此同时,在悬崖的边缘,你会发现光武士举着剑向前冲锋。舒适和安全那是什么... ? ?
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Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light

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