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Q帖解密|纳德勒想让巴尔违反法律的秘密原因Continuing this article,we are solving the May 9 2019 riddle.


As usual,we will first gather all the pieces of the puzzle and assemble them at the end to extract the final decoded message.


POTUS welcomes the Boston Red Sox.


At 3:45 PM,the President hosted the Boston Red Sox for their victory at the World Champion Series.A few hours prior to the event,the White House website'misspelled'Red Sox,wrote it'Red Socks'and later corrected it.Some things never change.They still don't get it.Look at how the Fake News,yet again,enjoyed their ignorance:Img1.You know what's going on right?Kudos to those who connected this to the mysterious red stocking in the Q2595 Gingerbread Riddle we solved last December!Inthis article,and this image we found the letter for the red stocking was S=19.

下午3:45,总统接待了波士顿红袜队,庆祝他们在世界冠军系列赛中的胜利。在活动开始前几个小时,白宫网站"拼错""红袜子",写成了"红袜子",后来又改正了。有些事情永远不会改变。他们还是不明白。看看假新闻,再一次享受他们的无知:Img1。你知道发生了什么,对吧?在去年12月我们解决了 Q2595姜饼之谜,那些把这个和神秘的红袜子联系在一起的人真是太棒了!在这篇文章中,我们发现红袜子的字母是S=19

Not convinced this is what Trump was talking about with this White House'typo'?Then let's listen to his response earlier at the event on Medical Surprise Billing when he's asked about the divisiveness shenanigans the Red Sox Manager agitated on Puerto Rico to justify his absence:video.Did you solve?Peruvian Coffee on me for those who got this one!


Img2 The Maestro said the number 91 6 times,30:2 times,12:2 times and the number 9.Now let's single out the 91 and add up all the other numbers.What are the odds they add up to 6+30+2+12+2+9=61,which when juxtaposed with the 91 gives you the 9161 we found in the Red Stocking Gingerbread riddle?!Of course you remember this 9161 came from turning the year of the Keating-Owen Labor Act(1916)upside down.

Img2大师说了91 6次,30 2次,12 2次和数字9。现在让我们挑出91,把所有其他的数字加起来。他们加起来的概率是6+30+2+12+2+9=61,当与91并列时,你会发现我们在红袜子姜饼谜语中发现的9161!当然,你还记得这个9161事件来自于《基廷-欧文劳动法案》(1916)颠倒过来。

Now let's pause for a second.Do you realize the Maestro did this on the fly?Now you know he was not kidding when he said this:video.


Knowing we are walking in the direction the Maestro indicated,the next phase is to find the hidden information.


Img3 Why did he insist on the 91 Billion dollars for Puerto Rico?If you notice the value for THE HAMMER is 91,you can pull Q2598 which is part of the Gingerbread riddle,mentions HAMMER and shows a picture of Santa Claus holding a HAMMER and signed QA.Now expand your thinking.This QA can be seen as Q Anon but you can also see it as Question and Answer.By doing so,you find the path to Comey's famous Questions and Answers that he tweeted about and you can pull Q3227 where Q quotes him but also brings in Rosenstein.With Rosenstein joining the riddle,you know why Trump's Red Sox jersey was not 45 but a random 18=R with the 2018 Red Sox victory plausible deniability.He solidifies this link even further with his 7:50 PM tweet about the Red Sox.It's a video starting with the team's jersey showing the word RED and its duration is 1:00.If you notice 1:00 brings the number 100 which is the value for RED STONE and that ROSENSTEIN is a Jewish Ashkenazi name compound from German Rosen-'rose'+Stein'stone',you have a clear and solid path from the tweet video to Rosenstein.Pretty cool right?

Img3为什么他坚持要给波多黎各910亿美元?如果你注意到了 THE HAMMER 的值是91,你可以拉出 Q2598,它是 Gingerbread 谜语的一部分,提到了 HAMMER,并显示了一张圣诞老人拿着榔头的图片和签名的 QA。现在扩展你的思维。这个 QA 可以看作是 Q Anon,但是你也可以看作是 Question and Answer。通过这样做,你找到了通往科米在推特上发布的著名问答的途径,你可以找到 Q3227,其中 Q 引用了他的话,但也带来了罗森斯坦。随着 Rosenstein 加入这个谜团,你知道为什么 Trump 的红袜队球衣不是45号,而是2018年红袜队胜利似是而非的否认的随机18r 号。他在晚上7:50发了一条关于红袜队的推特,进一步巩固了这种联系。这是一个视频,从球队的球衣开始,显示单词 RED,持续时间是1:00。如果你注意到1:00带来了数字100,这是红石的值,而 ROSENSTEIN 是一个犹太东欧犹太人的名字化合物,由德国罗森-"玫瑰"+斯坦"石头"组成,你就有了一个清晰而坚实的路径从推特视频到罗森斯坦。很酷吧?

Now in this context,what is THE HAMMER?

在这种情况下,什么是 THE HAMMER

Answer:according to whistleblower Dennis Montgomery,THE HAMMER is a secret supercomputer system set up by Obama's DNI Clapper and CIA Director Brennan that they used to conduct illegal and unconstitutional government data harvesting and wiretapping.Let's listen to General Tom McInerney as he is interviewed by Dave Janda until 6:53.

回答:据告密者丹尼斯·蒙哥马利说,HAMMER 是奥巴马的国家情报局局长克拉珀和中情局局长布伦南建立的一个秘密超级计算机系统,他们用来进行非法和违宪的政府数据收集和窃听。让我们听听汤姆·麦金纳尼将军接受戴夫·詹达的采访,一直到6:53

As you can see,Clapper and Brennan have been busy and we have a better understanding of the means they used to spy on Trump and on millions of Americans.Here is an article where you will learn how Comey officially'launched'the Trump Russia investigation the very next day THE HAMMER was exposed in that interview.If you go through the Montgomery audio tapes released by Federal Judge G.Murray Snow,you will learn how the Obama's administration could plant files such as child pornography or state secrets on a target's computer,to set him up for blackmail or framed prosecution.

如你所见,克拉珀和布伦南一直很忙,我们对他们用来监视特朗普和数百万美国人的手段有了更好的了解。在这篇文章中,你将了解到科米是如何在第二天就正式启动了对特朗普俄罗斯的调查。THE HAMMER 在那次采访中被曝光。如果你仔细看看联邦法官默里·斯诺公布的蒙哥马利的录音带,你就会知道奥巴马政府是如何在目标的电脑上植入儿童色情或国家机密等文件,从而陷害他进行勒索或陷害起诉的。

Just in case you are interested in a low IQ explanation of THE HAMMER from someone who is in the know but who does not know when not to talk,here it is:video.

如果你有兴趣听一个了解情况但不知道什么时候不说话的人解释一下 THE HAMMER,这里有一段视频。

And there you have it.


According to Montgomery,THE HAMMER was used to spy on Trump,millions of innocent Americans,Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts(that would explain his mysterious flip flop on Obamacare),the head of the FISA Court(well,well,well…),murdered Supreme Court Justice Scalia(hello Brennan)and business leaders.

据蒙哥马利说,THE HAMMER 被用来监视特朗普、数百万无辜的美国人、最高法院首席大法官罗伯茨(这就解释了他在奥巴马医改法案上的神秘转变)FISA 法院院长(好吧,好吧......)、谋杀了最高法院大法官斯卡利亚(你好,布伦南)和商业领袖。

From Q1337 and Q1103,we already know China or whoever pays is spying on every American on social media through a Central Algorithm.And for example,FB spies on you even if you don't have an account!Yes:if their'services'are'free',you are the product and if you are the product,Big Tech makes sure they can access their product whatever you choose to do.That's how Big Tech gets its cut from illegal surveillance.How about politicians?Obama,HRC,Clapper and Brennan figured that in addition to the FVEY loopholes they were already having fun with,they had to set up their own illegal surveillance capabilities with THE HAMMER and rule America through blackmail and framed prosecution for the next 91 thousand years…

Q1337 Q1103,我们已经知道中国或者其他付钱的人正在通过中央算法监视每一个美国人的社交媒体。例如,即使你没有账户,facebook 也会监视你!是的:如果他们的'服务''免费的',你就是产品,如果你是产品,大科技确保他们可以访问他们的产品,无论你选择做什么。这就是大科技公司如何从非法监控中分得一杯羹。那么政客们呢?奥巴马、HRC、克拉珀和布伦南认为,除了 FVEY 的漏洞之外,他们还必须利用 THE HAMMER 建立自己的非法监视能力,并通过敲诈和陷害起诉来统治美国,持续91000.....

And of course who controls these 2 groups?Yes:The family Y Cabal.They are the politician and Big Tech puppet masters,creators of fake politicians and fake billionaires,hiding in the shadows and enslaving us from the top of the food chain with their bogus money,their Fake News and global special interests.

当然,谁控制着这两个群体?是的:y 阴谋集团家族。他们是政客和高科技傀儡大师,虚假政客和虚假亿万富翁的创造者,躲在阴影中,用他们的虚假货币、虚假新闻和全球特殊利益奴役我们,使我们处于食物链的顶端。

My friends,we dodged a HUGE bullet.If the Witch had entered the White House after Hussein,it would have been the end.


Q855 The depths of their TREASON is unimaginable.Pure EVIL.HELL on earth-HRC victory.Q


Now is a good time to re-watch this:Q602




Let's continue to identify the other clues the Maestro gave us during this Red Sox event.Watch until the end.Who solved the"smell in the air"?You caught the value for SMELL is 61,which is the value for QANON right?The Maestro was essentially saying:"QANON is in the air,you'd better pay attention,we are entering the coded comms area".Did you catch the message?He referred to the Lincoln Bedroom 3 times and ended the event with 1 last mention.Big load of Peruvian Coffee for those who saw he was talking about the Clown black ops sleeper cells!Explanation:3 stands for C and 1 for A:C_A,the Clowns.Then,I told you in this post and this image that Comey used Abraham Lincoln as code to activate his sleeper cells through his tweets.Comey is confirmed in the riddle and his C_A sleeper cells are pulled in.

让我们继续寻找大师在红袜队比赛中给我们的其他线索。一直看到最后。谁解决了"空气中的气味"?你得到的嗅觉值即:SMELL=61,这是 QANON 的值,对不对?大师实际上是在说:"QANON 在空中,你最好注意,我们正在进入密码通信区"。你听到留言了吗?他三次提到林肯卧室,最后一次提到林肯卧室。给那些看到他在谈论小丑黑色行动潜伏组织的人一大杯秘鲁咖啡!说明:3代表C1代表 A:C_A,小丑。然后,我在这篇文章和这张图片中告诉你,科米用亚伯拉罕·林肯作为代码,通过他的推特激活他的睡眠细胞。科米在这个谜中得到了证实,他的C_A潜伏组织也被拉了进来。

Final message from this Red Sox event:it started at 3:45PM.We gather all the Q drops with the+-1200 rule.We get this image:Img4 and discover that the 2 traitors within Trump's cabinet who were ready to support Rosenstein's 25th Amendment effort belong with A.Cooper to the same sick cult/club.Makes sense right?Solidarity or blackmail…


The Event on Surprise Medical Billing.


Let's listen to the most explosive response Trump gave to the Press at that event:until 23:00.Wow.Let's start with what he said about Mueller being'in love'with Comey and that if we look at the'picture file',we would see hundreds of pictures of him and Comey.Do you think this is figurative?Think again.This event was scheduled at 11:45 AM.We pull Q1145 and Q2345 and Bingo!Look what you get:Img5

让我们来听听特朗普在那次活动中对媒体做出的最具爆炸性的回应:直到23点。哇。让我们从他所说的穆勒爱上了科米开始,如果我们看一下图片文件,我们会看到成百上千张他和科米的照片。你认为这是比喻吗?再想想吧。这一事件被安排在上午11:45。我们拉 Q1145 Q2345和宾果!看看你得到了什么:Img5

Rosenstein-Omarosa and now Mueller-Comey!Pop Corn please.The Fisagate Soap Opera has begun.Now you know why the Maestro wished a happy Mother's Day at 12:11 PM,exactly 144 minutes after the Rosenstein/Omarosa affair was revealed:Img6


Here are the other decoded pieces:

Secret SocietiesThe Angry Democrat CodeSurprise Legal BillingThe Muller Situation


Then,the Maestro tells us about Nadler:until 39:30.With Mueller out,the Cabal activated Nadler to continue the witch hunt.You'll find online info about Trump and Nadler's NY real estate feud in the 90's.Nothing major could happen in NY real estate without Nadler's involvement since he entered the NY Assembly in 1974.Did you go through the link I gave you about his wife?Don't you find it fascinating she earned her MBA from NY Stern in 1989,one year after a landmark$30 million gift from alumnus Leonard N.Stern allowed the School to expand?Here are other strange things about Nadler:Img11

然后,大师告诉我们纳德勒的故事:直到39:30。穆勒退出后,阴谋集团激活了纳德勒继续进行政治迫害。你可以在网上找到关于90年代特朗普和纳德勒在纽约房地产纠纷的信息。自从纳德勒1974年进入纽约议会以来,如果没有他的参与,纽约的房地产市场就不会发生任何重大事件。你看了我给你的关于他妻子的链接了吗?1989年,她从纽约大学斯特恩商学院获得 MBA 学位,一年前,校友伦纳德·斯特恩给了她3000万美元的具有里程碑意义的礼物,让学校得以扩建,你不觉得这很有趣吗?纳德勒还有其他一些奇怪的地方:Img11



Here are all the pieces:Img12


And here is the solution:Img13-Img14



原文1:With the help of puppets like Hussein, HRC, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and others, the Family Y Rothschild Cabal was about to change America as we know it and bury our freedom for the centuries to come.
In their insatiable thirst for power, Democrats have conspired with rogue elements of our intelligence community and law enforcement to set up a sophisticated system aiming at conducting illegal surveillance on all Americans.
This system called THE HAMMER was supervised by Brennan and Clapper and whistleblowers have provided the information that it has been used against Candidate Trump, Justice Scalia, Justice Roberts, the Head of FISA and many high profile businessmen.
THE HAMMER can target anyone and plant false information into anyone's device for blackmail and framing purposes.
Fortunately, this did not prevent me from winning the 2016 presidential elections but the bad actors who were involved in these treasonous activities conspiredagain, this time to cover their crimes and overthrow a duly elected President.
When THE HAMMER failed to frame me with technology, the trio Mueller-
Rosenstein-Comey combined their expertise in an attempt to frame me legally.
The heavily conflicted and compromised Mueller with whom I have a business dispute tried to get the FBI Director job to be in a position to cover his crimes and those of his two friends. When he was informed he would not get it, he was appointed Special Counsel by Rosenstein the very next day to start his witch hunt.


在侯赛因(Hussein)、HRC、布伦南(Brennan)、克拉珀(Clapper)、科米(Comey)、穆勒(Mueller)、罗森斯坦(Rosenstein)等傀儡的帮助下,罗斯柴尔德家族(Family Y Rothschild)的阴谋集团即将改变我们所知的美国,埋葬我们未来几个世纪的自由。








原文2:Mueller realized there was not collusion as early as Nov 2017: Q3316 At what point did MUELLER determine there was no collusion?
[18-months ago?]
but he kept the investigation going with Rosenstein's complicity to achieve political goals: Q3316 Was the investigation kept ongoing as a talking point to rig the midterm elections?
then to protect the instigators: Q3316 Was the investigation kept ongoing to retain the ' BLOCKADE' to essentially restrict POTUS from unmasking and informing the public as to the TRUTH about what really happened?
and the traitors: Q3316 Was the investigation kept ongoing to PROTECT THOSE WHO
The Mueller-Rosenstein-Comey Infernal Trio even tried to bait me into firing Rosenstein to help Mueller build an obstruction case.
I didn't and I didn't DECLAS.










原文3:Instead,I maneuvered patiently and gave the illusion to Rosenstein that he was still in control. After the 25h Amendment article,I invited him to have a conversation with me on Air Force 1, knowing very well everything we would discuss would be reported to his Masters: Q2525 Did [ RR] feel safe post AF1 30-min meeting w/POTUS?
Did [ RR] communicate meeting back to handlers?
Despite his resistance,I progressively took Rosenstein's power back without allowing him or his democrat supporters to react. First with Whitaker: Q2496 Panic in DC. Did Whitaker remove [ SC]' special articles' inserted by [ RR]
re: expanded scope v2? Was the scope narrowed to the original mandate assigned? Item used when walking a dog?Q Then, with Bar: Q2717 Effective today, MUELLER reports to BARR.
Rosenstein tried but he was defeated.
It took just one conversation for Barr to end the Mueller nonsense. Barr identified all the legal discrepancies and asked the right questions about the budget that Rosenstein never shared with Congress despite their repeated requests. Why?
Because the Special Counsel was a cash cow aiming at giving money to those who know they will soon need to fund their legal protection. This explains the Mueller's surprise billing.
Well, make no mistake about it, now that the report is out,I am in offense mode:


相反,我耐心地操纵着,给罗森斯坦一种错觉,以为他仍在控制局面。在25小时修正案之后,我邀请他和我就空军一号进行对话,因为我非常清楚我们将要讨论的每件事都会被报告给他的主人:Q2525 [RR]在与美国总统进行30分钟的AF1会议后是否感到安全?



re:扩展范围v2?是否将范围缩小到最初指定的任务范围?遛狗时使用的物品?那么,随着Bar: Q2717今天生效,穆勒向巴尔报告。





原文4:Q3331 May,2019-' kick-off' start'' offense'
The Special Counsel's finances will be audited.
The stage is now set for Comey to face Justice and since: Q3177 OPTICS ARE VERY IMPORTANT.
Rosenstein who is now fully controlled, will be used to sing the song needed to harmonically accompany Comey's demise. The Plan determined he had the best voice for this part of my musical piece: Q3004[ RR] Senate vote?94-6
Concerning Mueller, you caught my business dispute with him is not on the radar because it was sealed. It's one of the many sealed cases Mueller and Comey are involved in and this is why their lawyer filed a complaint to stop the unsealing of the Epstein case: Q3132 [ Nick Lewin]>Mueller connection?>Comey connection? NAT SEC.Q Now if you have a Special Counsel report to write, have more than 40 million dollar to play with for the best legal advice and know you are in legal jeopardy with sealed indictments, what would you do?
Mueller inserted in his report elements the disclosure of which would cause the infection of the cases in progress targeting him and this would enable him to invoke the procedural defects that could save him. Now you know why Nadler wants an unredacted version of the Mueller report.






关于穆勒,你发现了我和他之间的商业纠纷,但这事没有引起注意,因为它已经被查封了。这是穆勒和科米卷入的众多秘密案件之一,这也是为什么他们的律师提起诉讼,要求停止揭露爱普斯坦的案件:Q3132 [Nick Lewin]>穆勒的联系?>喜剧联系吗?现在,如果你有一份特别检察官的报告要写,你有4000多万美元可以用来寻求最好的法律建议,而且你知道你面临着密封起诉书的法律风险,你会怎么做?


Q2512 Mueller will face charges re:U1 He's working to save himself.Q

Q2512穆勒将面临 U1的指控:他正在努力拯救自己。Q

Q1223 They think they are clever.Q



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