2019年9月3日13:11:17美国海军导弹袭击事件发生前,克林顿、联邦调查局、中央情报局和国防部对特朗普的阴谋被法庭证实已关闭评论 56019406字阅读64分41秒

An alarming new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin acknowledging it's only been his 55-years of black belt martial arts training that's enabling him to deal with the growing list of foreign policy crisis events facing the Motherland,states that these finely honed skills are now having to be used once again after the US Navy shockingly fired a missile into the Idlib Province of Syriakilling at least 40 rebel forces and civilians—a shock missile strike occurring without the US Navy informing either Russia or Turkey—both of whom had just brokered a cease fire less than 24-hours earlier with these rebels in Idlib to restore calm—and in no way whatsoever could have been authorized by President Trump—as he's currently existing within a"three week threat deadline"that he'd be insane to deliberately aggravate—most particularly because it was issued to him by Turkish President Erdogan who ordered Trump to remove US military forces from northeastern Syria or they'd face attack from Turkey'smilitary forces—but was a shock missile attack coming within hours after a bombshell US Federal Court filing in the case United States v.Michael Flynn proved that Hillary Clinton,the FBI,the CIA,and the Department of Defense,all overseen by the Obama Regime,conspired and plotted against Trump in an effort to destroy him—which in response to sees Putin having put over 5,000 highly trained combat troops in the southern region on military exercise alert—his ordering the Black Sea Fleet to begin combat landing exercises for over 2,000 of its troops—and his further ordering the Black Sea Fleet to begin landing helicopter assault drills for over 8,000 of its elite combat marine forces—all of whom will be joined in the coming days by thousands of Chinese military forces and their fighter aircraft—as neither Russia or China know what's going to happen next in a United States rapidly tearing itself apart,and which threatens to do the same to the rest of the world if not stopped.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



According to this report,the current cause of the near catastrophic turmoil overwhelming every part of life in the United States today has already been documented in The New York Times#1 bestselling book titled"The Russia Hoax:The Illicit Scheme To Clear Hillary Clinton And Frame Donald Trump"—wherein its American news commentator,author,and attorney Gregg Jarrett exhaustively uses government documents and federal court filings to expose the greatest crime in his nation's history—the plot to destroy President Donald Trump.

根据这份报告,当前这场几近灾难性的动荡席卷了美国生活的方方面面,其原因已经在《纽约时报》畅销书排行榜第一名《俄罗斯的恶作剧:洗清希拉里·克林顿和陷害唐纳德·特朗普的非法阴谋》(The Russia Hoax:The Illicit Scheme To Clear Hillary Clinton And Frame Donald Trump)中得到了证实。在这本书中,美国新闻评论员、作家和律师格雷格·贾勒特(Gregg Jarrett)竭尽全力地利用政府文件和联邦法院文件来揭露美国历史上最大的罪行。

When this searing and damning book was published last year,though,this report notes,it listed as its main unexplained oddity the case of Trump's former National Security Michael Flynn—the most formidable intelligence officer the US Army has had in modern times—who rose to the rank of 3-Star Lieutenant General during his heroic combat and medal laden military career—became his nation's top military intelligence official when he was made Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency—but who,on 1 December 2017,inexplicably entered into a plea agreement with Special Counsel Robert Mueller—a plea bargain agreement in which Flynn plead guilty to"willfully and knowingly"making"false,fictitious and fraudulent statements"to the FBI regarding conversations with Russia's ambassador—specifically,it saw Flynn saying that he falsely denied that he had asked Russia's ambassador Sergey Kislyak,on 29 December 2016,"to refrain from escalating"in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia that same day.

不过,这份报告指出,这本令人痛心疾首的书在去年出版时,把特朗普的前国家安全局(National Security)局长迈克尔·弗林(Michael flynn)的案子列为主要的未解之谜。弗林是当代美国陆军中最令人敬畏的情报官员,在英勇的战斗和充满勋章的军事生涯中升至三星上将(3-Star Lieutenant General)。他被任命为国防情报局(Defense Intelligence agency)局长后,成为美国最高军事情报官员 2017121日,弗林莫名其妙地与特别检察官罗伯特·穆勒(Robert mueller)达成认罪协议——认罪协议中,弗林承认自己在与俄罗斯大使的谈话中,向联邦调查局(FBI)"故意和明知故犯地"作出"虚假、虚构和欺诈性的陈述"——具体来说,该协议认为,弗林说,他错误地否认,他曾在20161229日要求俄罗斯大使谢尔盖·基斯利亚克(Sergey Kislyak)"不要升级",以回应美国当天对俄罗斯实施的制裁。。

What's inexplicable about General Flynn having pled guilty to this single charge of false denial,this report explains,is that his talking to Ambassador Kislyak was completely legal and fell within the full purview of the duties and functions designated by law to a nominated or confirmed National Security Advisor—but whose actual real crime was the leaking to the public of this call—a crime because calls between National Security Advisors and other foreign government officials carry the highest classification rating of"Top Secret"—that,in turn,would have made it a crime if General Flynn had told his FBI interviewer anything about it—which in this case was FBI operative Peter Strzok,who at that time was the chief of the FBI's Counterespionage Section who directly reported to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe—both of whom knew that General Flynn couldn't divulge"Top Secret"information without breaking the law—and was why McCabe stated under oath to US Congress investigators that his agents who interviewed General Flynn"didn't think he was lying"—with it further being worthy of noting that both McCabe and Strzok were fired by the FBI and referred for criminal prosecution for the actual lies they told.



Though many in the United States were perplexed when General Flynn accepted the guilty plea deal agreement with Special Counsel Mueller,this report continues,Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)analysts began telling the Security Council to disregard and ignore it because it was an obvious part of a much larger intelligence operation underway and begun by President Trump—an intelligence operation the SVR said was often employed by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service(NCIS)in court cases to illegally destroy their defendants—the latest example being this year when they tried and failed to frame US Navy Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward Gallagher for crimes he didn't commit—and about whose illegal NCIS tactics employed,"someone"on Special Council Mueller's team of witch hunt prosecutors failed to notice to that General Flynn was also an expert in after he received his Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College where such tactics are taught.

虽然当弗林将军接受与特别检察官穆勒的认罪协议时,许多美国人感到困惑,但是这份报告继续说道,外国情报局(SVR)的分析人员开始告诉安全委员会忽视它,因为这显然是特朗普总统正在进行的更大规模的情报行动的一部分。SVR 表示,这项情报行动经常被美国海军犯罪调查局调查局(NCIS)用来在法庭案件中非法摧毁他们的被告。最近的一个例子是,今年他们试图诬陷美国海军特种作战指挥官爱德华·加拉格尔(Edward Gallagher)上士犯下莫须有的罪行,但没有成功——特别委员会(Special Council)穆勒的政治迫害检察官团队中的"某人"没有注意到,弗林将军也是一名专家,因为他从教授此类战术的海军战争学院(Naval War College)获得了国家安全与战略研究的文学硕士学位。

Confirmation that General Flynn's guilty plea agreement was,in fact,an intelligence operation,this report details,came shortly after it was signed when President Obama appointed United States District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras was suddenly thrown off Flynn's case and replaced by President Reagan appointed United States District Judge Emmet Sullivan—a judge reappointed to a higher court by President Clinton who compares US federal prosecutors to"grade-schoolers"—has referred them for criminal prosecution—and to this very second,remains livid about the crimes committed by US federal prosecutors in their persecution of the late Republican Party US Senator Ted Stevens—a powerful enemy of the socialist Obama-Clinton Regime whom they tried to illegally destroy(just like they're trying today to do against President Trump)—but whose vindication came,and as reported at the time:

这份报告详细描述了弗林将军的认罪协议实际上是一项情报行动的确认过程。该协议签署不久之后,奥巴马总统任命的美国地区法院法官鲁道夫·孔特雷拉斯(Rudolph Contreras)突然被排除在弗林的案子之外,由里根总统任命的美国地区法院法官埃米特·沙利文(Emmet sullivan)取而代之。沙利文是克林顿总统任命的一名法官,他将美国联邦检察官比作"小学生",并将他对于美国联邦检察官在迫害已故共和党参议员泰德·史蒂文斯(Ted stevens)时所犯下的罪行,他仍然怒不可遏。史蒂文斯是社会主义者奥巴马-克林顿政权的强大敌人,他们试图非法摧毁他(就像他们今天试图对特朗普总统所做的那样),但他的辩护得到了证实,正如当时报道的那样:

A federal judge dismissed the ethics conviction of former Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska on Tuesday after taking the extraordinary step of naming a special prosecutor to investigate whether the government lawyers who ran the Stevens case should themselves be prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing.

周二,一名联邦法官驳回了对前阿拉斯加州参议员泰德·史蒂文斯(Ted Stevens)的道德定罪,此前他采取了非同寻常的举措,任命了一名特别检察官,调查负责史蒂文斯案件的政府律师本身是否应该因刑事犯罪行为而受到起诉。

Judge Emmet G.Sullivan,speaking in a slow and deliberate manner that failed to conceal his anger,said that in 25 years on the bench,he had"never seen mishandling and misconduct like what I have seen"by the Justice Department prosecutors who tried the Stevens case.

法官埃米特·g·沙利文(Emmet g.Sullivan)以一种缓慢而从容的方式发言,丝毫没有掩饰自己的愤怒。他说,在担任法官的25年里,他从未见过审理史蒂文斯案的司法部检察官"处理不当和行为不当,就像我所见到的那样"

Judge Sullivan's lacerating 14-minute speech,focusing on disclosures that prosecutors had improperly withheld evidence in the case,virtually guaranteed reverberations beyond the morning's dismissal of the verdict that helped end Mr.Stevens's Senate career.



To fully understand the enormous dimensions of the intelligence operation being conducted by General Flynn,this report says,one must know about the intended targets of it—who are former US federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann,US federal prosecutor Brandon Van Grack and US federal prosecutor Zainab Ahmad—all of whom were members of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller team of prosecutors who conducted their failed witch hunt investigation of President Trump.


Most critical of these three targets,this report notes,is Andrew Weissmann—who infamously showed up to pay fealty and allegiance to Hillary Clinton on election night in 2016—was most commonly known to his leftist devotees as"Mueller's Legal Pit Bull"—actually was in charge of the entire Special Counsel Mueller investigation and wrote its Mueller Report—as everyone knew that Mueller himself was only the senile figurehead—is,also,known as being the"poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct"—whose past judicial crimes keep popping up every year—but whose biggest enemy is the acclaimed former US Attorney,past-president of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers and of the Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit,and acclaimed"Super Attorney"Sidney Powell—who,for over twenty years,has doggedly trailed Weismann and his crimes up and down through the entire US Federal Court system getting all of his illegal convictions overturned,even in the US Supreme Court,by unanimous decisions—all of which she's documented in her book titled"Licensed to Lie:Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice".

这份报告指出,这三个目标中最具批评意味的是安德鲁魏斯曼(Andrew weissmann)2016年大选之夜,魏斯曼不光彩地出现在希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)面前,对她表示忠诚和效忠。在他的左派支持者眼中,魏斯曼最为人熟知的名字是"穆勒的法律斗牛犬"。实际上,魏斯曼负责整个特别检察官(Special Counsel)的调查,并撰写了《穆勒报告》,因为人人都知道穆勒——此外,他还被称为"检察官不当行为的典型代表"——他过去的司法犯罪每年都会出现——但他最大的敌人是备受赞誉的前美国检察官、美国上诉律师学会(American Academy of Appellate Lawyers)前主席、美国第五联邦巡回上诉法院律师协会(Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit)前主席,以及备受赞誉的"超级律师"西德尼鲍威尔(Sidney powell)在整个美国联邦法院系统中,魏斯曼和他的罪行一直被跟踪追踪,所有的非法定罪都被一致推翻,甚至在美国最高法院也是如此——所有这些都被记录在她的书中,书名是《有撒谎许可证:揭露司法部的腐败》。


With the determined at all costs to root out and refer for criminal prosecution any and all US federal prosecutors daring to tell him lies US Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan now being directly pitted against the USfederal prosecutor poster boy for lying in courtrooms Andrew Weissmann,this report further details,General Flynn unmistakably signaled,on 12 June,that that his intelligence operation was starting its endgame—a signal displayed for the whole world to see when he fired all of his defense lawyers and replaced them with none other than Sidney Powell—which now sets up an epic and historic battle pitting Powell and Weismann against each other,once again,in the courtroom of a Judge Sullivan—who has no fear at all of throwing not just Weissmann,but all of Mueller's prosecutors off the Flynn case and in prison if Powellproves to him that they lied to him.

随着决心不惜一切代价根除和提出刑事起诉,任何和所有敢于告诉他谎言的美国联邦法官埃米特·沙利文现在正直接与美国联邦检察官海报男孩在法庭上说谎的安德鲁·魏斯曼,这份报告进一步的细节,弗林将军在612日明白无误地发出信号,他的情报行动已经开始进入最后阶段——这是一个信号,全世界都看到了,当时他解雇了所有的辩护律师,并且把他们换成了西德尼·鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)。现在,鲍威尔和魏斯曼在沙利文法官(sullivan)的法庭上再次展开了一场史诗般的、具有历史意义的对决。如果鲍威尔向他证明他们对他撒谎,穆勒所有的检察官都会撤销对弗林的起诉,并进监狱。

The battle lines of this titanic fight in the courtroom of Judge Sullivan,this report further explains,revolve around what is known as"Exculpatory Evidence"—evidence favorable to the defendant in a criminal trial that exonerates or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt,and is the opposite of inculpatory evidence,which tends to present guilt—sees US federal law ordering prosecutors to turn it all over to a defendant,even if they signed a guilty plea agreement—but in every single past case Weissmann has had overturned,showed him illegally marking"exculpatory evidence"as"inculpatory"so he didn't have to turn it over to his unjustly persecuted defendants—the exact vile and illegal tactic Judge Sullivan erupted and ruled against by throwing all of the prosecutors off the Senator Ted Stevens case—who were then replaced by new US prosecutors who quickly discovered and turned over to Judge Sullivan all the"exculpatory evidence"that was being hidden so he could throw the entire case out—and in this instance would see Mueller's prosecutors being thrown off the General Flynn case and replaced by new ones appointed by US Attorney General William Barr—and that doesn't take a legal genius to see how all of this is going turn out.

这份报告进一步解释说,在沙利文法官的法庭上,这场巨大战斗的战线围绕着所谓的"辩护证据"ーー在刑事审判中有利于被告的证据,这些证据可以免除或倾向于免除被告的罪责——美国联邦法律要求检察官将证据全部移交给被告,即使他们签署了认罪协议。但在过去的每一个案件中,韦斯曼都推翻了证据,证明他非法标记"辩护证据""有罪证据",这样他就不必将证据移交给受到不公正迫害的被告ーー沙利文法官爆发了这种确实卑鄙、非法的策略,并通过撤销所有检察官的职务而作出了不利的裁决——参议员泰德史蒂文斯(Ted Stevens)一案——后来由新的美国检察官接替——他们很快发现了所有隐藏的"辩护证据",并将其移交给沙利文法官,以便他能够撤销整个案件——在这种情况下,穆勒的检察官将被撤销对弗林将军一案的审理,由美国司法部长威廉巴尔(William barr)任命的新检察官取而代之——这并不需要一个法律天才来看看这一切将如何发展。


Under severe penalties of perjury and contempt if even a single lie is told,this report concludes,General Flynn's new"Super Lawyer"Sidney Powell,this past Friday,on 30 August,filed in US Federal Court what history will record as one of the most important legal documents of modern times—that's simply known as Compel—Document#109 in the case United States v.Michael Flynn—but wherein she astonishingly asserts to Judge Sullivan as being true that:

本报告总结说,弗林将军的新任"超级律师"西德尼·鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)在上周五(830)向美国联邦法院提交了一份文件,该文件将被载入史册,成为当代最重要的法律文件之一ーー这份文件在美国诉迈克尔·弗林(Michael Flynn)一案中被简称为"强迫"ーー第109号文件ーー但令人惊讶的是,她在该文件中向沙利文法官声称:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann was working for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US Presidential Election as a conduit for false information provided by British citizen Christopher Steele to damage the presidential campaign of Donald Trump—that was given to him by known CIA operative Nellie Ohr who worked for Fusion GPS to make up lies about Trump—and that Weissmann funneled to her husband Bruce Ohr,who was the number four top official in the Obama administration Department of Justice.

2016年美国总统大选期间,特别检察官罗伯特·穆勒(Robert Mueller)的检察官安德鲁·韦斯曼(Andrew Weissmann)为希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)工作,为英国公民克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔(Christopher Steele)提供的虚假信息提供渠道,以损害唐纳德·特朗普(Donald trump)的总统竞选。这些信息是已知的中央情报局特工内利·奥尔(Nellie Ohr)给他的,奥尔为 Fusion GPS 工作,编造有关特朗普的谎言。

Mueller's prosecutors did not produce evidence of Weismann's and Ahmad's relationship and work with Bruce Ohr on transmitting the corrupt information to the FBI,and the numerous 302s resulting from the interviews of Bruce Ohr by the second agent.


General Flynn was the subject of a pretextual counter-intelligence investigation resulting from an FBI/CIA operation routed and funded through the Office of Net Assessment in the Department of Defense,using known CIA operative Stefan Halper to smear him as an"agent of Russia".


Mueller's prosecutors have not complied with their Brady obligations to hand over exculpatory evidence they've admitted they are in possession of—evidence which is favorable to the defense,but are steadfastly still refusing to produce the actual evidence.


Mueller prosecutors worked with the US Navy in yet another recent demonstration of egregious government misconduct where it completely changed the meaning of exculpatory information in a declassified version of a report—by the NCIS omitting the word"not"—a case,involving Adam Lovinger—which is related to issues involving General Flynn,as Mr.Lovinger was wrongly charged(and secretly cleared)after blowing the whistle on the fraudulent payments to FBI/CIA/DOD operative Stefan Halper—a central figure in the government's targeting and intelligence abuses of the last several years—including against General Flynn.

最近,穆勒检察官与美国海军合作,展示了另一起令人震惊的政府不当行为。在一份解密版本的报告中,穆勒彻底改变了开脱罪责信息的含义——在一个涉及亚当·洛文杰(Adam Lovinger)的案件中,海军罪案调查处(NCIS)省略了""这个词。洛文杰先生被指控向联邦调查局(fbi)、中央情报局(cia)和国防部(dod)特工斯蒂芬·哈珀(Stefan halper)支付欺诈性款项,并被秘密澄清。哈珀是过去几年来政府针对和滥用情报行为的核心人物,其中包括弗林将军。

Mueller's prosecutors,among other things,did not disclose that FBI Agent Strzok had been fired from the Special Counsel team as its lead agent almost six months earlier because of his relationship with Deputy Director McCabe's Counsel—who had also been on the Special Counsel team—and because of their text messages and conduct.


Judge Rosemary Collyer,Chief Judge of the FISA court,having already found serious Fourth Amendment violations by the FBI in areas that likely also involve their actions against Mr.Flynn—her finding that much of the NSA's activity is in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment—and not only did the last administration—especially from late 2015 to 2016—dramatically increase its use and abuse of"about queries"in the NSA database,that Judge Collyer has noted was"a very serious Fourth Amendment issue"—it also expanded the distribution of the illegally obtained information among federal agencies which Judge Collyer determined former FBI Director Comey gave illegal unsupervised access to.

Fisa 法院首席法官罗斯玛丽·科利尔(Rosemary Collyer)法官已经发现 FBI 在一些领域严重违反了《第四修正案》(Fourth Amendment),这些领域可能也涉及他们对弗林先生采取的行动。科利尔法官认为,NSA 的大部分活动直接违反了《第四修正案》,而且上届政府——尤其是2015年末至2016——不仅大幅增加了 NSA 数据库中"关于查询"的使用和滥用,科利尔法官还指出,这是"一个非常严重的《第四修正案》问题"——还扩大了联邦机构之间非法获取信息的分布,科利尔法官。

Her telling Judge Sullivan that she expects him to order,in a matter of weeks,Attorney General William Barr to appoint new and untainted counsel for the government so they can find and produce the evidence the Mueller team has hidden.

她告诉沙利文法官,她希望他在几周内命令司法部长威廉·巴尔(William Barr)为政府任命新的、没有污点的律师,以便他们能够找到并提供穆勒团队隐藏的证据。

And her further reminding and stating to Judge Sullivan:


"The very reason this Court adopted its Brady Order was to impress upon prosecutors their most solemn obligations and to enable the contempt process to address the government's failure to comply,rather than leaving openings for any excuses or being hamstrung to consider criminal contempt charges as it was in Stevens by the absence of a preexisting order.


Indeed,this Court became a model for courts across the country when it adopted its Brady Order.


While the defense does not yet request consideration of criminal contempt charges,the suppression of Brady evidence by the government here is ripe for a finding of contempt of this Court's Standing Order,which mandated production of information favorable to the defense—regardless of Mr.Flynn's plea of guilty—from the time the case was transferred to its docket."



United States District Judge Emmet Sullivan(above)prepares to write final chapter of General Michael Flynn's masterful intelligence operation against Special Counsel Robert Mueller's corrupt prosecutors.



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