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[CB]Up To Their Old Tricks,NP Exposed On The Economy-Episode 1998a


The Panic Is Real,Middle East Plan Perfectly Executed,17,Coincidence-Episode 1998b


By X22Report

Published on Oct 17,2019



BJ and the EU have made a deal for the BREXIT,the deal seems as though it is a duplicate of Theresa Mays deal,this is why the EU agreed.Nigel Farage says this is not a BREXIT deal.McConnell wants to know why Pelosi has not voted on the USMCA.The reason because she is following a different agenda.Blue collar workers are now making more.Moody's reports that whoever control the economy wins the election.IMF goofs and lets everyone know it was their policies that cause the economic problems.



The[DS]panic is real,NP and CS freaked out in a meeting with Trump,stormed out.Sidney Powell pushes for the 2 JM phones.The middle east plan perfectly executed,peace is coming.The number 17,coincidence.Rep Cummings passed away.Patriots are in control.


[OpDis Editor Note:X22 Report reviews current geopolitical and economical events as well as Q-related news,Trump,and the fall of the Deep State.X22 Report is another YouTube channel I recommend to listen if you want to be kept up-to-date on what's currently happening.In this video,we hear about UK PM Boris Johnson making a deal with the EU for Brexit.Also,Pelosi changes her agenda because of blue collar workers having better wages.Meanwhile,Pelosi and Schumer claim Trump had a meltdown during a White House meeting over the situation in Syria.Watch this episode for much more.]





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