X22报道|第2657集: 中国终将付出代价,历史正在被创造

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X22报道|第2657集: 中国终将付出代价,历史正在被创造

Ep. 2657a – In The End China Will Pay, The Economic Stage Has Been Set

Ep. 2657a-中国最终将付出代价,经济舞台已经搭建

Ep. 2657b – How Do You Defuse A Bomb, Dark Clouds Are Forming, History Is Being Made

Ep. 2657b-你如何拆除炸弹? 乌云正在形成,历史正在创造



The lumber prices are now spiking again. Gov Newsom is worsens the supply chain crisis. The [DS]/[CB] are pushing the crisis hard. Trump says that China will have to pay 60 trillion even though they do not have 60 trillion, so what else will they do. They do have gold.

现在木材价格再次飙升。政府新闻网站恶化了供应链危机。[ DS ]/[ CB ]正在大力推动这场危机。特朗普说,中国将不得不支付60万亿美元,即使他们没有60万亿美元,那么他们还能做什么呢。他们确实有黄金。


The [DS] is now pushing everything they have, they want the people to suffer during the holiday season, they want shutdowns so people beg. They are desperate and their plan has failed and they know it. All the pieces are in place, the major offensive will begin soon. This is about taking about the country, but to do this you need to prep and set everything in place to make the moves you need. Leverage and control are the name of the game. First the bomb must be defused, then the patriots can proceed forward, history is being made. 



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