X22报告|第2778集: 中央银行全是空谈,最高层的叛国

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X22报告|第2778集: 中央银行全是空谈,最高层的叛国

Ep. 2778a – The [CB] Is All Talk, Watch Their Actions, Become Self Sovereign

Ep. 2778a-[ CB ]都是空谈,注意他们的行动,成为自我主权的人

Ep. 2778b – Conspiracy No More, Treason At Highest Levels, It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

Ep. 2778b –密谋不再,最高层叛国,这是一场马拉松,而不是短跑

X22 报告发表于2022年5月18日


The people see the corrupt politicians for who they are, 40 billion Ukraine aid bill has been revealed. This bill is 8 times larger that the budget for the border. The Fed is saying one thing and will do another. People need to become their own [CB].

人们看清了腐败政客的真面目---- 400亿美元的乌克兰援助法案已经公布。这项法案比边境预算多出8倍。美联储说的是一回事,做的是另一回事。人们需要成为自己的[ CB ]。


The [DS] is panicking, Durham is squeezing them and pushing the [DS] players down a path of no return. The conspiracy has disappeared and the treasonous acts are going to be revealed. This process is a marathon it is not a spring and it has to be done correctly by the rule of law. Justice is blind and the facts and truth will speak for themselves. The [DS] will attack, be ready, they will push hard because they know if they don’t fight until the end it is game over for them.



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