X22报告|第3060集: 货币战争加速,爱国者需要一个火花重新点燃引擎

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X22报告|第3060集: 货币战争加速,爱国者需要一个火花重新点燃引擎

Ep. 3060a – The People Have Spoken, No To The GND, Currency Battle Accelerates

人民已经发言,对 GND 说不,货币战争加速

Ep. 3060b – Patriots Needed A Spark To Re-Ignite The Engine, Public Interest Forces The Sun To Shine


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Streamed on: May 2, 7:39 pm EDT

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The [WEF] is now pushing the food shortages, but they are not food shortages, they are trying to force us to eat bugs. The people in the EU are now pushing back saying we are not going to eat bugs or go along with the GND.  The currency battle has been accelerated, the BRICS and the Private Western Central bank, the [CBDC] will fail in the end.

世界经济论坛]现在正在推动粮食短缺,但它们不是粮食短缺,而是试图迫使我们吃虫子。欧盟的人民现在正在反击,说我们不打算吃虫子,也不打算和GND一起走。 货币之争已经加速,金砖国家和西方私人中央银行,[CBDC]最终将失败。

X22 Report
Streamed on: May 2, 8:04 pm EDT

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The [DS] has miscalculated, Trump turned the tables on them and decided to take the long way around. He has all the time in the world, the [DS] does not. The people just needed a spark to wake up. Once the people see all the evidence public interest forces the sun to shine. The [DS] is trapped and now they are desperate which means they begin to do stupid things. 



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