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By Brian Shilhavy,

One of the tragic realities of child sex trafficking is the fact that groups who allegedly advocate for the end of child sex trafficking and the"protection"of children,are actually the very groups behind trafficking children.


The most obvious example is the one we have been reporting on for years now here at Health Impact News,which is the government-funded child welfare system commonly referred to as"Child Protective Services,"or CPS,which is the main vehicle by which children are kidnapped from their families and trafficked.

最明显的例子是我们多年来一直在《健康影响新闻》报道的一个例子,这是一个由政府资助的儿童福利系统,通常被称为"儿童保护服务" CPS,它是儿童从家庭中被绑架和贩运的主要工具。

Child sex trafficking has been a hot topic in the corporate media recently,and every time I am alerted to some of these news stories,especially where rallies or demonstrations are taking place,I always look at the group behind these public demonstrations,and who the leaders are within these groups.


Very often Child Abuse Pediatricians and hospital child abuse clinics are involved,and as we have documented over the years,these doctors make their living solely by finding"medical abuse"so they can take custody away from the family and put them into the lucrative multi-billion dollar a year foster care and adoption system.


We need to call this what it really is:Child Trafficking.


These government-funded and privately run groups do not care about the welfare of children at all.If they did,they would do everything possible to keep children at home with their families,by supporting those families,which in many cases are poor,minority families.


The Christian Church is one of the largest entities guilty of child trafficking,calling it"Orphan Care."


The QAnon movement has also been in the media frequently in recent days,and a big part of this movement has been exposing child sex trafficking.Some of the Q followers,and some of the Q"droppings"themselves seem to have revealed true intelligence on the problem of child sex trafficking.

QAnon 运动在最近几天也频繁地出现在媒体上,而且这个运动的很大一部分揭露了儿童性交易。一些 q 粉丝,以及一些 q"粪便"本身似乎已经揭示了有关儿童性交易问题的真实情报。

But Satan is the"father of lies,"and his most deceptive way of fooling the masses is promoting something that might be 90%or even 99%true,but 1%or 10%false,and this is the most dangerous deception of all.


So while the QAnon phenomenon has exposed real intel on child sex trafficking,the belief that one person,a billionaire Wall Street insider turned politician and currently serving as the President of the United States,is going to clean up this entire mess of child sex trafficking and put everyone behind it in prison,might be one of the greatest deceptions of all time.

因此,当 QAnon 现象暴露了有关儿童性交易的真实情报时,相信一个人,一个华尔街的亿万富翁内部人士变成了政客,现任美国总统,将会清理整个儿童性交易的烂摊子,把所有人都关进监狱,可能是有史以来最大的骗局之一。

Of course this religious-like belief is based on another deception,namely that the President of the United States runs the country.


This is a false belief.The country is run by the Wall Street gang of billionaires and Central Bankers,which now includes the Silicon Valley moguls,along with the secretive intelligence agencies like the CIA who control the corporate propaganda media,and at the top of their leadership they are all pedophile Satanists,and most of them are probably addicted to Adrenochrome,which requires a fresh supply of blood from young children.


Anyone who thinks Donald Trump can put away all of these Globalists has been thoroughly deceived.

任何认为唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)可以摆脱所有这些全球主义者的人,都被彻底欺骗了。

Reporter Whitney Webb has written an excellent piece exposing Ashton Kutcher's NGO group"Thorn"which supposedly protects children,and its links to Amazon.com's Jeff Bezos,facial recognition software,and the CIA.

记者惠特尼·韦伯(Whitney Webb)撰写了一篇精彩的文章,揭露了阿什顿·库彻(Ashton Kutcher)的非政府组织"荆棘"(Thorn),该组织据称保护儿童,以及它与亚马逊网站的杰夫·贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)、面部识别软件和中央情报局(CIA)的链接。

Ashton Kutcher's NGO Supplies Police with"Free"CIA-linked Surveillance Tool to"Protect Kids"

Ashton Kutcher 的非政府组织向警方提供"免费"中情局相关监控工具,以"保护儿童"

A suspect NGO claiming to combat child trafficking by providing surveillance tech to US police has allowed Amazon to continue supplying U.S.law enforcement with facial recognition software despite the tech giant's moratorium on its sale to police.


by Whitney Webb


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As calls for dramatic reforms of U.S.police departments have swept the country in recent months,several of Silicon Valley's largest companies have tried to salvage their image by asserting that they will no longer sell their facial recognition software to police departments.Among these companies is Amazon,which decided to place a one-year pause on the sale of its software"Rekognition"to U.S.police departments in early June.


At the time the moratorium was announced,The New York Times noted that"the announcement was a striking change for Amazon…"due to the fact that,"more than other big technology companies,Amazon has resisted calls to slow its deployment."Amazon's efforts to ensure the widespread adoption of its facial recognition software gained notoriety after a study found that Rekognition falsely tied 28 members of Congress,most of whom were politicians of color,to mugshots,causing critics to accuse Amazon's product of both racial bias and inaccuracy.

在宣布暂停时,《纽约时报》指出,"这一宣布对亚马逊来说是一个惊人的变化......"因为"与其他大型科技公司相比,亚马逊一直拒绝放慢部署速度的呼吁。"一项研究发现,Rekognition 28名国会议员(其中大多数是有色人种政客)与嫌犯照片错误地联系在一起,导致批评人士指责亚马逊的产品存在种族偏见和不准确性,亚马逊为确保其面部识别软件得到广泛应用所做的努力因此声名狼藉。

However,what The Times and other outlets failed to pick up on,then and now,is the fact that Amazon's Rekognition is still being supplied to U.S.police,despite its official moratorium.Indeed,U.S.law enforcement agencies are still being offered Amazon's facial recognition software by a NGO partnered with Amazon that was created by actor Ashton Kutcher,who frequently co-invests with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.


That NGO,called"Thorn,"continues to supply the controversial software to law enforcement agencies around the country under the guise of helping police"combat child trafficking."


Thorn's role in supplying such software to law enforcement despite moratoriums is also notable because its founder Ashton Kutcher has publicly and"tearfully"supported Black Lives Matter amid the recent protests that provoked Amazon's moratorium on sales of Rekognition to police in the first place.In addition,Kutcher is also a major investor,alongside Amazon's Jeff Bezos,in a company that supplies AI-powered software to law enforcement agencies,further undermining Kutcher's professed support for ending racial inequities in policing.

Thorn 在暂停向执法部门提供此类软件方面发挥的作用也值得注意,因为其创始人阿什顿库彻(Ashton Kutcher)在最近的抗议活动中公开"含泪"支持 Black Lives Matter,这些抗议活动首先导致亚马逊(Amazon)暂停向警方销售 Rekognition 软件。此外,库彻和亚马逊(Amazon)的杰夫贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)也是一家向执法机构提供人工智能软件的公司的主要投资者,这进一步削弱了库彻宣称支持结束警务工作中的种族不平等现象的立场。

Yet,further investigation into Thorn casts even greater doubt on its professed altruistic objectives,given the organization's ties to CIA cut-outs,Wall Street banks and another"anti-child trafficking"organization that was launched by Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair,the wife of former U.K.Prime Minister Tony Blair.

然而,针对 Thorn 的进一步调查使人们对该组织宣称的利他主义目标产生了更大的怀疑,因为该组织与美国中央情报局(CIA)的分支机构、华尔街银行以及由希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和英国前首相托尼布莱尔(Tony Blair)的妻子切丽布莱尔(Cherie Blair)发起的另一个"反贩卖儿童"组织有关。

The CIA,Wall Street and Thorn's"Spotlight"


Thorn was founded in 2012 by actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore with the original goal of"investing in the innovation phase of potential tech-led approaches to ending online child sexual abuse."Kutcher and Moore were allegedly inspired to create Thorn after watching a documentary on child sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Thorn 由演员 Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore 2012年创立,最初的目标是"投资于以技术为主导的潜在方法的创新阶段,以结束网上儿童性虐待。"据称,Kutcher Moore 是在观看了一部关于柬埔寨儿童性交易的纪录片后,受到启发创作了 Thorn

Eventually,Thorn's plan to create its own"tech-led approach"to combatting online child sex abuse was shelved,with them instead partnering with two tech companies—Amazon and Digital Reasoning,to produce"a product to aid in identifying child sex trafficking victims who were sold online."Thorn then"made the decision to develop the product itself and provide it free to law enforcement."

最终,Thorn 打算创建自己的"技术引导方法"来打击网上儿童性虐待的计划被搁置了,他们转而与两家科技公司——亚马逊(Amazon) Digital Reasoning——合作,生产"一种产品,以帮助识别网上出售的儿童性交易受害者"然后,Thorn"决定自己开发这个产品,并免费提供给执法部门。"

Thorn's partners,per its website,include many of the largest Silicon Valley tech companies,such as Amazon,Google,Twitter,Facebook,Salesforce,Microsoft,Intel,Dropbox and Adobe,as well as Goldman Sachs and Verizon.They are also partnered with the NGO Polaris,which operates the U.S.National Trafficking Hotline and whose current CEO is a former operative for USAID,a CIA cut-out.

根据其网站,Thorn 的合作伙伴包括许多硅谷最大的科技公司,如亚马逊(Amazon)、谷歌(Google)TwitterFacebookSalesforce、微软(Microsoft)、英特尔(Intel)Dropbox Adobe,以及高盛(Goldman Sachs) Verizon。他们还与非政府组织"北极星"(Polaris)合作,该组织负责运营美国全国人口贩卖热线,现任首席执行官是美国国际开发署(USAID)的前特工,该机构与中央情报局(CIA)无关。

Polaris is also a member organization of the Clinton Global Initiative(CGI),an organization allegedly devised and initially financed by Jeffrey Epstein and also associated with Epstein's top co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell.Other NGO partners of Thorn include the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children(NCMEC),the international branch of which was launched in 1999 by Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair;and the McCain Institute for International Leadership,named for the late,hawkish Senator John McCain and hosted at Arizona State University(ASU).

北极星也是克林顿全球倡议(CGI)的成员组织,该组织据称由杰弗里·爱泼斯坦设计并最初提供资金,并与爱泼斯坦的头号共谋者吉斯莱恩·麦克斯韦尔有联系。Thorn 的其他非政府组织合作伙伴包括国家失踪和被剥削儿童中心(NCMEC),该中心的国际分支机构是由希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和切丽·布莱尔(Cherie Blair)1999年创立的;以已故鹰派参议员约翰·麦凯恩(John McCain)命名的麦凯恩国际领导力研究所(McCain Institute for International Leadership)在亚利桑那州立大学(ASU)主办。

The majority of Thorn's work involves providing local and federal law enforcement agencies with a software suite called Spotlight.Spotlight,under the guise of combatting human trafficking,is a sweeping,AI-powered surveillance tool that,per the tech companies that helped create it,is currently used"by more than 2,187 law enforcement and intelligence agencies in North America."

Thorn 的主要工作包括为地方和联邦执法机构提供一个名为 Spotlight 的软件套件。Spotlight 打着打击人口贩卖的幌子,是一种全面的、人工智能驱动的监控工具。据参与开发该工具的科技公司称,目前"北美有超过2187个执法和情报机构"在使用该工具

It is provided to U.S.law enforcement free of charge by the Thorn organization,allowing law enforcement easy access to controversial surveillance systems that they ultimately use for much,more more than combatting sex trafficking.The software,per Thorn,is also used by the Department of Homeland Security(DHS).

Thorn 组织免费向美国执法部门提供这些信息,使得执法部门能够轻易地进入有争议的监控系统,而这些系统最终的用途远远超过打击性交易。国土安全部(DHS)也在使用这个软件。

Spotlight is also supported by Google,another tech company funded into existence by the CIA via In-Q-Tel that is also a major contractor to the U.S.government and intelligence agencies,as well as the McCain Institute,named for late Senator John McCain.The McCain Institute's involvement is notable given that Sen.McCain's widower,Cindy McCain,who is a key part of the Institute's"Combatting Human Trafficking"initiative,publicly admitted"We all knew about him[Epstein].We all knew what he was doing."

Spotlight 还得到了谷歌(Google)的支持。谷歌是另一家由美国中央情报局(CIA)通过 In-Q-Tel 资助成立的科技公司,也是美国政府和情报机构的主要承包商。谷歌还得到了麦凯恩研究所(McCain Institute)的支持,麦凯恩研究所是以已故参议员约翰麦凯恩(John McCain)命名的。麦凯恩研究所的参与是值得注意的,因为麦凯恩参议员的鳏夫辛迪·麦凯恩是该研究所"打击人口贩卖"倡议的关键成员,她公开承认"我们都知道他[爱泼斯坦]。我们都知道他在做什么。"

Despite having a well-funded initiative to"combat human trafficking"that preceded Epstein's second arrest by several years and admitting to knowing what Epstein was doing to under-age girls,the McCain Institute's initiative never made any effort to combat Epstein's sex trafficking activities.Instead,long-time Jeffrey Epstein associate and the person who connected Epstein to Alan Dershowitz and the Clinton family while Bill Clinton was president,Lynn Forester de Rothschild,is a key member of the McCain Institute.


Two other members of the McCain Institute are closely tied to Thorn,Ashton Kutcher–who co-founded Thorn and remains on its board of directors–and Ernie Allen–who is both the McCain Institute's and Thorn's"Human Trafficking expert."Allen is the long-time head of an"anti-human trafficking"organization launched by the Clinton and Blair families whose software tools"to protect children"are also furnished by Amazon,all of which is discussed in a subsequent section of this investigation.

麦凯恩研究所的另外两名成员与索恩关系密切,他们是索恩的联合创始人阿什顿库彻(Ashton Kutcher)和厄尼艾伦(Ernie Allen),后者既是麦凯恩研究所的成员,也是索恩的"人口贩卖专家"艾伦是克林顿和布莱尔家族发起的一个"反人口贩卖"组织的长期负责人,该组织的软件工具"保护儿童"也由亚马逊提供,所有这些都将在本次调查的后续部分中讨论。

For now,it is worth noting that Ashton Kutcher–Thorn's celebrity founder who has received the lionshare of credit in media reports for Thorn's reported successes in combatting child trafficking,is a top investor in a controversial law enforcement technology company and often co-invests alongside Amazon's top executive and world's richest man,Jeff Bezos.For instance,Kutcher is a major investor in the law enforcement software company Mark 43,which provides AI-powered dispatch system,records management software and data-intelligence platform to more than 70 U.S.police departments.Other investors alongside Kutcher in Mark43 include former CIA Director David Petraeus,Jeff Bezos,Ray Rothrock–a former partner in the Rockefeller family's venture capital firm,and Goldman Sachs.

就目前而言,值得注意的是,阿什顿库彻-索恩(Ashton Kutcher-Thorn)的名人创始人是一家有争议的执法技术公司的最大投资者,经常与亚马逊(Amazon)首席执行官、世界首富杰夫贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)共同投资。媒体报道称,索恩在打击儿童拐卖方面取得了巨大成功,他因此获得了大量赞誉。例如,Kutcher 是执法软件公司 Mark 43的主要投资者,Mark 4370多个美国警察部门提供人工智能调度系统、记录管理软件和数据情报平台。与库彻一起投资 Mark43的其他投资者包括前中央情报局局长戴维彼得雷乌斯(David Petraeus)、杰夫贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)、洛克斐勒家族风险投资公司前合伙人雷罗斯洛克(Ray Rothrock)以及高盛(Goldman Sachs)

Aside from Mark43,Kutcher and Bezos have publicly co-invested together in several companies,including Airbnb and Fundbox.

Mark43外,库彻和贝佐斯还公开共同投资了几家公司,包括 Airbnb Fundbox

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