爱你塔克•卡尔森! —— Sierra (NZ)

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Tucker Carlson played this great spoof video on Fox News about The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle(CHAZ)...



爱你塔克•卡尔森! —— Sierra (NZ)

If you took a short break from the madness(and I don't blame you one bit)you may be unaware that Black Lives Matter(BLM)has taken over a six block area in Seattle,barricading themselves inside it.It is called CHAZ for short.Deep State Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says,'Seattle is fine.Don't be so afraid of democracy.'Check her out in this Lisa Mei Crowley tweet...

如果你在疯狂中稍作休息(我一点也不怪你),你可能没有意识到黑人的生命很重要(BLM)已经占领了西雅图一个六个街区的区域,把他们自己关在里面。它简称为 CHAZ。深州西雅图市市长 Jenny Durkan 说,西雅图很好。不要如此害怕民主。"看看她在丽莎··克劳利的推特上的表现吧


爱你塔克•卡尔森! —— Sierra (NZ)

Calling all Deep State mayors-you might want to rethink your stance on defunding your local police department.Truck drivers are refusing to deliver to cities that defund their police...



爱你塔克•卡尔森! —— Sierra (NZ)

ANTIFA leaders are feeling the heat now that they are being arrested.Their'handlers'picked up their bail tabs-but the stupid ANTIFA sheeple/leaders are facing ten years in jail.Where are their generous bosses?Nowhere to be seen.


The Deep State's insanely desperate ploy to wipe out USA history,one toppled statue at a time,has reached New Zealand.Yes,the little country famous for its many sheep has got sheeples yanking down statues all over the place-trying to erase our colonial past.


No wonder we Light Warriors are weary.The craziness has become relentless.That's why light relief-as in Tucker Carlson's'tourism'video-is greatly welcomed.


We will look back on these days and be in awe of our strength,tenacity and patience.We will ask ourselves,'How did we do it?'


Yesterday I spent a lot of time scrolling down I ET 17's Twitter feed...

昨天我花了很多时间滚动 i ET 17 Twitter feed..


I read countless stories of heartache from USA Light Warriors who have lost friends,families and jobs because of their support for President Trump.I cannot believe the suffering these brave people endure as they speak their truth.I knew there was entrenched hatred in USA for President Trump but those tweets make for depressing reading.We are protected from the worst of it here in New Zealand.


We KNOW that the Light has already won on the continuum.We KNOW that President Trump and the Alliance have the Divine Plan under full control.


I ask you again,'How did we get through this incredibly difficult time for humanity on Earth?'


We did it TOGETHER.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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