X22报道|第2710集: 一切都在运转,是时候公布保单了 

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[ DS ]继续落入特朗普的陷阱。流行病已经结束,人们正在了解真相,真相社会(Truth Social)已经启动。现在几乎是时候放弃保险政策,人们将开始制造噪音,他们将呼吁暴风雨和雨将来临。

X22报道|第2710集: 一切都在运转,是时候公布保单了 

Ep. 2710a – Everything Is In Motion & Coordinated To Bring Down The [CB] System

Ep. 2710a-一切都在运转并协调以摧毁[ CB ]系统

Ep. 2710b – Time To Reveal The Insurance Policy, Make Noise, Make It Rain, Bye Crooked Hillary

Ep. 2710b-是时候揭开保险单,制造噪音,让它下雨,再见不诚实的希拉里



The people no longer believe the fake news, each time they put a fake story it gets worse and worse. Trump and other world leaders have not set the plan in motion to take down the [CB] system. In the end gold will destroy the [CB].

人们不再相信假新闻,每次他们编造一个假新闻,情况就变得越来越糟。特朗普和其他世界领导人还没有启动拆除[ CB ]系统的计划。最终,黄金将摧毁[ CB ]。


The [DS] is continuing to fall into Trump’s trap. The pandemic has ended the people are learning the truth and Truth Social has been launched. It is almost time to release the insurance policy, the people will begin to make noise, they will call the storm and the rain will come. The people will begin to learn the truth that the entire system is rigged and the people running our country are criminals, the clock is ticking and the fall of the [DS] is about to happen. 

[ DS ]继续落入特朗普的陷阱。流行病已经结束,人们正在了解真相,真相社会(Truth Social)已经启动。现在几乎是时候放弃保险政策,人们将开始制造噪音,他们将呼吁暴风雨和雨将来临。人民将开始认识到这样一个事实: 整个体制被操纵,治理我们国家的人是罪犯,时钟在滴答作响,[ DS ]即将倒台。


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