胡佛大坝爆炸: 观看水|星际之门通讯

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July 19, 2022 2022年7月19日

It seems there was an explosion at the Hoover Dam today. This Cue phrase immediately comes to mind: Watch The Water.

胡佛大坝今天似乎发生了爆炸。这个暗示的短语立刻浮现在我的脑海: 观看水。


Well, well. Seventeen members of [D]eep [S]tate congress arrested by Capitol Hill police at a pro-abortion rally outside the Supreme Court. Seventeen, hmmm? The Cue number. What will be the outcome...? Stay tuned.



Cue always said, 'You cannot tell the people; you have to show them'. President Trump's message about the hypocrisy of [D]eep [S]tate media NOT being prosecuted for being illegally in the Capitol while patriots still languish in jail.

Cue总是说,'你不能告诉人民,你必须向他们展示'。 特朗普总统关于深层国家媒体没有因非法进入国会而被起诉,而爱国者仍在监狱中受折磨的虚伪信息。

胡佛大坝爆炸: 观看水|星际之门通讯

More hypocrisy - this time transgenderism in competitive women's sport as illustrated in this Tucker Carlson segment. 'Was-male-then-became-female-and-has-been-female-for-only-ONE- year' Lia Thomas has won 'Woman of the Year' in swimming at his/her university.

更多的伪善——这次在女子竞技体育中的变性,正如塔克 · 卡尔森部分所说明的那样。“曾经是男性,后来成为女性,只有一年的时间”利亚 · 托马斯在他/她所在的大学游泳项目中获得了“年度女性”称号。


Finally, a MSM employee telling the TRUTH about her job. Here is NBC journalist Katy Tur during a recent interview.

最后,一位 MSM 员工说出了她工作的真相。这是 NBC 记者 Katy Tur 在最近的一次采访中。


'The trust in media...is hitting an all-time low...People don't trust us, they don't believe us...It makes me wonder if the job is not effective, but doing more harm than good.' (NBC journalist Katy Tur)

他说,人们对媒体的信任... ... 正在创下历史新低... ... 人们不信任我们,他们不相信我们... ... 这让我怀疑这份工作是否没有效果,但弊大于利。(NBC 记者 Katy Tur)

Shocking news out of Aussie. Their TGA (Australian version of FDA) has provisionally approved the jab for children six months and older. 

来自澳大利亚的惊人消息。他们的 TGA (澳大利亚版本的 FDA)已经临时批准了针对六个月以上儿童的疫苗注射。


A scientist with TWO PHDs, in virology and immunology, was tasked with identifying the virus and variants. Her conclusion? There IS no virus, or variants. Our conclusion? We were LIED to. This is a must-watch video of irrefutable proof that there IS NO VIRUS. End the jabs NOW.



'Bidening' is trending as an activity in USA - mocking the time Biden fell off his bike. How many world leaders are mocked relentlessly like [B]iden, and get to stay in power...??

在美国,“拜登式”正成为一种时尚活动——嘲笑拜登从自行车上摔下来的时刻。有多少世界领导人像[ B ]艾登一样被无情地嘲笑,然后继续掌权... ? ?

胡佛大坝爆炸: 观看水|星际之门通讯

Always remember that we Light Warriors are part of a HUGE team, both on and off-planet.


胡佛大坝爆炸: 观看水|星际之门通讯

And finally, some light humor. Amen to this message.


胡佛大坝爆炸: 观看水|星际之门通讯

I am giving a speech at my local Toastmasters club tonight. I was a Toastmasters years ago and this is my first speech in over 12 years. I am 'getting back on the bike' so to speak (NOT doing a Biden!). My lovely Light Warrior friend Bev said in a text, 'Make them laugh...' She is right. Humor is SO important right now. There is often little to smile or laugh about in a challenging day as a Light Warrior, so let's look for those moments of lightness and humor. Beam me up Scottie, even just for a few minutes...!

我今晚要在当地的演讲俱乐部发表演讲。几年前我是演讲会会员,这是我12年来的第一次演讲。可以说,我正在“重新骑上自行车”(不是在模仿拜登!).我可爱的光之战士朋友贝弗在短信里说,“让他们笑吧... ...”她是对的。现在幽默很重要。作为一个光之战士,在充满挑战的一天里,通常没有什么值得微笑或者大笑的事情,所以让我们来寻找那些轻松和幽默的时刻吧。把我传送上去,史考特,哪怕只有几分钟!

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light  




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