美国车队组织者: “我们为和平而来”|星际之门通讯

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美国自由护航队组织者凯尔 · 塞夫尼克为拜登带来了强有力的信息。他明确表示车队是为了和平而来,但他也强调,我们人民已经受够了这些命令,并将修复它

February 23, 2022 2022年2月23日

USA Freedom Convoy organizer Kyle Sefnik with a powerful message for [B]iden. He makes it clear that the convoy comes in peace - but he also emphasizes that We the People have had enough of the mandates and will FIX IT (two minute video).

美国自由护航队组织者凯尔 · 塞夫尼克为拜登带来了强有力的信息。他明确表示车队是为了和平而来,但他也强调,我们人民已经受够了这些命令,并将修复它(两分钟的视频)。


Candace Owens is on FIRE in this short segment on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. She gave a blistering tirade on Trudeau's tyrannical treatment of the truckers (that is one heck of an alliteration, friends!). Candace, you are my hero. I want to meet you one day.



Relentless Truth points out something so obvious about Trudeau's changing appearance, I don't understand why more people aren't talking about it. SLEEPING.



Isn't it weird how Justin Trudeau's weight and beard length seem to change significantly every time you see him?

每次你见到贾斯汀 · 特鲁多时,他的体重和胡子的长度似乎都发生了显著的变化,这不是很奇怪吗?

I am grateful to whomever is responsible for this beautiful 'graffiti' on a roadside wall in Perth, Western Australia. I lived there for a year in 1979. This little video made me feel quite emotional. Enjoy.



The tide is rapidly turning against the jab narrative. A Bucharest football team manager won't allowed JABBED players in his team because they are 'powerless'. It didn't take long for the truth to reveal itself.

形势正迅速逆转,反对这种刺耳的说法。布加勒斯特一名足球队经理不允许 JABBED 球员进入他的队伍,因为他们“无能为力”。没过多久,真相就显露出来了。


Australia is suddenly pushing for their population to be tested for HIV - and other countries will follow suit. HIV has not been an issue here in New Zealand for decades, and flew well below the radar back in the eighties. Just as heart damage in children was unheard of until the deadly jab appeared on the scene. WAKE UP, PEOPLE..!!


Now memes are coming out about HIV in jabbed people. Very sad. We Light Warriors tried so hard to spread the truth about the jabs - but even we did not imagine that it could be this horrifying.


美国车队组织者: “我们为和平而来”|星际之门通讯

Online political columnist Brian Cates has a very interesting post on what is REALLY happening with Ukraine.

在线政治专栏作家 Brian Cates 发表了一篇非常有趣的文章,内容是关于乌克兰到底发生了什么。

美国车队组织者: “我们为和平而来”|星际之门通讯




Why do you suppose the MSM has so much vitriol for Putin? The answer is right here in this meme. USA medium Edgar Cayce predicted eighty years ago that a Russian leader of the Light would play an important part in the liberation of humanity.

你认为 MSM 为什么对普京如此刻薄?答案就在这个迷因中。美国媒体埃德加 · 凯西八十年前就预言,俄罗斯的光明领袖将在人类解放中发挥重要作用。

美国车队组织者: “我们为和平而来”|星际之门通讯

Finally, it is Occupation Day 17 in New Zealand. Unfortunately the police are now carrying riot shields and apparently they may be shoving people around. Meanwhile our evil PM Ardern is safely well out of the way in Christchurch, where she 'inspected a low-emissions scheme'. Yeah, right. It was satisfying to see a small crowd of people heckling her at the so-called event. She continues to ignore the protest in Wellington.


We The People have had enough. We will NOT stand down. It seems that the USA Freedom Convoy is highly organized and refuses to be drawn into violence. If they manage to achieve a significant win at Washington, the ripple effect will be felt around the world.




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