Yesterday the Resistance Movement busted into all remaining negative underground bases simultaneously and took control of them.These are hundreds of bases below major cities around the globe that were operated by reptilian supersoldiers in human bodies.The reptilians have mostly been killed and their spirits get a one way ticket to the Galactic Central Sun.What the Resistance Movement finds in the bases is very bad:children,adolescents and souls in captivity that have gotten a Chimera style treatment,it's Josef Mengele on steroids.They sought to inflict as much suffering as possible on the children and the souls were trapped in capsules with no way to escape and nothing to do but witness the atrocities that were being committed while receiving elektroshocks.Many of the children that have been disappearing over the years have ended up in these bases,unfortunately.The Resistance Movement is liberating the children from the cages and the souls from the capsules they are held in and applying the most advanced healing technologies the light forces have.The children cannot be brought to the surface yet;for one thing they are not used to daylight and fresh air,and the light forces don't want to bring them into the quarantine situation,so they will only be reunited with their families sometime after the Event.The hellish suffering that was being inflicted in these bases and the Chimera controlled bases formed the energetic backbone of the Matrix and the light forces are keen on transmuting that energy to dissolve the Matrix further so that it will be somewhat easier for humanity to accept the truth without totally freaking out and lynching suspected Cabal members.


The light forces have been scanning,doublechecking and triplechecking and don't find any more Chimera spirits,so this in itself is a huge victory and truly historic milestone,it's the end of the longtime rulers of the dark empire,creators of the galactic wars and destroyers of planets and civilizations.The light forces are also applying their healing technologies on the core quantum anomaly to transmute it further.




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