X22报道|第2739集: 新的经济现实正在形成,当公众知道真相时游戏结束

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[ DS ]正被逼到一个角落,无路可逃。证据即将下降,[ DS ]玩家正在为此做准备。在对美国人民撒了多年的谎之后,人民现在看到了真相。

X22报道|第2739集: 新的经济现实正在形成,当公众知道真相时游戏结束

Ep. 2738a – Conspiracy Is Now Truth, The [CB] Agenda Is In Trouble

Ep. 2738a-阴谋即真相,[ CB ]议程陷入困境

Ep. 2738b – Did Trump Reveal A Clue? Do You Attack And Remove Queen Mid-To-End?

Ep. 2738b –特朗普是否透露了一条线索? 你是否会攻击女王并将其赶下台?

X22 报告发表于2022年3月31日


Bidenflation is rising a lot faster than the [CB] expected. The [CB] will be pushing food shortages as food prices and fuel prices increase. The people do not trust the D’s on inflation. The [CB] took the bait and now they are trapped, the globalist system and the great reset has failed, a new economy is being born.



The [DS] is being pushed into a corner, there is no escape. The evidence is about to drop and the [DS] players are preparing for this. After years of lying to the American people the people are now seeing the truth. The Red wave is building, once the public know the truth it is game over for the [DS] and the corrupt politicians, in the end they won’t be able to walk down the street.

[ DS ]正被逼到一个角落,无路可逃。证据即将下降,[ DS ]玩家正在为此做准备。在对美国人民撒了多年的谎之后,人民现在看到了真相。红色浪潮正在形成,一旦公众知道了真相,对于(DS)和腐败的政客来说,游戏结束了,最终他们将无法走上街头。


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