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影子超级情报报告|20190826 Q采访3

SUPERSHADOW:Good to be back here.thanks for having me once again.


Q:ya kid last one so make sure it counts.I leave tomorrow.


SUPERSHADOW:I'm getting a lot of negative reactions to these interviews because


'Q says no outside comms'??


Q:Dont listen to those guys shadow,a lot of my followers are more interested in the personality over the message.If they are looking for a messiah they got the wrong guy.


I'd never deal in such absolutes as'no outside comms'.Its the message stupid.who cares how its delivered so long as its heard.Q is not rigid dogma.Q is fluid,adaptable to the needs and methods necessary to take down the Cabal.


SUPERSHADOW:AND Q is you and you alone?


Q:kid we been thru this.ya I know where this is coming from but if Q was a team of peers this could never work.ya I have a team but i tell them what to do and only give info on a need to know basis.a lot of these so called Q fans clearly have no idea how intelligence works.


SUPERSHADOW:Your following seems to growing exponentially.with an army like this could you not do more that just impart information to them and organize them as an aggressive force in the way Soros has manipulated antifa?


Q Absolutely not.I want them to do nothing.we are all over this,me,the alliance,the white hats.this is beyond the abilities of the average Trump supporter or patriot in general.when I said get the popcorn ready and sit back and watch the show I meant just that.the last thing we need now are untrained members of the public interfering...remember hoover dam..all I m saying is curb your enthusiasm,sit back enjoy the show and let us take down the cabal.


SUPERSHADOW:have you been in touch with trump recently


Q:Ya kid we had a few words about the wall.mores to the point as to how to finance it.The RV is earmarked to happen this week..just look at the way trump put a positive spin on all things middle east over the last few days.I've recommended that trump put a'wall'tax on on all RV exchanges when the RV happens.this will be a small tax and paid by the redemption centers themselves.this money will easily fund the wall with change left over.


SUPERSHADOW:So you are leaving tomorrow?where?


Q:That's top secret kid-classified at the highest level.you should know all about this from your star wars days.


SUPERSHADOW:I didn't think you'd know about my past so well


Q:kid when I heard you were the interviewer I did my research.


I know more about you that you know yourself.I saw you secret documentary on Cryptozoology.I was impressed.


SUPERSHADOW:well before I finish up have you anything more to say.


Q:just advise to patriots-watch for the signs,its all in plain sight,support the Q interpreters-Praying medic,Abel danger(Field is a distant relative).be ready for the great awaking like its going to happen tomorrow...you can only do this by watching and analyzing ONLINE..remember a true trump/Q believer does not believe in absolutes.I will use whatever medium it take to inform the masses of the deep state take down.


SUPERSHADOW:Well thanks for having me.On a lighter note,will you watch the Rose of Tralee tonight before you leave Ireland?


Q:Of course kid,the Arizona rose is a true patriot.In fact i would recommend watching it,savvy Qinterpreters may see something interesting.


(Q gives me a rueful wink and the interview ends.we shake hands and wish each other the best)



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