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对于为什么西方突然开始实施这场亚马逊火灾骗局,唯一合乎逻辑的解释就是向他们的人民隐瞒上周令人震惊的法庭裁决,揭露他们的整个气候变化叙事是一场骗局ーー这项裁决涉及宾夕法尼亚州立大学地球科学家 Michael Mann 博士创建的”曲棍球棒图”。

A fascinating new Ministry of Emergency Situations(EMERCOM)report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the entire Western world has come"unglued from reality"as evidenced by their G-7 Summitleaders saying they are close to an agreement to provide technical and financial help to combat massive fires that have swept through an Amazon Rainforest in the South American nation of Brazil they comically call"the lungs of the world"—which encompasses an area of 5,500,000 kilometers(2,100,000 square miles)—an area,however,that is dwarfed in size when compared against the 8,149,305 square kilometers(5,063,743 square miles)of forested lands in Russia that are the largest in the world covering about 45%of the country—where this Summer saw a staggering number of massive fires consuming more than 11,500 square miles of it(Greenpeace disputed those figures,saying the burn area was nearly 21,000 square miles)—that saw President Donald Trump being the only Western leader to offer help to Russia to fight them—but whose immediate Western aid should be going to the African nations of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo who have no resources at all to battle the over 10,000 massive wildfires turning their rainforests into cinders—as opposed to Brazil that doesn't even need Western help because it has already sent 43,000 of its military forces to battle their country's massive wildfires in the Amazon.

今天在克里姆林宫流传的一份引人入胜的紧急情况部(EMERCOM)报告指出,整个西方世界已经"脱离现实",七国集团峰会领导人表示,他们即将达成一项协议,提供技术和财政援助,帮助扑灭席卷南美国家巴西一座亚马孙雨林的大火,他们滑稽地称之为"世界之肺"50万公里(210万平方英里)——然而,与俄罗斯814.93万平方公里(506.3743万平方英里)的森林面积相比,这个面积相形见绌。俄罗斯的森林面积是世界上最大的,覆盖了该国约45%的土地-其中500平方英里(绿色和平组织对这些数据提出了质疑,称燃烧面积接近2.1万平方英里)——唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统是唯一一位向俄罗斯提供帮助与之作战的西方领导人——但西方应该立即向安哥拉和刚果民主共和国等非洲国家提供援助,这些国家根本没有资源与超过1万处的大规模森林大火作斗争,这些大火将雨林变成了灰烬,而巴西甚至不需要西方的帮助,因为它已经派出了4.3万军队与该国在亚马逊地区发生的大火作斗争。

Thus leaving the only logical explanation as to why the West has suddenly began perpetrating this Amazon fire hoax is to keep hidden from their peoples the devastating court ruling this past week that exposed their entire climate change narrative as a fraud—a ruling that dealt with the"Hockey Stick Graph"created by Pennsylvania State University geoscientist Michael Mann,Ph.D. that Western scientists,in 2004,proclaimed as being a"Global Warming Bombshell"because they said it showed that"we are now experiencing the warmest climate in a millennium,and that the earth,after remaining cool for centuries during the medieval era,suddenly began to heat up about 100 years ago–just at the time that the burning of coal and oil led to an increase in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide"—but whose evidence to support this as being true,saw Dr.Mann refusing to provide in a British Columbia-Canada court—a refusal that saw Dr.Mann deliberately violating a court order to produce his"Hockey Stick Graph"evidence—and that earned him seeing his case thrown out of court and his now being liable for all court costs,to include his paying all attorney fees to his opponents—and explains why the noted retired Canadian professor Dr.Tim Ball said Dr.Mann"belongs in the state pen,not Penn State".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

因此,对于为什么西方突然开始实施这场亚马逊森林大火骗局,唯一合乎逻辑的解释就是向他们的人民隐瞒上周令人震惊的法庭裁决,揭露他们的整个气候变化叙事是一场骗局ーー这项裁决涉及宾夕法尼亚州立大学地球科学家迈克尔·曼恩博士创建的"曲棍球棒图"D.2004年,西方科学家称之为"全球变暖的重磅炸弹",因为他们说,这表明"我们正在经历一千年来最温暖的气候,地球在中世纪时期保持了几个世纪的凉爽之后,大约100年前突然开始升温——就在燃烧煤炭和石油导致大气中二氧化碳含量增加的时候"——但是有证据证明这是真的,曼恩拒绝在不列颠哥伦比亚省-加拿大的一家法院提供证据ーー这一拒绝使曼恩故意违反法院命令,出示他的"曲棍球棍图"证据ーー导致他眼睁睁地看着自己的案子被驳回,现在他要承担所有法庭费用,包括向对手支付所有律师费ーー并解释了为什么著名的加拿大退休教授蒂姆·鲍尔(Tim Ball)说曼恩"属于州立监狱,而不是宾夕法尼亚州立大学":本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


Western leaders ignore massive wildfires turning African rainforests into cinders to perpetrate Amazon fire hoax…



…in order to keep hidden from their peoples the climate fraud crimes committed by Dr.Michael Mann.


According to this report,no understanding of the present day climate change hysteria overtaking the West can be accomplished without knowing its"birth mother"socialism—a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism that envisions a society living in a state where there is no private property and the government controls everything—and which in its 21st Century manifestation sees it going under the name globalism—a national policy of socialist Western nations that treats the whole world as their proper sphere for political influence—which is why,in 2016,top Christian theologians warned that"globalism is Anti-Christ and demonic".


To further understand why socialist-globalism is truly demonic,this report continues,one needs to know that its climate change"child"isn't a science—it's a religion—a religion in the context of its being a system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith by its unwitting adherents who are institutionalized(nearly from birth)into a system of religious attitudes,beliefs,and practices that mandates their unquestioning loyalty and obedience to what their"elders"tell them—and in this demonic religion sees these adherents crying for all climate change deniers to be charged with crimes and imprisoned—as well as their being ordered never to debate this climate change religion with anyone who questions it—a stance that places them in direct opposition to Christians who mandate that their religious adherents openly and freely answer any questions one asks of them—none of whom would even dare suggest that anyone not believing them be harmed in any way.



Climate Change religion mandates that all non-believers be shunned and punished…



…while the Christian religion mandates that all non-believers be taught and treated with dignity.


As in all demonic religions like climate change,this report notes,their mainly uneducated and unwitting adherents are kept in subjugation through a regime of fear—a fear regime first begun in 1975 by these Westernsocialists warning their adherents that the world would soon end because of the coming"New Ice Age"—a failed apocalyptic warning that was then quickly followed by these socialists telling their adherents that"Global Warming"would end the world—and when its apocalyptic predictions failed to materialize—some of which included that between 1980 and 1989,some 4 billion people,including 65 million Americans,would perish in the"Great Die-Off" and entire nations would be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels by the year 2000—it then saw these socialists creating their new catchall end of the world phrase"Climate Change".

这份报告指出,与气候变化等所有恶魔宗教一样,这些宗教的信徒大多没有受过教育,而且不知情,他们通过一个恐惧政权来镇压这些宗教信徒。这个恐惧政权最早是在1975年由这些西方社会主义者建立的,他们警告信徒,世界将很快毁灭,因为即将到来的"新冰河时代"——一个失败的启示性警告,随后这些社会主义者迅速对信徒们说,"全球变暖"将会毁灭世界——当其预言未能实现时,包括1980年至1989 2000年,包括6500万美国人在内的约40亿人将在"大灭绝"中死亡,整个国家将因海平面上升而从地球上消失——随后,这些社会主义者创造了他们新的世界末日词汇"气候变化"


As to the types of peoples unwittingly sucked into this socialist climate change religion,this report explains,nearly all of them are morally deficient leftist indoctrinated"child-adults"—who,during this past week alone,crowned the Swedish adult-child Felix"PewDiePie"Kjellberg as their new king by giving him 100-million viewers on his YouTube channel(the most of any individual in the world)so they can hear and obey his truly child-like wisdom—wisdom now being proclaimed in America on their leftist NBC News channel who copied PewDiePie to declare that"Heterosexuality Is Just Not Working"—that was followed by Democrat Party leaders using another PewDiePie pronouncement to insanely declare that"the Bible and the Constitution of the United States are socialist documents"—both of which NBC News and these Democrat Partyleaders did in order to capture the attention of PewDiePie's massive number of youth followers—one of whom,no doubt,is 24-year-old Morgan Hines—who,in an article she just wrote for USA Today,said about herself"After graduating from a master's program,I'm struggling to figure out how to spend responsibly while juggling more financial obligations"—a truly mind boggling admission that leaves one asking why this young women didn't learn in the six years of university study it takes to earn a Masters Degree how to manage her own life,and when will she ever?

至于那些无意中被卷入这种社会主义气候变化宗教的人,该报告解释说,几乎所有人都是道德上有缺陷的左翼人士,被灌输"儿童-成年人"的思想。仅在上周,这些人就将瑞典成年子女 Felix"PewDiePie"Kjellberg 封为他们的新国王,方法是在他的 YouTube 频道(世界上最多的个人)上给他1亿观众,让他们能够听到并服从他真正像孩子一样的智慧——美国正在宣扬这种智慧-在左翼的 NBC 新闻频道上,他抄袭了 PewDiePie,宣称"异性恋根本行不通"。随后,民主党领导人用另一份 PewDiePie 的声明疯狂地宣称"圣经和美国宪法是社会主义文件"——NBC 新闻频道和这些民主党领导人都是这么做的,为了吸引 PewDiePie 大量的年轻追随者的注意力——毫无疑问,其中一位是24岁的摩根·海恩斯(Morgan hines)——她刚刚为《今日美国》(USA Today)撰写了一篇文章,谈到自己时说:"从硕士项目毕业后,我一直在努力思考如何负责任地花钱,同时还要应付更多的财务责任。"——这种真正令人难以置信的承认让人不禁要问,为什么这些年轻女性在大学六年的学习中没有学会如何管理自己的生活?她什么时候才能学会?


To those peoples in the West failing to fall under the demonic influence of this socialist climate change religion,this report concludes,they are mainly real adults who lived during a time when their school teachers and university professors taught them true facts—such as the fact that the greatest influencer on our Earth's weather today was the Little Ice Age—a period between about 1300 and 1870 during which Europe and North America were subjected to much colder winters than during the 20th Century,and is divided in two phases,the first beginning around 1300 and continuing until the late 1400's—that was followed by a slightly warmer period in the 1500's,after which the climate deteriorated substantially—with the period between 1600 and 1800 marking the height of the Little Ice Age—all of which our planet is gradually recovering from to reach the normal temperatures seen before 1300—but now sees the most radical members of this climate change religion trying to stop it by injecting sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere to cool the Earth—none of whom have enough common sense to know that the Earth can take care of itself fine without them as it has being doing for eons—and as best exampled by the record high temperatures experienced in July being met with the surprising Raikoke Volcano eruption in Russia that had lain silent for 95-years—the Ulawun Volcano that massively erupted in Papua New Guinea—both of which were joined yesterday when the Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico violently erupted sending ash clouds miles into the sky—all three of which have pumped so much Earth cooling sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere,peoples the world over are marveling in awe at the pink,red and violet twilight skies they see due to these volcanoes erupting.

对于那些没有受到这种社会主义气候变化宗教恶魔影响的西方人来说,这份报告的结论是,他们主要是真正的成年人,他们生活在一个学校老师和大学教授教给他们真实事实的时代,例如,对我们地球天气产生最大影响的事实是小冰河时代,这个时期大约在1300年到1870年之间,欧洲和北美遭受了比20世纪更为寒冷的冬天,气候分为两个阶段,第一阶段始于1300年左右,一直持续到1400年代末,随后是1500年代稍微温暖的时期,之后气候大幅恶化,1600年至1800年是小冰河时期的高峰期,所有这些时期我们的地球正逐渐恢复到1300年前的正常温度,但现在看到这个气候变化宗教中最激进的成员试图通过向大气中注入二氧化硫来使地球降温来阻止气候变化----他们中没有人有足够的常识知道地球没有他们也能照顾好自己,就像它一直在做的那样----最好的例子是7月份经历的创纪录的高温,在俄罗斯遇到了令人惊讶的雷科克火山爆发,那次火山爆发沉寂了95年ー巴布亚新几内亚大规模爆发的乌拉文火山ーー两座火山昨天相继爆发,墨西哥的 Popocatepetl Volcano 火山猛烈喷发,火山灰云层高达数英里ーー所有这三座火山都向大气中注入了大量冷却地球的二氧化硫,全世界的人们都对这些火山喷发所带来的粉红色、红色和紫色的暮色天空惊叹不已。


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