2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球

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 July 3, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年7月3日

2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球

Remember the days when “Eastman Kodak” was associated with a lot of what we watched on the boob tube? We’ve come a long way since then. The good ol’ days have evaporated and we are embroiled in a silent war that most people are oblivious to, we’re living a movie—and they’re in it!


Earth is a volatile place at this point, and anything could happen in the epic adventure, “The Plan to Save the World”.


The stage has been set for a world-wide “scare event” that will force even the most apathetic, distracted, ill-informed Humans to sit up, take notice and engage. We suspect it will not be one event, but multi-faceted. Covid may qualify as an early one. We’ll see.


There is some bad news but also good.


The announcement of Nesara Gesara in BrazilIf you know... you knowWWG1WGA pic.twitter.com/wv5zgMgReU

What will the big, worldwide, shocking event look like? We won’t know until it happens, but it could be a series of cascading and overlapping events. This is one source who may have pinpointed a portion of that event. Link to Telegram.


All the pieces are now in place for someone to deliberately CAUSE a radiation leak at the ZNPP, and if such a leak takes place, NATO has already said they will deem it an attack upon NATO, brining NATO into the war. If NATO comes in, Russia says they go nuclear. https://t.me/RRR_GreatMindsByDesign

现在所有的一切都已经就位,有人蓄意在 ZNPP 造成辐射泄漏,如果发生这样的泄漏,北约已经表示,他们将认为这是对北约的攻击,将北约带入战争。如果北约介入,俄罗斯说他们会使用核武器。

The US Military is coordinating a massive takedown of the Khazarian mafia and their agents [minions] in any and all countries and we assume from the extraordinary amount of domestic and foreign military air traffic across the planet that the initiative has been in high gear for some time now. Arrests, extraditions, sealed indictments, executions… we hear about them weekly.

美国军方正在协调大规模打击任何国家的可萨黑手党及其代理人,我们从全球各地大量的国内外军事空中交通中推测,这一行动已经高速进行了一段时间。逮捕,引渡,密封起诉,处决... 我们每周都会听到。

We are not sure how much of the reporting is in real time and understand that for security and safety reasons we may not hear of the variety of activities until after the fact; sometimes long after the fact.


2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球

One main goal is to keep the planet peaceful with as little chaos as possible so not all activities are revealed. The natives are restless and it wouldn’t take much to set off a firestorm of unrest and dangerous situations.


Telegram is the best source I am aware of for current updates, like this one below:

Telegram 是我所知道的最好的最新消息来源,比如下面这个:

This is very interesting, what makes a great 🎬


Explosive Revelation: DeSantis Exposes Global Elite, Unveils WEF Connection

爆炸性的启示: 德桑提斯暴露全球精英,揭示世界经济论坛的联系

Get ready to be amazed as the truth unfolds right before your eyes. The global stage of world affairs is about to reveal its hidden secrets, with DeSantis taking center stage. However, doubts arise regarding his Yale University connection, which was allegedly funded by Epstein. Similar skepticism surrounds other prominent figures like Musk, Rogan, Jones, Tucker, and more. Pay close attention because each one plays a crucial role in this epic saga.

随着真相在你眼前展开,准备好大吃一惊吧。世界事务的全球舞台即将揭示其隐藏的秘密,以德桑蒂斯为中心的舞台。然而,人们对他与耶鲁大学(Yale University)的关系产生了怀疑。据称,耶鲁大学是由爱泼斯坦资助的。其他著名人物,如马斯克、罗根、琼斯、塔克等也持类似的怀疑态度。请密切关注,因为在这部史诗传奇中,每一个人都扮演着至关重要的角色。

While military operations continue to awaken the masses, notable figures from both sides of the political spectrum, including RINOs and Democrats, have taken the vaccines despite not aligning with Trump. But behind the scenes, military intelligence masterminds have orchestrated an astonishing plot, crafting an apparent conflict between Trump and DeSantis—a well-scripted masterpiece.


Yet, the real revelation lies in DeSantis’s courageous exposure of the WEF, the global elite on an unprecedented scale. European news outlets and social media are buzzing with this groundbreaking disclosure. DeSantis leads the charge in unveiling the insidious grip of the CCP, which controls the WEF and drives the globalist agenda.


But that’s not all. This intricate web of interconnected events sets the stage for what’s about to unfold. From Trump’s influence in Congress to his silent control over the House, everything is falling into place to expose the CCP’s foreign interference and dismantle their operations, corporations, and industries within the United States.


Believe it or not, you’ve been part of an extraordinary movie all this time—a meticulously crafted production where actors play pivotal roles. Their mission? To infiltrate, change the narrative, and leak crucial information through whistleblowers. It’s a race against time to awaken the masses before the Pentagon and the CIA lead us into civil unrest.


Prepare yourself for the mind-blowing revelations that await—an investigation into Fauci’s involvement in virus funding, the resurfacing of Epstein’s case, the rise of Musk, DeSantis, and Cotton, and the opening of long-sealed Epstein files in Congress. Brace yourself as giants like Microsoft and Facebook face exposure. It’s a whirlwind of events that will reshape our world.

准备好迎接即将到来的令人震惊的揭露吧: 对福奇涉嫌病毒资助的调查、爱泼斯坦案件的重新浮出水面、马斯克、德桑蒂斯和科顿的崛起,以及国会长期封存的爱泼斯坦文件的公开。作为微软和 Facebook 这样的巨头,你要做好暴露自己的准备。这是一个旋风式的事件,将重塑我们的世界。

In this extraordinary era, where truth and fiction intertwine seamlessly, Trump and these influential figures hold the key to dismantling the deep state. Stay vigilant, for the tide is turning, and the grand finale approaches. The truth warriors march forward with unwavering determination and an unyielding commitment to justice.


Get ready for the most exhilarating ride of your lifetime.


The show is far from over. 🎬


So much is happening…


HT Conspiracy Cabal


@ConspiracyCabal @ ConspiracyCabal

2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球

We are hearing, “We’re almost there.” I hope by now after years of us advising folks to prepare that they have put aside some extra food, water, meds, cash, pet supplies, etc. and if power is not available for a short time, you have light, heat, and a way to cook food.


A recent round table with Captain Kyle, Dave Guru Graham and LTC Riccardo Bosi indicated that while we may lose internet and phone comms for several days or more and banks and ATMs won’t be accessible, power will not be cut. That would be utter chaos and people would die.

最近与 Kyle 船长、 Dave Guru Graham 和 LTC Riccardo Bosi 举行的圆桌会议表明,尽管我们可能会失去互联网和电话通讯几天或更长时间,银行和自动取款机也无法访问,但电力不会被切断。那将会是一片混乱,会有人死去。

Some folks need electricity for life-support devices and communication with police, fire, and medical services must be available 24/7. You can’t cut the power to hospitals, for crying out loud, so no worries. Any power outages would be relatively short-lived. There is such as thing as auxiliary power.


The timing will be known when it happens. I doubt we will get a heads up on how long “life” will be suspended while the normies learn what was happening under their noses and they refused to acknowledge.


2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球

Why do we have to undergo such a widespread military intervention? Because the Khazarian mafia’s bad actors have been running their systems of theft, fraud, election rigging, Human trafficking, drugs, gun control and gun running, and long-term media disinformation and more across the world for a very long time and it’s time all Humans are aware of it; to participate in the eradication of the monsters doing it, and to ensure it never repeats.


Any kind of fraud, embezzlement, rigging, theft, manipulation you can think of—they’ve done it. They wrote the book on it. They are professional criminals yet they always point the finger at us. We must be documented, have licenses, go through scanners, pay through the nose for passports, suffer multiple security checks to fly anywhere, show ID to do anything financial, and the prisons have been full of people who committed misdemeanors or victimless crimes.


Everything is politicized in America. An application to renew a driver’s license, for example, has a section to check off your preferred political party, and state that as a US citizen you wish your voter registration to be updated. What does that have to do with a driver’s license—which we don’t require as sovereign citizens, anyway?

在美国,一切都被政治化了。例如,一个更新驾照的申请,有一个部分用来勾选你喜欢的政党,并声明作为一个美国公民你希望更新你的选民登记。这和驾照有什么关系? 反正我们作为主权公民是不需要驾照的?

Canada is learning the inconvenient truths as elections are rigged and stolen again and again. The criminals have had free rein there for far too long. Unfortunately, it took the US Military to step in and clean it up. Thank goodness for the USMCA.


Two things here:If you have 600 suspected cases of fraud *within* CRA, you have hundreds of actual fraud cases. Firing is not sufficient. We need criminal charges.Second, how cyncial can CRA be? Announcing this late on a Fri night before a holiday? Executive bonuses for all! https://t.co/dya9mmtzss

Tornado alerts were issued for Pennsylvania this weekend, and flights are apparently unreliable due to so many cancellations. It seems like the airline industry is tanking. If you do a search on Twitter, you can see endless reports at many airports in the US but also complaints in Canada over luggage left out in the pouring rain on the tarmac for two hours, Sydney Australia cancellations—due to high winds? Staffing shortages… and a lack of air traffic controllers… every excuse and it has been during the week leading up to this holiday weekend in the West. All kinds of excuses. Not a coincidence.

本周末宾夕法尼亚州发布了龙卷风警报,由于许多航班取消,航班显然不可靠。航空业似乎正在走下坡路。如果你在 Twitter 上搜索一下,你可以看到美国许多机场没完没了的报道,还可以看到加拿大的抱怨: 行李在停机坪上淋了两个小时的大雨,悉尼澳大利亚航空公司(Sydney Australia)因大风取消航班?人手短缺,缺少空中交通管制员,这些都是借口,而且这周正是西部的假期周末。各种各样的借口。这不是巧合。

Some travellers have been stuck at the airport for days, in lineups for many hours to attempt to rebook, some airlines refused access to their luggage so they couldn’t change clothes—and staff were rude. Can it get any worse?


Citizen journalist Luke Rudkowski has had extraordinary travel experiences for months. I just don’t fly. I hate it that much. There is no better place to get Humans under their thumb than the airport. Comply—or else.

公民记者卢克 · 鲁德科夫斯基几个月来有着非同寻常的旅行经历。我只是不会飞。我就是这么讨厌。没有比机场更能让人类屈服的地方了。服从,否则。

Something crazy is going on with the airlines, almost every single flight i have been on within the last 2 months has been severely delayed or cancelled. https://t.co/kHxbDSpaW2

They just can’t let an opportunity go by to blame “Canadian wildfires”. It’s said too often in the media to be believed at this point. They are trying to drive home their talking points so people will believe it. That’s the job of the mockingbird media.


The smoke is excessive and some are saying it’s toxic. Are they releasing in key areas, smoke from materials they are intentionally burning to pollute the air and poison people? NYC and Chicago…??? As we discussed the other day, the traffic cams in Southern Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia where the fires were most recent and the worst, show little to zero smoke there. The air was nearly all clear except for a little smoke in Nova Scotia, so we have to ask where that thick smoke in the air in New York and Chicago is really coming from.


Air #travelers are facing thousands of delayed or canceled flights, with some stuck in crowded airports for days.Meanwhile, air quality values have reached dangerous levels in some areas due to smoke from #CanadianWildfires.https://t.co/nx7OXmzFQ4 pic.twitter.com/6vdHQKRnOO

What’s the deal about the full moon last night? People are talking about it like it was something special or weird. Anyone?


Thunder moon. As in storm?


We heard about placebo Covid shots long ago but it’s in the news again. It just makes sense if you think about it. They have to be sneaky. Link to Telegram.


BOMBSHELL: New Investigation Finds 1-in-3 Pfizer Vaccine Doses May Have Been a Placebo


“They were experimenting on people. There’s no other way to slice it. The only other thing that’s possible is that they were covering up for the massive number of side effects…And the only way to mitigate it, to keep the public calm and to keep taking our injection, is to give a chunk of them a placebo.”

“他们在人身上做实验。没有别的办法了。唯一可能的是,他们掩盖了大量的副作用... ... 而唯一能减轻副作用的方法,就是让公众保持冷静,继续接受我们的注射,就是给他们一大块安慰剂。”

🚨 BOMBSHELL: New Investigation Finds 1-in-3 Pfizer Vaccine Doses May Have Been a Placebo"They were experimenting on people. There's no other way to slice it. The only other thing that's possible is that they were covering up for the massive number of side effects...And the... pic.twitter.com/DZFTSmFVz1


This survey is active for a couple more days. It’s interesting when you respond to see the results thus far.


No Description

Derek Johnson is winding up his pitching arm to sling the poo back at those who have slandered him—and more. No more patience. Link to Telegram.

德里克•约翰逊(Derek Johnson)正收起投球的手臂,向那些诽谤他的人——以及更多人——投掷粪便。没有耐心了。链接到电报。

Keep my name out of your cheap and slimy mouth’s. Or I’ll exposed your name to everyone on all platforms and let the people decide.


I’m a hair away from exposing many people and platforms. I’m tired of this nonsense and 💩


And btw… I’m about to post ALL emails and names for Gitmo.

顺便说一下... 我要发布所有 Gitmo 的邮件和名字。

They’re all public and it’s time the people lights all these asses up for their politics they want to play.


The desperation of the slimeballs is apparent on Telegram where they try to tell us Capt. Kyle crew and other good patriots are the enemy.


Pestilence continues in these biblical times. It’s the only kind of stupid distraction they can come up with.



For newbies, it helps to have comparisons. They flaunt their symbolism in our faces every day, and this isn’t all of them.


DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? pic.twitter.com/ygjv4l25MT

This next bit is just another in a long line of capitulations to make Canada the ideal destination for Islamic/Muslim immigrants. Sorry, but in Canada, we should not be massaging our laws to accommodate immigrant religious ‘identities’.


2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球

Sikh helmet exemption – Link to Telegram.



There is no other country on the planet—particularly in the middle east—that would adjust their laws for us. They can adjust to our customs and laws or go somewhere else. We have to wear head scarves or a hat, etc. in their country whether we share that religion or not. Rules are rules. Why would Canadians sacrifice their cultural identity? Because they were told to—and they’re too polite and apathetic to fight back. Baaa! Their spiritual beliefs are not more important than anyone else’s and misguided tolerance will backfire. Big time.


Islam supposedly translates to “surrender”. Do they surrender? No—they take over. They are part of the plan to eradicate Christianity. Canada is under attack from within just as America is.


2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球

Canada may be in for some supply chain issues. Best to stock up, folks.



The horrors perpetrated by the satanic control freaks are not yet fully known. We keep hearing more sickening details, though, including in the mainstream media.


Human cadaver tissue could be the secret to looking younger


2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球
Marina Abramovic and his “performance art”? Hardly.
玛莉娜·阿布拉莫维奇和他的“行为艺术”? 不可能。

Jim Caviezel has been talking a lot about adrenochrome and the movie to be in theatres tomorrow, July 4, Sound of Freedom. It’s free.

吉姆 · 卡维泽尔谈了很多关于肾上腺素红和电影的事情,这部电影将于明天7月4日上映,《自由之声》。免费的。

We can’t just drop the bomb on adrenochrome to the normies. They need baby steps. Would be great if they did sequels that eventually expose the disgusting, blood sucking maggots. It’s all trickling out and many will not be able to handle it. Too bad. It will be exposed! Save the children.  Source


France is experiencing dark times. The nation is overrun with violent, illegal immigrants imported and instructed to do damage and cause chaos. I’m hearing that the people there are being gassed, but that is unconfirmed and there is at least a “blackout” of sorts pending so it’s difficult to say. We hope the People of France remain safe and triumph over the tyrants and their vermin.



Link to Telegram:


Military mobilizing in France


💥Military mobilizing in Belgium


💥Military mobilizing in Switzerland


Probably just annual military drills and exercises 😅


No, this is why military assets have been strategically deployed and put in place…to deal with civil unrest and bad… htt

不,这就是为什么军事力量被战略性地部署到位,来应对国内动乱和严重的... 恐怖袭击

🔗 {Matt} $XRPatriot (@matttttt187) (https://twitter.com/i/status/1675552368790781957)

{ mattt } $x 爱国者(@matttttt187)( https://twitter.com/i/status/1675552368790781957)


2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球

We have  below some helpful tips for keeping our frequency high from Telegram. Some of this might not be intuitive but we can see that too much time spent with low-frequency news and activities can drag us down but we can override that if we consciously choose to do so.


Why do you have to vibrate high?
Illness has a vibration of 5.5hz. It doesn’t really exist above 25.5hz.
The reasons for low vibrations can be: fatigue, fear, nervous tension, and anger. This is why we need to vibrate high – stop watching the news all the time so your vibrational frequencies don’t drop.

你为什么要振动得这么高?疾病有5.5赫兹的振动。在25.5赫兹以上是不存在的。低振动的原因可以是: 疲劳、恐惧、紧张和愤怒。这就是为什么我们需要振动高-停止看新闻所有的时间,这样你的振动频率不会下降。

The frequency of the Earth is 27.4 hz, but there are places that vibrate very low, like hospitals and malls, bars, nightclubs, prisons, subway stations, old office buildings, etc地球的频率是27.4赫兹,但是有些地方的振动很低,比如医院、商场、酒吧、夜总会、监狱、地铁站、旧办公楼等等
Pain 0.1 to 2 hz疼痛0.1到2赫兹
Fear 0.2 to 2.2 hz恐惧0.2到2.2赫兹
Irritation 0.9 to 6.8 hz刺激0.9至6.8赫兹
Noise 0.6 to 2.2 hz噪音0.6至2.2赫兹
Superiority 1.9hz 优先级1.9赫兹

Instead of this:而不是这样:
be grateful 150hz感激150赫兹
Sympathy 150 hz and more同情心150赫兹以上
We give universal love from 205 hz 我们从205赫兹给予普遍的爱

You have to vibrate high. In the most scientific, the meaning of the word is more important than ever!!!
528 Hz, known as the ‘miracle’ tone, is a sound wave that can cause significant and extraordinary changes in biological functions. It has been documented that a frequency of 528 Hz activated DNA repair.

你必须振动得很高。在最科学的世界里,这个词的意义比以往任何时候都重要! ! !528赫兹,被称为“奇迹”音,是一种声波,可以引起重大的和非凡的生物功能的变化。有文献记载,528赫兹的频率激活 DNA 修复。

You see, modern scientists call it “DNA,”现代科学家称之为“ DNA”
But the ancient oriental teaching referred to it as “chakras.但古代东方教义称之为“脉轮”。
However you want to use the modern term from traditional language, the fact remains the same.不管你怎么用传统语言中的现代术语,事实都是一样的。
All you have to do is “activate” the energy center that attracts true wealth and abundance..你所要做的就是“激活”吸引真正财富和富足的能量中心。
It will flow effortlessly into your life. 它会毫不费力地流入你的生活。

Live – smile – play – paint – sing – dance – – enjoy life- meditate – yoga – Tai chi chuan – Sun – Enjoy nature –
Feeding ourselves with the food that the Earth gives us: seeds-grains-grains-pulse-fruits and drinking water – will help us vibrate higher!

生活-微笑-游戏-绘画-唱歌-舞蹈-享受生活-冥想-瑜伽-太极拳-太阳-享受大自然-用地球给我们的食物喂养我们自己: 种子-谷物-谷物-脉搏-水果和饮用水-将帮助我们振动得更高!

Love and Light 441 爱与光441 💜✨🌈
Love and Light, 爱与光,
Healing World 治愈世界


We hope everyone is enjoying a good weekend. It is certainly full of news and developments across the world.


Happy Independence Day, America. May you be set free.  ~ BP


2023年7月3日: 舞台已经搭好ーー各就各位|星际飞船地球


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