X22报道|第3108集: 中央银行体系即将走下悬崖,旧的卫道士权力结构正在被摧毁

2023年7月4日18:39:01最新动态X22报道|第3108集: 中央银行体系即将走下悬崖,旧的卫道士权力结构正在被摧毁已关闭评论115字数 1415阅读4分43秒阅读模式

DS 意识到他们已经输掉了信息战,他们正试图通过人工智能重新获得控制权,但这将失败。

X22报道|第3108集: 中央银行体系即将走下悬崖,旧的卫道士权力结构正在被摧毁

Ep. 3108a – The [CB] System Is About To Go Off The Cliff, Timing Is Everything

[ CB ]系统即将崩溃,时机就是一切

Ep. 3108b – Are The France Riots A [DS] Test Run? Old Guard Power Structure Being Destroyed

法国骚乱是一次试运行吗? 旧的保守力量结构被摧毁

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Streamed on: Jul 3, 7:00 pm EDT

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China shuts down metals to make semi conductors, says its a national security issue. The wind industry is in trouble because of turbine problems. Biden has the biggest staff in DC. The [CB] system is about to go off the cliff, timing is everything.

中国关闭金属生产半导体,称这是一个国家安全问题。由于涡轮机的问题,风力工业陷入了困境。拜登在华盛顿拥有最多的员工。[ CB ]系统即将走下悬崖,时机就是一切。

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Streamed on: Jul 3, 7:30 pm EDT

X22报告 直播时间: 美国东部时间7月3日下午7:30


The [DS] realize they have lost the information war, they are trying to regain control via AI but this will fail. They will no need to push the information war into a physical war. Is France a test run to try to start a civil war, its starting to seem like it. What we are witnessing is the destruction of the old guard power structure. The [DS] is being starved of funds and they are panicking, the patriots are in control.

DS 意识到他们已经输掉了信息战,他们正试图通过人工智能重新获得控制权,但这将失败。他们不需要把信息战推向实战。法国是一个试运行,试图开始一场内战,它开始似乎。我们正在目睹的是旧卫队权力结构的破坏。民主党缺乏资金,他们感到恐慌,爱国者控制了局面。


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