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马修•沃德|光照派和 NESARA

Matthew and his mother and channel,Suzy Ward 马修和他的母亲苏西·沃德

Matthew Ward,who served on the highest universal council that mapped out our Ascension,(1)spoke about the Illuminati's control of the economy and the need for NESARA at the begining and end of 2007.

马修•沃德,服务的最高普遍委员会,规划了我们的扬升(1)2007年初期和年底谈到了光照派的控制经济和需要 NESARA

His words are still highly relevant and enlightening.



Matthew Ward,"Essay on 2012,"Dec.31,2007,at https://www.matthewbooks.com.



Because money is the basis not only for commerce,but even more so for concentrating power,the need for economic reforms worldwide is as crucial as changes in national leadership.The economy as reported is more myth than actuality.Only a comparative handful of people know how tenuous and corrupt the global economy is or that international trade and the stock markets are manipulated by the Illuminati,a group of darkly-inclined people who have passed their tight global reins from generation to generation.


They have amassed vast fortunes through that control as well as by charging usurious bank loan rates and accruing mammoth amounts from their illegal drugs industry,and they use that money to buy governments;bankrupt countries and exploit their natural resources;keep billions of souls at barely subsistence level;and fund both sides in wars that they precipitate and perpetuate because from wars they derive handsome profits.


This cannot continue and it won't.The unconscionably inequitable allocation of money in your world will end.Although I cannot give you finite details of the changeover process,I can give you an overview and assure you that the honest,knowledgeable people who will manage the process will keep disruption at a minimum as they fairly distribute the world's wealth.


The Illuminati's illegally and immorally garnered fortunes will be put into circulation and their exploitation of natural resources worldwide will end.Since that power base is what enabled them to set government and banking policies and own multinational corporations,those corrupt controls also will end.The huge debts of the poorest nations were incurred by their state of desperation,often caused by Illuminati actions and influence;but the loans went to the despots ruling the countries and did not benefit the citizens,so those debts will be annulled and assistance given directly to the people.


Many national borders have been set by the victors in war who wanted the natural resources,and that created"have-nots"who formerly were"haves."When the LOVE in souls ends all conflicts,borders no longer will be cause for dispute because all peoples will be"haves."


The coffers of the United States,which is erroneously considered the most fiscally sound nation in the world,have been empty for some time.The national debt,in large part due to the skullduggery of the Illuminati-owned Federal Reserve System and its IRS collection agency,will become manageable when that System is dissolved.

美国被错误地认为是世界上财政最健全的国家,它的金库已经空了一段时间。国家债务,在很大程度上是由于光照派拥有的联邦储备系统和它的 IRS 收集机构的欺诈行为,将成为管理时,该系统解散。

The various currencies,especially dollars,have no foundation–daily transactions involving billions of dollars and other currencies are merely information passed from one computer to another and they far exceed the money to back them.The"new"foundation for currencies will be a return to an old one,where precious metals was a set standard for exchange,and"old fashioned"bartering once again will be an excellent way for nations and communities to conduct some business.


The allocation of food and other basic life essentials available in the richer countries will be shared on an equitable basis with the poorer countries until a global production order is achieved.Diets will change from meat and seafood to plants as people learn to respect and honor all animal life.The herds of food animals will decrease through the cessation of breeding and natural transition,and as plants become diet staples,any that were harmfully genetically engineered will shed those properties.…


Now I must tell you as well that the transition from this day to that world will continue to present challenges.To say otherwise would be neither truthful nor prudent as your expectations would not be met,and instead of successfully dealing with challenges–which you are well prepared to do with wisdom and strength of spirit and character or you wouldn't have chosen and been selected to participate!–you could become discouraged as Earth continues apace on her ascension journey.


Wars and other violence,injustices,deception and corruption will continue until that energy set in motion is played out.Although the dark forces,the vast force field of negative thought forms,has left this part of the galaxy,tentacles of that energetic influence remain and are making last ditch efforts to control the most vulnerable souls as well as attack those with the brightest light.


Further,the higher frequencies now on the planet are magnifying all human characteristics,and those that are darkly-inclined are showing that intensification through increasing hostility,greed,violence and apathy toward those who are suffering and in desperate need.So,while not all of the dark skirmishes are past,we urge you to be encouraged by each that arises–it means that the vanquishing of the darkness is that much nearer.Rejoice in knowing that its momentum is close to to the point of exhaustion because all of you who are living your light are helping to speed it to conclusion.



Matthew's Message,Jan.1,2007.



It is difficult for you to imagine any system other than what you are accustomed to,and only a comparative handful of people know how corrupt that system is or that international trade,banking and stock markets are manipulated by the Illuminati.Although I cannot give you finite details of the changeover process,I can give you an overview and assure you that the honest,knowledgeable people who will manage the process intend to minimize disruption as they fairly distribute the world's wealth.


The"new"foundation for currencies will be a return to an old one,where there actually was a set standard for exchange;now there is only a vague appearance of value as transactions are from computer to computer and the total worth of daily transactions far exceeds the money available to back them.


Because the debts of the poorest nations were incurred by desperation and the loans were not used to benefit the citizens,those debts will be annulled.As for economic collapse in the United States,that country's coffers have been empty for some time,and its citizens can only benefit from new economic management.The US national debt is due to the Illuminati's skullduggery in calculating it,and when their Federal Reserve System and its collection arm,the IRS,are dissolved,the actual debt will be manageable.


The unspeakable fortunes illegally amassed by the top Illuminati will be returned to circulation,and since those fortunes enabled them to control governments,banking and multinational corporations,that control will end.Bartering can be an excellent way for nations to conduct some business,just as in small communities,and outright assistance will be given to impoverished countries.…


Not only will the Illuminati money be distributed wherever the need is greatest,but their control of natural resources will too,as will the wanton destruction of the environment through oil and gas extraction,mining,logging and pollution.Technologies now suppressed and the more advanced technologies that will be introduced by your universal brothers and sisters will clear the pollution and provide renewable energy and building materials.




(1)"As one of the highest universal council's designers of the master plan for Earth's Golden Age,I could give you firsthand information about[the plan]."(Matthew's Message,Feb.3,2014.)




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