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My previous two articles(here and here)explored the evidence suggesting that much of the work required to remove corruption is complete.Many people want to know when the arrests are going to happen.Information is available that can be used to create a timeline of future events.But to accurately predict the future,we must first understand the past and present.Let's briefly review the history of Donald Trump's presidency and how two groups of people perceive it.


Donald Trump's Presidential candidacy was opposed by Hollywood,the media,the political establishment,and coastal progressives.His run for the White House was supported by tens of millions of patriotic nobodies.Since the election,progressives and patriots have been watching a dramatic story unfold.There are,in fact,two stories being told,each written by a different author.



Progressives are watching a movie in which a tyrannical,corrupt dictator has been installed in the oval office with the help of Vladimir Putin.The orange despot has bungled every aspect of his Presidency.It is only because of the hard work of dedicated and patriotic career bureaucrats in Washington that Trump's disastrous foreign policies haven't caused a nuclear holocaust.Progressives were promised that Robert Mueller would expose Trump's collusion with Russia and he would be removed from office,but Mueller failed.Fortunately,the heroic Adam Schiff is,at this very moment,gathering the evidence needed to destroy the monster who is ruining our beloved democracy.In this movie,Trump is about to be publicly humiliated and removed from office.The results of the Russia-influenced 2016 election will finally be made right.


On the other movie screen,patriots have watched Trump lose one general after another over his insistence that the bloody and expensive wars in the middle east and Asia come to an end.Trump managed to get Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table and avert a nuclear war with North Korea.He's brought back jobs that were sent overseas and is fighting Congress and the courts to stem the flow of drugs and criminals who pour through our southern border.


Trump's Justice Department launched investigations into the many criminal enterprises that were allowed by,and in some cases,initiated by previous administrations.We have confirmation from Attorney General Barr that some of those investigations are complete.The Spygate investigation is now focusing on former CIA Director John Brennan and former DNI James Clapper,two of the top-level people from the Obama administration who plotted the illegal surveillance of Trump's campaign.(Since criminal investigations begin with lower-level players and work their way up the chain of command,this suggests that the Spygate investigation is also nearing its completion.)Patriots have watched Trump take on the dishonest corporate media and the corrupt political establishment.

特朗普领导的司法部对许多犯罪企业展开了调查,这些企业得到了前几届政府的许可,在某些情况下还得到了前几届政府的启动。我们从司法部长巴尔那里得到确认,其中一些调查已经完成。间谍门的调查目前集中在前中央情报局局长约翰·布伦南(John Brennan)和前国家情报局局长詹姆斯·克拉珀(James Clapper)身上,他们是奥巴马政府的两名高层人物,策划了对特朗普竞选活动。(由于犯罪调查从低级玩家开始,一路向上到达指挥系统,这意味着间谍门调查也接近尾声。)爱国者们目睹了特朗普对抗不诚实的企业媒体和腐败的政治机构。

Since half of the country is watching a movie in which Trump is about to be removed from office,the sudden and unexpected arrest of his opponents would be viewed as political retaliation.It would only confirm the narrative that the orange man is a dictator who must be removed from office—by force,if necessary.Arrests at this time would cause a civil war.In order to avoid civil unrest,a new public narrative must first be put forth that corrects the false narrative the media has used to deceive half the country.


The new narrative,if it to be believed,must be seen as truthful,authoritative,and non-partisan.It's been developed,and it has two components.The first part is the Department of Justice Inspector Genera's report on allegations of FISA abuse.Inspector General Horowitz was an Obama appointee who,in previous reports,failed to deliver the knockout punch conservatives hoped for.James Comey,while quibbling over details of the report on his memos,praised Horowitz's fair and objective methods.Horrowitz can hardly be considered a partisan hack,which makes him the perfect person to deliver the first installment of the new narrative.


The Horrowitz report will expose the corrupt acts of the Obama administration and their collusion with the media in an attempt to railroad Trump and remove him from office.Those who are watching the orange-man-bad movie will face a plot twist that challenges their beliefs.The IG report will factually and objectively demonstrate that progressive heroes are,in fact,duplicitous criminals who deserve prosecution.


The second part of the new narrative is the declassification of documents by Attorney General William Barr.Trump authorized Barr to declassify anything he wants.Barr can give the declassified documents to anyone who might benefit from them.We know that text messages related to the Russia investigation between Andrew McCabe,James Comey,Bruce Ohr,Lisa Page,and Peter Strzok are on the list of things to be declassified.We also know the gang of 8 intel briefing on the status of the Russia investigation will be declassified.The possibilities for declassification are endless since Bar has complete authority and discretion.The secret communications and reports of those involved in the Russia investigation will be available for the public to read for themselves.The declassified documents will paint a clear picture of the criminal activities of those who tried to remove Trump from office.


Since the false movie narrative is being propagated by the media,along with the exposure of corrupt politicians,the media's dishonesty must be exposed.The Horowitz report and the release of declassified documents will factually and objectively demonstrate that the media colluded with corrupt politicians and knowingly published false information with the intent of deceiving the public.This will allow the entire nation(and the world)to see the truth.


The Great Awakening is a term I use to describe the public becoming aware of a two-tiered system of justice that has allowed corrupt people to go unpunished.The Storm describes the coming arrest and prosecution of those corrupt people.The Calm Before the Storm is the time we currently live in before the arrests happen.Although the criminal investigations may have been completed long ago,only after the public has accepted the truth about corruption,can the justice phase begin.


I won't predict a date when the arrests will happen.Everyone who has made such a prediction has been wrong.The political landscape is an ever-changing and unpredictable environment.(Did anyone predict the impeachment inquiry before it happened?)We know that the Horowitz report is nearly complete,but there is no way to predict the exact date it will be made public.The same is true for the release of declassified documents.What I can say is this:we should expect to see arrests after the Horowitz report and declassified documents have been released and the public has had time to digest them and accept the truth about corruption.At that point,those who have been watching the orange-man-bad movie may demand justice for the real criminals.




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