Wifi 和电磁辐射通过体内过氧亚硝酸盐的产生导致 DNA 损伤

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对已发表的关于无线(WiFi)和电磁频率(EMF)的科学研究进行了一次彻底的审查,发现至少有七种不同的方式使 WiFi 和 EMF 微波污染对人体产生严重伤害。

A thorough review of the available published science on wireless(WiFi)and electromagnetic frequency(EMF)exposure has identified at least seven different ways that WiFi and EMF microwave pollution actively harms the human body.

对已发表的关于无线(WiFi)和电磁频率(EMF)的科学研究进行了一次彻底的审查,发现至少有七种不同的方式使 WiFi EMF 微波污染对人体产生严重伤害。


Published in the journal Environmental Research,the peer-reviewed paper explains that exposure to WiFi signals,which are everywhere these days,can lead to:oxidative stress,sperm and testicular damage,neuropsychiatric effects including EEG(electroencephalogram)changes,apoptosis(programmed cell death),cellular DNA damage,endocrine changes,and calcium overload.

发表在《环境研究》杂志上的这篇同行评审的论文解释说,如今到处都是 WiFi 信号,暴露在 WiFi 信号下会导致:氧化应激、精子和睾丸损伤、包括脑电图(EEG)变化、细胞凋亡(细胞程序性死亡)、细胞 DNA 损伤、内分泌变化和钙超载。

As many as 16 different reviews also show that exposure to other microwave EMFs is directly associated with these same effects as well as others,proving that living in the wireless age isn't nearly as safe as health authorities in collusion with the telecommunications industry would have us all believe.


Experts say that the predominant mechanism of action with EMFs–meaning the primary way that these invisible pollutants can harm your body–is through what's known as voltage-gated calcium channel(VGCC)activation.


According to science,VGCC activation caused by EMFs can eventually lead to cancer–though the general public isn't being told any of this,of course.

根据科学研究,电磁辐射引起的 VGCC 激活最终会导致癌症——当然,公众并没有被告知这些。

There are also said to be numerous other mechanisms through which WiFi and other forms of EMs can cause bodily harm,including through the activation of other voltage-gated ion channels,as well as via the geomagnetic magnetoreception mechanism and through calcium cyclotron resonance.

据说,WiFi 和其他形式的 EMs 还可以通过许多其他机制造成身体伤害,包括通过激活其他电压门控离子通道,以及通过地磁磁接收机制和回旋频率。

If you're curious,the paper provides a more thorough breakdown of the established effects of WiFi and other EMFs as produced by VGCC activation.These are available in Table 3 of the study.

如果你感到好奇,这篇论文提供了一个由 VGCC 激活产生的 WiFi 和其他电磁场的已有影响的更彻底的分解。这些都可以在研究的表3中找到。

WiFi signals destroy male reproductive function over time

随着时间的推移,WiFi 信号破坏了男性的生殖功能

The paper further explains that EMF effects are often cumulative,which is really bad news when considering just how many of them we're all exposed to these days.EMFs are also more negatively impactful on young people than they are adults,which is hardly surprising.


Despite having been declared by the telecom industry to be 100 percent safe with no need to study it further,WiFi has been shown in at least 23 different controlled scientific studies to cause the aforementioned health-related effects in mammals,as well as lowered male fertility and hormonal damage.

尽管电信行业宣称 WiFi 是百分之百安全的,不需要进一步研究,但至少有23项不同的受控科学研究表明,WiFi 会对哺乳动物的健康产生上述影响,并降低雄性生育能力和荷尔蒙损害。

Specifically in men,WiFi signals decrease testosterone levels,potentially leading to lowered testicular size;change testicular epithelial structure;decrease spermatogenesis;as well as incur 35 neurological and neuropsychiatric effects,including nine central nervous system effects,four autonomic system effects,17 psychological disorders,four behavioral changes and EEG changes,seven types of chromosomal aberrations,eight types of endocrine changes,and cell death.

特别是在男性身上,WiFi 信号降低睾丸激素水平,可能导致睾丸大小降低;改变睾丸上皮结构;减少精子发生;以及引起35种神经和精神方面的影响,包括9种中枢神经系统效应,4种自主神经系统效应,17种心理障碍,4种行为改变和脑电图变化,7种染色体畸变,8种内分泌改变和细胞死亡。

To keep up with the latest news about 5G,another source of highly damaging EMF pollution,visit 5Galert.com.


EMFs can damage the body by elevating peroxynitrite levels,leading to cancer-causing oxidative stress and inflammation


The most significant pathophysiological effects of EMF exposure are reportedly generated via excessive calcium signaling,which we previously covered,as well as through what's known as the proxynitrite pathway,with peroxynitrite levels becoming elevated due to increases in both nitric oxide(NO)and superoxide.


When it reacts with its carbon dioxide(CO2)adduct,proxynitrite can actually break down to produce reactive free radicals,including hydroxyl radical,carbonate radical,and NO2 radical,all of which create damaging oxidative stress that can lead to chronic disease.

当它与其二氧化碳加合物反应时,亚硝酸前体实际上会分解产生活性自由基,包括羟基自由基、碳酸根和 NO2自由基,所有这些都会产生破坏性的氧化应激,从而导致慢性疾病。

This oxidative stress also has the potential to elevate NF-kappaB activity resulting in chronic inflammation,which we know from science lies at the root of nearly all expressions of chronic illness,including cancer.

这种氧化应激还有可能提高 NF-kappaB 活性,从而导致慢性炎症,我们从科学上知道这是几乎所有慢性疾病表现的根源,包括癌症。

The chart below shows the various pathways of action by which EMF VGCC activation can produce the various negative effects instigated by EMF exposure:

下面的图表显示了电磁场 VGCC 激活可以产生电磁场暴露引起的各种负面影响的各种作用途径:

Wifi 和电磁辐射通过体内过氧亚硝酸盐的产生导致 DNA 损伤

Take vitamin C and eat antioxidant-rich foods to help protect yourself against WiFi and EMF damage


Recognizing that one of the best solutions to oxidative stress and its associated inflammation is to consume more antioxidant nutrition,one obvious natural remedy to all of this would be to simply intake more vitamin C,presumably from whole food sources.


Vitamin C rich foods include the usual suspects like oranges,lemons,and other citrus fruits,as well as"Super C"superfoods like camu camu berry and acerola cherry,foods that respectively contain the world's highest natural levels of vitamin C.

富含维生素 c 的食物包括橙子、柠檬和其他柑橘类水果,以及"超级C"超级食物,如卡姆卡姆浆果和针叶樱桃,这些食物分别含有世界上最高的天然维生素C水平。

Other antioxidants that can help protect you against WiFi and EMF exposure include zinc,a key component of metabolism and immune function,as well as selenium,a powerful antiviral antioxidant.

其他的抗氧化剂可以帮助你抵抗 WiFi 和电磁场的辐射,包括锌,一种新陈代谢和免疫功能的关键成分,还有硒,一种强大的抗病毒抗氧化剂。

Other antioxidant-rich foods that may help to protect against WiFi and EMF damage include cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower,seed-dense berries like raspberries,cherries,watermelon,artichokes,and leafy greens such as spinach.

其他富含抗氧化剂的食物,可能有助于防止 WiFi 和电磁场的损害,包括十字花科蔬菜,如西兰花和花椰菜,种子密集的浆果,如覆盆子,樱桃,西瓜,朝鲜蓟,和绿叶蔬菜,如菠菜。

Be sure to check out the complete study for more information about the damaging impact of WiFi and EMFs on the human body.

一定要查看完整的研究,了解 WiFi 和电磁场对人体的破坏性影响的更多信息。

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