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(Natural News)Influenza and coronavirus have one thing in common as they are both much more likely to infect and kill humans who already have weakened immune systems,but there's something else most US doctors are not telling anyone.Most Americans have severely compromised immune systems due directly to the vaccines and medicines used most frequently today,including mercury-laced flu shots,antibiotics and most prescription medications.Could there already be a natural cure for these lab-made diseases and genetically modified viral strains they're spreading all around while they lie and say"there's no problem at all?"


When you suffer from inflammation from the influenza vaccine toxins,you're more susceptible to all kinds of infections.When that"full round"of antibiotics wipes out all of your good gut bacteria,your immune system is decimated.As coronavirus circulates the globe,it's mainly the immune-crippled bottom 10 percent of humans that die from nCoV,or did the CDC not inform you of that on CNN(the Counterfeit News Network),or in your fake world news daily newspaper?

当你遭受流感疫苗毒素引起的炎症时,你更容易受到各种感染。当"全套"抗生素消灭了你所有的有益肠道细菌时,你的免疫系统就被摧毁了。随着冠状病毒在全球传播,死于 ncov 的主要是那些免疫系统受损的底层10%的人,还是疾病控制中心没有在 CNN(假新闻网)或者你的假世界新闻日报上通知你?

Scientific study determines elderberries immobilize flu virus,plus cut the illness duration in half if you already have it


Once you read about this chemical compound in elderberries that gives the flu a bully beat down,and that's not patented by the FDA or CDC yet,you'll drop the dangerous flu vaccine and run to the closest health food store.Doctors across the United States sling antibiotics at flu symptoms regularly,thinking you've got a bacterial infection,and the next thing you know,you're also getting a flu shot and taking antihistamines,another prescription nightmare that causes sicknesses to fester inside your body.It's time to get with the program–the natural health program,and swallow it whole.

一旦你读到接骨木浆果中的这种化合物能够击败流感,而且这种化合物还没有获得 FDA CDC 的专利,你就会扔掉危险的流感疫苗,跑到最近的健康食品商店。全美国的医生经常用抗生素治疗流感症状,以为你得了细菌感染,然后你知道的下一件事就是,你还得打流感疫苗,服用抗组胺药,这又是一个导致疾病在你体内溃烂的噩梦。是时候了解这个项目了——自然健康项目,然后全盘接受它。

Unique phytochemicals found in elderberries just so happen to block the flu virus from entering our healthy cells or even attaching to them.They don't relieve you of symptoms,instead they go to work on the root of the problem,defending you in the strongest way,and naturally at that.That means your immune system isn't wiped out by mercury and antibiotics.Get it?


One of the reasons any flu or coronovirs can be deadly is because it's constantly replicating,so if all your doctor does is address the symptoms with medications,you're in for a rude awakening.Researchers,including doctors,are using farmed elderberries that are turned into a juice serum.The serum is then applied to cells before,during and after they got infected by a strain of flu virus.


The result?Elderberry syrup blocked key viral proteins that are responsible for attaching to cells and entering them.The elderberry extract even fought off the virus late into the infection,by coordinating the release of chemical messengers called cytokines that create a very efficient immune response.If any medical doctors admit to these findings and recommend elderberry to their patients,the AMA will certainly have a"sit down"with that pill slinging machine and remind him/her who's in charge.


Want some virus-killing elderberry extract syrup for your family's defense against the flu and possibly even deadly coronavirus?


Think about this for a minute.If you get the flu or the common cold,and your doctor scribbles out a prescription of antibiotics for you,thinking you have a bacterial infection,you could catch coronavirus and die,with that severely compromised immune system for which your medical doctor would be directly responsible.If you catch the flu this year because you got the flu shot,or because you got the flu shot last year and now you're even more susceptible to the virus this year(science proves that,by the way),well then you're now highly susceptible to dying from coronavirus,should you catch it.


Did you know that elderberry grows all around in the world,naturally?Yep.The European black elderberry shrub(also known as sambucus nigra)can be found right here in North America,or in Africa,Asia and Europe.That's why big pharma can't put a patent on it,screw up its efficacy in a lab,and say it doesn't work.That's what they do when they can,you know that,right?


Elderberries are loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids that are anti-inflammatory.This is Nature's medicine chest,but American doctors are forbidden from speaking positively about it,much less recommending it.Elderberries are anti-viral and even help fight off certain bacterial infections.So much for those antibiotics,huh?


clinical study published in Bio Med Central(BMC)revealed to the world that black elderberry can help you fight off both influenza A and B viruses,as well as certain gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria that are responsible for upper respiratory infections.We've known this since back in 2011.We're talking about a safe,efficient and inexpensive way to treat influenza,but the FDA and CDC have buried this information underground.No mass media coverage.No doctor talk.No more search engine revelations.Nothing.What's next?Long lines for a CDC-concocted coronavirus"vaccine"that gives you the sickness on purpose?

生物医学中心(BMC)发表的一项临床研究向全世界揭示,接骨木可以帮助人们击退 a 型和 b 型流感病毒,以及某些引起上呼吸道感染的革兰氏阳性和革兰氏阴性细菌。我们早在2011年就知道了这一点。我们正在讨论一种安全、有效和廉价的方法来治疗流感,但是 FDA CDC 已经把这些信息隐藏在地下。没有大众媒体的报道。不要跟医生说话。不再有搜索引擎的启示。没什么。下一步是什么?人们排着长长的队伍去买一种由 cdc 调制的冠状病毒"疫苗",这种疫苗会故意给你带来疾病?

Now,it could be that coronavirus infects 80%of the world's population.Maybe,just maybe,elderberry extract could save us all from 2019 nCoV Coronavirus,but you certainly won't know unless you try it,because the US sick care industry only sells dirty vaccines that spread diseases through shedding and severely compromised immune systems roaming around in their"herd."


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