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Who Is Really Responsible For The Economy Going South?



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X22视频2290解读|特朗普借机向美国通报某些没有出现在 MSM 中的报道The Deep State,mainstream media,corrupt politicians believed they were in complete control.They thought they could sway the American people to believe Trump destroyed the economy.In the 1st Presidential debate,Biden said,'Look what you've done to the economy,you destroyed it!'


In reality,the governors and mayors of those states are responsible for the economy.They have either opened up or shut down all those businesses.


The DS thought they could use the downturn of the economy against Trump but people see that the governors in Democratic states(NY,WA,CA,MI,WI,OR,MN,VA,etc.)are the ones with the most shutdowns and violence in their streets.Didn't Joe say during the debate he was the Democratic party?

DS 认为他们可以利用经济衰退来对付特朗普,但是人们看到民主党州的州长(纽约,华盛顿,加利福尼亚,密歇根,威斯康辛,俄勒冈,明尼苏达,弗吉尼亚等)是街道上关闭和暴力事件最多的州。乔在辩论中不是说过他是民主党人吗?

The riots were not peaceful.The looting was illegal.Biden,Pelosi and the media pretended the riots didn't exist,but Americans saw through it.


Judge Sullivan will delay General Flynn's exoneration for as long as possible.We were hoping he would be'done in 30,'but October 7th still fits into that time frame.Will the 302 be produced,soon?Who has been hiding it?


We have been scrutinizing Biden to be certain he wasn't receiving any electronic communications of any kind during the debate.Yet,at the beginning of the debate,Chris Wallace asked Biden a question to which he replied,"Good luck!"Why would Biden say good luck?Did someone say'good luck,'in his ear and he just repeated it?At this point,we have no way of knowing,regardless,it was a very strange response at this point in time.


The media has a reputation for using commercial breaks to cut away from subjects they do not wish to cover.Trump knew during the debate,it would be a perfect opportunity to introduce certain subjects because there are no commercial breaks.


He strategically introduced the question of why Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from Russia.If we're talking about Russian collusion,why not ask this question…'why did the former Vice–President's son receive millions of dollars from Russia?'


How did Biden deflect the question?Why did Hunter get discharged from the Navy Reserve?Click here>WallStreet Journal Report. How much did Hunter receive from Russia?What is Burisma?Why did China send Hunter on a$100,000 shopping spree?This should call into question…what has Hunter Biden been doing?


But Chris Wallace appeared to do everything possible to help Biden.He pushed hoaxes that have already been debunked;he transformed defund the police,to community policing;mentioned critical race theory…was it even true?When Trump pushed hard against Biden,Wallace stopped him.Why?It seemed Trump was debating Biden and Wallace,in fact Trump called Wallace out on it.


Critical Race Theory is not'racial sensitivity training.'This is what went on in the trainings:


Sohrab Ahmari tweeted,'The trainers then ask"white managers"to create"safe spaces,"where black employees can explain"what it means to be black"and to be"seen in their pain."White staffers are instructed to keep silent and to"sit in the discomfort"of their racism.If any conflicts arise,the trainers insist that whites don't get to decide when someone is being too emotional,too rash[or]too mean."Whites are told they can't protest if a person of color responds to their oppression in a way they don't like.'

索赫拉布·阿马里(Sohrab Ahmari)在推特上写道,"培训师然后要求"白人经理"创造"安全空间",让黑人员工解释"身为黑人意味着什么",并"让人看到他们的痛苦"白人员工被要求保持沉默,并"坐在他们的种族主义的不舒服"。如果出现任何冲突,训练师坚持认为,白人不能决定某人是否过于情绪化、过于鲁莽或过于刻薄。"白人被告知,如果有色人种以他们不喜欢的方式回应他们的压迫,他们就不能抗议。"

This unequal training is what Trump ended but in the debate,it was presented in a completely different way.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’


We know the media fans the flames that Trump is a racist and believes in white supremacy,but is it true?


*Chris Wallace asked,"Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups…"


*CW:"And to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha,and as we've seen in Portland."


We know ANTIFA was connected to Kenosha.We also know Kyle Rittenhouse was not connected to any group.He was there to help protect businesses.Yes,he had a weapon but used it for self protection.The videos are very clear.

我们知道 ANTIFA 与基诺沙有关。我们还知道凯尔·里滕豪斯没有参与任何组织。他在那里帮助保护企业。是的,他有一件武器,但是用它来自卫。视频非常清晰。

*Trump:"Sure,I'm prepared to do it,but I would say almost everyting I see is from the left-wing not from the right-wing.I'm willing to do anything.I want to see peace…."

*CW:"Then do it,Sir."

*Biden:"Do it,Say it!"

*Trump:"What do you want to call them?Give me a name."

*CW:"What supremacists and right-wing militias."

*Biden:"Proud Boys."

*Trump:"Proud Boys,stand back and stand by.But I'll tell you what,somebody's got to do something about ANTIFA and the left."

*特朗普:"当然,我准备这么做,但我想说,我看到的几乎所有东西都来自左翼,而不是右翼。我愿意做任何事。我想看到和平......"*CW:"那就去做吧,先生。"*拜登:"来吧,说出来!"*特朗普:"你想叫他们什么?给我一个名字。"*CW:"什么至上主义者和右翼民兵。"*拜登:《骄傲的男孩》*特朗普:"骄傲的男孩们,退后站好。但是我要告诉你,总得有人对 ANTIFA 和左派做点什么。"

Why didn't Biden condemn ANTIFA?Biden said ANTIFA is an idea,not an organization.If ANTIFA is an idea,why do they have flags,why do they have a name of a group,how can an idea burn buildings,loot and riot cities?How can an idea scream in someone's face or even kill them?How can an idea be in Syria and other foreign lands,holding up banners that says,ANTIFA?

为什么拜登没有谴责ANTIFA?拜登说 ANTIFA 是一个信念,而不是一个组织。如果 ANTIFA 是一个想法,为什么他们有旗帜,为什么他们有一个团体的名称,一个想法怎么能烧毁建筑物,抢劫和骚乱城市?一个想法怎么能在一个人的脸上尖叫,甚至杀死他们?一个想法怎么可能出现在叙利亚和其他国家的土地上,举着写着 ANTIFA 的横幅?

If Chris Wallace asked Trump about condemning the KKK and White Supremacy,why didn't he ask Biden to condemn ANTIFA or the BLM?Just like the riots were not a myth,neither is ANTIFA.It's real and it's been called a terrorist group.

如果克里斯·华莱士问特朗普如何谴责三 k 党和白人至上主义,他为什么不让拜登谴责反发协议或者 BLM 呢?就像骚乱不是神话一样,反发展协会也不是。这是真的,它被称为恐怖组织。

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.'


Here are some examples of fake talking points which came from Biden:


Fake:"I'm not opposed to the new Justice,Amy Coney Barrett."

Fact:Biden and Harris have both publicly opposed Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the SC.

Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett.


Fake:Biden says he's promising the health-care plan since he got elected.

Fact:Biden has not unveiled his plan,therefore does not appear he has one.

Trump,on Sept.24,2020 unveiled his America First Healthcare Plan outlining key policies and reforms.


During the debates,people said,'this is so unpresidential and not how the debate is held!Let's change the format.'But,Americans don't want another snake-oil salesman;a smooth-talker.We want someone who fights for we-the-people!


Why did Trump win the presidency in 2016…because he acts like we-the-people,demands that our rights be restored,and challenges our rights when they are stripped and not restored.Law&Order!


Speaking of Law&Order,Trump wanted to bring up during the debate,some very serious reports which the media seems to avoid;Hunter,Russian Collusion,Quid Pro Quo.But everytime he did this,Chris Wallace seemed to block Trump and protect Biden.Did you notice?He seemed to be'the calm'so Biden would not snap.


Why did Trump push Biden?He wanted him to break under pressure.It's not anything new.We've seen Biden flip out before in front of his own audiences.


Remember,Trump is a business man,not a politician.He knows how to do business.He's not in it to play games.He is in it to give America back to the people.He is exposing corruption with the DS and the Bidens,and to hold them all accountable for their crimes.This is why he pushed Biden so hard.This is why he is the perfect candidate for President.

记住,特朗普是个商人,不是政客。他知道如何做生意。他不是来玩游戏的。他是为了把美国还给人民。他揭露了 DS 和拜登家族的腐败,并要求他们为自己的罪行负责。这就是为什么他对拜登如此严厉的原因。这就是为什么他是总统候选人的最佳人选。

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’


Just before the debate,John Ratcliffe declassified information which showed Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stire up a scandal against Donald Trump by tying him to Putin.(Ratcliffe will explain later.)Did Comey know about this?

就在辩论前,约翰·拉特克利夫(John Ratcliffe)解密了一些信息,显示希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)通过了一项竞选计划,将唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)与普京联系起来,从而助长了丑闻。(拉特克利夫稍后会解释。)科米知道这件事吗?

Sept.30,2020,Comey testified before the Senate Judiciary Court,answered questions,on record and under oath.


Most of what Comey said was he'did not recall.'He said he had no clue about Hillary's ties to take down Trump through a Russian hoax,no clue about the dossier,no clue about FISA when he rubber stamped it,yet he was the FBI director.How could he not know?Wasn't his signature on much of this?


John Ratcliffe declassified information which showed Hillary instigated it.


X22视频2290解读|特朗普借机向美国通报某些没有出现在 MSM 中的报道

FBI Director Christopher Wray has been asked to resign by Rep.Doug Collins.He sent a letter which reads,


"Dear Director Wray,

"亲爱的 Wray 主任,

Throughout your tenure as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI),you have proven unwilling or unable to bring accountability to the upper echelon of the FBI.I am sure you are aware of the recent revelation that the FBI had knowledge that the Russian collusion hoax was a creation of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.In your refusal to act on this knowledge,you are complicit.I urge you to do the right thing for this country and resign.

在你担任联邦调查局(FBI)局长的整个任期内,事实证明你不愿意或不能向 FBI 的高层问责。我相信大家都知道最近有消息披露,联邦调查局知道俄罗斯串通骗局是希拉里·克林顿的总统竞选造成的。你拒绝按照这个知识行动,你就是同谋。我敦促你为这个国家做正确的事,辞职。


Doug Collins

Member of Congress


Will Wray resign?


X22视频2290解读|特朗普借机向美国通报某些没有出现在 MSM 中的报道

100,000 mail in ballots in New York City were mailed to addresses with wrong names.Total Fraud!


The Patriot movement is not an organized group,nor a cult,but rather individuals,Americans,who research the question given.It is left for each one of us to determine the outcome from our research.Patriots are finding they must go underground to share our findings or face heavy censorship deemed FAKE when we actually have proof!


We thought the way to gain knowledge was by gathering all information then deciding what and how we want to believe,but social media and the MSM believe only reporting on one perspective is how we gain knowledge.Doesn't this sound like Communism or Marxism…telling us what to believe and if we don't accept it,they imprison us by putting us in Facebook jail or removing our account from Twat?When censorship happens,more people want to see why it was censored.Are these social media giants setting themselves up for failure?

我们认为获取知识的方式是收集所有的信息,然后决定我们想要相信什么以及如何相信,但是社会媒体和男男性行为者相信只有一个视角的报道是我们获得知识的方式。这听起来难道不像共产主义或马克思主义......告诉我们该相信什么,如果我们不接受,他们就会把我们关进 Facebook 监狱,或者从 Twat 上删除我们的账号,把我们关进监狱?当审查制度发生时,更多的人想知道为什么它会被审查。这些社交媒体巨头是不是注定要失败?

Because Patriots were encouraged to not use hashtags anymore,the DS doesn't know who to target.They're stuck!Patriots are simply Trump supporters who love America.That's it!

因为爱国者被鼓励不再使用#标签,DS 不知道该针对谁。他们被卡住了!爱国者只是热爱美国的特朗普支持者。就是这样!

Trump is pushing to open up all schools.He introduced this new COVID Rapid Test which can have results within 15 minutes.Remember,this COVID pandemic is SO deadly for some,the only way to know if they have it is to get tested…

特朗普正在推动开放所有学校。他介绍了这种新的 COVID 快速测试,可以在15分钟内得到结果。记住,对于一些人来说,这种大流行是如此致命,唯一知道他们是否感染的方法就是接受检测..

This Rapid Test will help our kids return to school,our economy to return to normal and our country to open up again.The recovery rate is between 99.995–99.999%,which is incredible!


Many many people are not believing the media anymore,nor the fact we still have a pandemic.During these next debates,if Biden shows up,Trump will expose many of the different forms of collusion that has been placed against the American tax payers.All he has to do is mention it!


Americans are very smart!They have done research around the pandemic,the riots and now the debates.By the time the election comes,Americans will understand where the real collusion came from.


Stay strong,stay positive and pray without ceasing!Patriots are in control!


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on Breaking News Reports and Opinions of the X22 Report)

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