本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

2023年6月8日18:21:40本杰明本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间已关闭评论2331阅读模式


本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION managed to avoid default by extorting gold from the Thai Royal family and conning Chinese royals to hand over some of their gold. However, this stunt is not going to go unpunished and the Corporation is still going to be liquidated, multiple intelligence agency sources say. It is a mathematical certainty. As one commentator notes “You can’t borrow 7.3% of GDP from now until eternity and get away with it.”

美利坚合众国公司通过向泰国皇室勒索黄金,并骗取中国皇室交出部分黄金,成功避免了违约。然而,多个情报机构的消息来源说,这种特技不会不受惩罚,公司仍将被清算。这是数学上的必然。正如一位评论员指出的那样: “你不可能从现在开始直到永远都借到 GDP 的7.3% ,然后还能逍遥法外。”

A member of the dragon family says Chinese royals based in Taiwan were fooled by a fake King Charles who promised “to fund massive humanitarian projects” and also offered huge kickbacks. However, the Khazarian Mafia reneged on their promises as soon as they got the money. The dragon family now says they did not sanction this deal and promised to take “certain counter-measures.”


The other thing that happened was the King of Thailand, who is being held in hostage in Germany, was forced to trade gold belonging to the people of Thailand for worthless US Treasury bills, according to Thai royal family sources. Presumably, the fact his eldest daughter has been in a medically induced coma since January had something to do with the blackmail.


In addition to this, on the day the US “debt ceiling deal” was announced official Chinese news outlets were bragging about promises they extorted from their American debt slaves.


For one thing, Xinhua proclaimed “The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement took effect on Friday…for all 15 members.”

一方面,新华社宣布“区域全面经济伙伴关系协定(RCEP)于周五生效... ... 所有15个成员国。”


This means the KM “handed over control” of former US allies like ASEAN, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand to the Chinese. 

这意味着 KM 将美国的前盟友,如东盟、日本、韩国、澳大利亚和新西兰的控制权“移交”给了中国。 

本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

This is a typical KM con job, selling stuff they do not own to gullible buyers.


On the same day, the Rockefeller-controlled Brookings Institution think tank issued a report calling for the greater integration of the US and Chinese economies. Translation: “We will hand over control of the US to China.”

同日,由洛克菲勒控制的布鲁金斯学会智库发布了一份报告,呼吁加强美中经济一体化。翻译过来就是: “我们将把美国的控制权交给中国。”


We also note that -just as various defense chiefs were gathering in Singapore for a conference- an incident was staged in which a US warship blinked and made evasive maneuvers to avoid a Chinese warship blocking its path in the Taiwan Strait. This was a public sign the US was not willing to fight a war over Taiwan, Japanese military sources say.


In light of all this, we asked various secret society sources for more of the backstory about why the US Corporation was allowed to continue.


Japanese right-wingers connected to the Emperor say they were promised President Donald Trump would officially take over from the Rockefeller Joe Biden puppet in late June or early July.

与天皇有关的日本右翼人士表示,他们得到承诺,唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)总统将在6月底或7月初正式接替洛克菲勒(Rockefeller)傀儡乔•拜登(Joe Biden)。

We have heard this story before. The last time we were told he would take over was in March. So, believe it when you see it.


Next, the P3 Freemasons came out with their own back story. According to them:


“Elon Musk is in China, does not call for Taiwanese independence, builds factories and businesses in the PRC, and supports cooperation on an equal footing with the Communist Party. From these actions, it can be understood that sensitive forces are preparing Musk for the presidency of the United States when the elders of Washington will die. And this could happen very soon since we are all in our eighties.”

“埃隆 · 马斯克在中国,不呼吁台湾独立,在中国大陆建立工厂和企业,支持与共产党平等合作。从这些行动可以理解,敏感的力量正在准备马斯克的总统时,华盛顿的老人将死亡。这种情况可能很快就会发生,因为我们都已经80多岁了。”

CIA sources for their part say “Janet Yellen (the Treasury Department) is issuing up to $1 Trillion in T- Bills and will flood the market. This is nothing more than a shuffling of fake computer-generated money from one side of the ledger to the other. It will definitely backfire as this will pull liquidity out of the financial markets.”

美国中央情报局(CIA)的消息人士称,“珍妮特•耶伦(Janet Yellen)(财政部)正在发行高达1万亿美元的短期国债,并将大量涌入市场。这只不过是把电脑生成的假钱从账本的一边挪到另一边。这肯定会适得其反,因为这将导致金融市场流动性减少。”

No matter what promises these snakes made, you can be sure they will break them as soon as they get the opportunity.


For example, they are still planning to start an all-out nuclear war before the fake Biden term ends -and the new money runs out- in January 2025, according to MI6.


Next, we note that as soon as the money came through, the fake US government passed a budget that included unlimited financing for Ukraine. As Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov says: “The new US ‘security package’…effectively fuels the rotten regime in Kyiv.”

接下来,我们注意到,资金一到位,假冒的美国政府就通过了一项预算,其中包括无限制地向乌克兰提供资金。正如俄罗斯驻美国大使阿纳托利 · 安东诺夫所说: “美国新的‘安全一揽子计划’... ... 有效地助长了基辅腐朽的政权。”


Ukraine is the world capital of money laundering, human trafficking and organ harvesting. “On April 14, 2022, the Ukrainian Parliament passed Law 5610, which allows Ukraine to export organs abroad. These laws were promoted by former acting health minister Ulyana Suprun and let hospitals, prisons, military units and orphanages use the organs of anyone in their care without their consent,” according to Polish intelligence sources.

乌克兰是世界洗钱、人口贩卖和器官摘除的首都。“2022年4月14日,乌克兰议会通过了第5610号法案,允许乌克兰向海外出口器官。这些法律是由前卫生部代理部长 Ulyana Suprun 提出的,允许医院、监狱、军事单位和孤儿院在未经他们同意的情况下使用任何人的器官。”。

We also note that three-quarters of the weapons being sent to Ukraine are being sold on the international black market. As an example, here you can see a Mexican cartel member carrying a US-made Javelin anti-tank missile that was traded for drugs, according to Mexican sources.



本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

Of course, trading weapons for drugs is nothing new for the US INC.


The Chinese embassy in Mexico for their part says the fentanyl precursors it is accused of by the US of selling to Mexico actually come from the EU (i.e. Ukraine).



Needless to say, the white hats are not taking all this lying down. A series of emergency meetings were held in Canada, China, Japan, the US and elsewhere to move forward with the arrest of Khazarian mafia leaders.


For example, Google’s Mexico offices and the United Nations offices next door were evacuated last week after a “bomb threat.” Mexican government sources say this was an operation against the Rockefeller/Biden regime.



In Canada, a military tribunal held this past weekend presented extensive evidence of the vaccine and COVID-19 crimes of the KM-controlled Canadian government. The military police are now acting on this evidence, tribunal sources say.


In China, Ukrainian peace envoy Li Hui, who has just visited Kyiv, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and Brussels says “Russia is right under international law to undertake its special military operation against the Ukrainian ‘integral nationalists’.”

在中国,刚刚访问了基辅、华沙、柏林、巴黎和布鲁塞尔的乌克兰和平特使李辉表示: “根据国际法,俄罗斯对乌克兰‘整体民族主义者’采取特别军事行动是正确的。”


Also, even as the Chinese publicly refuse to meet with fake Rockefeller Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Tan Kefei, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense says “Military contact and exchanges between the two countries have never been suspended.” In other words, the Chinese military (as opposed to some CCP officials) are working with the US white hats and not the Rockefellers.

此外,尽管中国公开拒绝与假冒的洛克菲勒国防部长劳埃德 · 奥斯汀会面,但国防部发言人谭克非表示,“两国之间的军事接触和交流从未中断。”换句话说,中国军方(与一些中共官员不同)是在与美国白帽子(white hat)合作,而不是与洛克菲勒(Rockefeller)合作。


In Japan, right-wingers also held an emergency meeting to take action against the KM promise to hand over control of the country to the Chinese Communist Party. The Japanese military and police prosecutors are now fact-checking the puppet regime’s use of fraudulent PCR tests to vaccinate the populace with dangerous substances. They have already been informed Research journals have withdrawn well over 800 articles on COVID-19 because they were fraudulent.

在日本,右翼人士还召开了一次紧急会议,对 KM 将国家控制权移交给中国共产党的承诺采取行动。日本军方和警方检察官目前正在对傀儡政权使用伪造 PCR 检测手段为民众接种危险物质的做法进行事实核查。他们已经被告知研究期刊已经撤回了超过800篇关于2019冠状病毒疾病的文章,因为这些文章是欺诈性的。

The military is now calling for the removal of the fraudulently installed vaccine-pushing LDP puppet regime. There is much more about this we cannot talk about for operational security reasons.


However, we do note de facto North Korean leader Kim Jo Jong accused the UN of acting as a “political appendage” to the United States.



The reports of North Korea taking a seat on the board of the privately owned WHO (World Harm Organization), was just a failed attempt at appeasement, North Korean sources add.

朝鲜消息人士补充说,有关朝鲜在私有的世界卫生组织(World Harm Organization)董事会占有一席之地的报道,只是一次绥靖政策的失败尝试。

In the US too, military white hats are taking action and are fully aware Joe Biden is “just the front man, he’s being handed the script…the real question is how long do [the American people] put up with this. They are violating the constitution, you can’t just push a button and create money,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

在美国也是如此,军方的白帽子们正在采取行动,他们充分意识到乔•拜登(Joe Biden)“只是一个领导人,他正在接受剧本... ... 真正的问题是(美国人民)能忍受这种局面多久。他们违反了宪法,你不能只按一个按钮就创造出钱来,”道格拉斯 · 麦格雷戈上校说。

In a clear sign of white hat military action, 24 Republican governors announced deployments of National Guard troops to assist Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s border security efforts.

24位共和党州长宣布部署国民警卫队,协助德克萨斯州州长格雷格 · 阿博特的边境安全工作,这是白帽军事行动的一个明显迹象。


One reason the troops are being deployed is that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has been paying a staggering $18,000 per child to “sponsor” unaccompanied minors. The children were being placed with abusive “sponsors” and up to 85,000 “sponsored” children are missing. 

美国卫生与公众服务部(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)为每个儿童支付了惊人的1.8万美元来“赞助”不羁圣诞夜。这些儿童被安置在虐待性的“赞助者”中,多达8.5万名“赞助者”儿童失踪。 


The US also needs martial law because the social order is disintegrating., For example, “retail theft has increased “tenfold in the last five years,” which is not “an understatement,” while violence has “increased exponentially.” Giant Food CEO Ira Kress says. “We have the police come to our stores … they’ll take the information, they’ll record it,”… “But there’s really nothing being done with that because they had two homicides that were a bank robbery and two shootings. So it’s like, where are they going to focus their time and attention?” said Chris Torossian, former manager in the bakery department

美国也需要戒严,因为社会秩序正在瓦解。例如,“零售盗窃在过去五年里增加了十倍”,这不是“轻描淡写”,而暴力则“成倍增加”捷安特食品公司首席执行官艾拉 · 克雷斯说。“我们有警察来到我们的商店... 他们会采取的信息,他们会记录下来,”... “但真的没有做什么,因为他们有两个凶杀案,银行抢劫和两个枪击。因此,这就像是,他们将把时间和注意力集中在哪里?”面包店前经理克里斯 · 托罗西安说


When the government cannot even protect retail outlets, it is no longer functioning, hence the need for the military to take action.  


Also, in case you haven’t figured it out, the various January 6th, Hunter Biden, FBI contempt of Congress and other proceedings in Washington DC are “nothing more than a circus show for the sheeple,” CIA sources note.

另外,如果你还没弄明白的话,各种各样的1月6日,亨特 · 拜登,联邦调查局对国会的蔑视以及华盛顿特区的其他诉讼“不过是一场羊群的马戏表演,”中央情报局消息人士指出。

本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

To confirm it is a show here you can again see an example of Biden’s Pedo Satan mask malfunctioning. 


Then you have a mass corporate pedophilia promotion in June disguised as “pride.” 


本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

They aren’t even hiding it anymore. Disney has just given the green light to a new show about a girl falling in love with the devil. Lately, Disney “often pushes content with themes around witchcraft, sex, and violence,” according to the family-friendly entertainment organization MovieGuide.

他们甚至都不再隐瞒了。迪斯尼刚刚批准了一部关于一个女孩爱上魔鬼的新剧。根据家庭友好型娱乐机构 MovieGuide 的说法,最近,迪斯尼“经常推出以巫术、性和暴力为主题的内容”。


Next, take a look at this map of sex offenders living in Israel. Now do you understand why so many members of Congress have Israeli citizenship?


本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

If this is not enough to justify military action, take a look at what big pharma is still up to.


The detailed video below describes how Pfizer and its partners hijacked the governments of Brazil and Argentina. They didn’t need to hijack the US “government” because they already own it.  


In their next move, Big Pharma and Microsoft are teaming up in something called ‘ID2020 Alliance’ which will combine vaccinations with implantable microchips to create your digital ID

在他们的下一步行动中,大型制药公司和微软公司将联手开发一种名为“ ID2020联盟”的产品,该产品将把疫苗和可植入的微芯片结合起来,生成你的数字身份证


They want to link this with central bank digital currencies. Take a look at this letter shared by someone who received it last week for their Coles Mastercard. If you cut through the gobbledygook you will see it will let them cut you off if you try transactions in conflict with UN Sustainable Agenda goals, which include attempting to purchase meat, more than 3 items of clothing per year, etc. “Many people still do not understand what CBDC’s really mean for the future. It is digital prison; forever,” a Mossad source comments.

他们希望将此与央行的数字货币联系起来。看看这封由上周收到他们的高尔斯万事达卡的人分享的信。如果你浏览官样文章,你会发现,如果你尝试与联合国可持续议程目标相冲突的交易,包括尝试购买肉类,每年购买3件以上的衣服,等等,它会让他们切断你的联系。“许多人仍然不明白 CBDC 对未来的真正意义。它是数字监狱; 永远,”摩萨德的一位消息人士评论道。

本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

To prevent people from figuring this out, the Rockefeller-owned WHO plans to use “Social Listening Surveillance Systems” to monitor public communications for “misinformation”.



People are figuring it out anyway. For example here you watch Australian Senator Alex Antic spell out the truth about the World Health Organization’s so-called “Pandemic Treaty.”  



Also, Brendan Murphy former Chief Medical Officer of Australia & the current Secretary of the Department of Health finally admitted vaccine mandates “are no longer justified”.  

此外,前澳大利亚首席医疗官和现任卫生部长布伦丹 · 墨菲最终承认,疫苗授权“不再合理”。  

Warning about the mRNA jab

关于 mRNA 注射的警告

The FDA has also revoked authorization for COVID-19 vaccines.



本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

The people of the West also need to thank the Russians for helping end the so-called “pandemic.”


Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Force (RCBD), says the US is actively setting up Biolabs near the borders of its geopolitical adversaries and studying “economically significant infections” there outside of domestic jurisdiction. That is one reason why they took action against the Ukraine.

放射、化学和生物防御部队(RCBD)负责人伊戈尔•基里洛夫(Igor Kirillov)表示,美国正积极在其地缘政治对手的边界附近建立生物实验室,并研究国内管辖范围以外的“经济上重大的感染”。这也是他们对乌克兰采取行动的原因之一。

Did you notice that the Covid variants stopped when Russia started going after the Biolabs? Omicron was declared a variant of concern on 11/26/2021.


Russia began neutralizing US Biolabs in Ukraine on 02/24/2022. No variants since. Coincidence?



The Ukrainians are also now taking action. Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation is investigating Vladimir Zelensky for “High Treason.” This came after the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv initiated a criminal case “against Vladimir Zelenskyy himself, the head of the presidential office Andriy Yermak, his deputy Roman Mashovets, as well as the ex-chairman of the SBU Ivan Bakanov and the former deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Ruslan Demchenko. They are being charged with actions that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainians.

乌克兰人现在也在采取行动。乌克兰国家调查局正在调查 Vladimir Zelensky 的“叛国罪”此前,基辅佩切尔斯克地区法院对泽伦斯基本人、总统办公厅主任叶尔马克、副主任马舒韦茨、国家安全和国防委员会前副秘书长德姆琴科、国家安全委员会前主席巴卡诺夫提起刑事诉讼。他们被指控犯有导致数万乌克兰人死亡的罪行。


No wonder Zelensky’s entire body has been seen strangely twitching during a meeting with UK’s Sunak in Moldova This is probably due to fear of returning to Kiev as well as coke withdrawal symptoms.

难怪 Zelensky 在摩尔多瓦与英国的 Sunak 会面时整个身体都出现了奇怪的抽搐。这可能是由于害怕回到基辅以及可卡因戒断症状。

The Russian Christians are also fighting to expose the US pedophile government. That is why Biden sexual assault accuser ex-Senate staffer Tara Reade feels ‘safe’ in Russia after fleeing over safety concerns



Also, Channel One in Russia has reported on pedophile Hunter Biden.


Now Hungarian and Serbian Christians are joining the Russians by going after the KM crime nexus in Kosovo. As Tass reports:

现在匈牙利和塞尔维亚的基督徒加入了俄罗斯人的行列,追查科索沃的 KM 犯罪网络。正如塔斯社报道的那样:

Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said on Monday that the Serbian army had been put on high alert following the escalation in Kosovo and Metohija and that army units had been deployed along the administrative border with Kosovo.

塞尔维亚国防部长武切维奇(Milos Vucevic)周一表示,随着科索沃和梅托希亚局势的升级,塞尔维亚军队已处于高度戒备状态,军队部署在与科索沃的行政边界沿线。


This comes as Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto at a rally in Serbia said: “Both of our countries are…being mercilessly attacked by [KM]…because we have strong leader…we want peace in Ukraine and…are committed to family values.”

就在此时,匈牙利外交部长彼得•西贾托(Peter Szijjarto)在塞尔维亚的一次集会上表示: “我们两国... ... 正在遭到(KM)的无情攻击... ... 因为我们有强有力的领导人... ... 我们希望乌克兰实现和平... ... 并致力于家庭价值观。”



Of course, none of the Western puppet leaders can appear in public now without being attacked by onlookers. In the latest example, a crowd of Germans booed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and accused him of inciting war

当然,现在没有一个西方傀儡领导人可以在公共场合出现而不受到旁观者的攻击。在最近的一个例子中,一群德国人对德国总理奥拉夫•肖尔茨(Olaf Scholz)发出嘘声,并指责他煽动战争

Mahmood Khan on Twitter: "?? #Germany A crowd of Germans booed German Chancellor Olaf #Scholz and accused him of inciting #war.people tried to disrupt the speech of the politician, they called him a #warmonger, a liar and a #bandit. Scholz tried to justify himself, but failed. pic.twitter.com/3DZYRrzdb8 / Twitter"

?? #Germany A crowd of Germans booed German Chancellor Olaf #Scholz and accused him of inciting #war.people tried to disrupt the speech of the politician, they called him a #warmonger, a liar and a #bandit. Scholz tried to justify himself, but failed. pic.twitter.com/3DZYRrzdb8

In Israel, the army refuses to act against people who surrounded Crime Minister Benyamin Netanyahus’ house. “Everyone with eyes can see the Khazerians traded Netanyahu out for someone very evil! He’s gone but his actor is here & the people want him gone!” an Israeli patriot tweets.

在以色列,军队拒绝对包围犯罪部长本雅明 · 内塔尼亚胡斯家的人采取行动。“每个有眼睛的人都能看到,可萨人把内塔尼亚胡换成了一个非常邪恶的人!他走了,但是他的演员在这里,人们希望他走!”一个以色列爱国者的推特。

LittleBirdie on Twitter: "Israel there army refuse's to patrol the people are also surrounded Netanyahus house' everyone with eyes can see the kazerians traded Netanyahus out for someone very evil! He's gone but his actor is here & the people want him gone'! pic.twitter.com/ZXohXv1YyS / Twitter"

Israel there army refuse's to patrol the people are also surrounded Netanyahus house' everyone with eyes can see the kazerians traded Netanyahus out for someone very evil! He's gone but his actor is here & the people want him gone'! pic.twitter.com/ZXohXv1YyS

Most of the world is also acting to help liberate the KM-occupied West. “BRICS is no longer an ‘alternative,…[it] strongly supports UN Security Council reform,…to build a fairer, inclusive and open international architecture with sustainable development at its core”, External Affairs Minister of India Subrahmanyam Jaishankar says.

世界上大多数国家也在采取行动,帮助解放被KM占领的西方。印度外交部长 Subrahmanyam Jaishankar 说: “金砖国家不再是一个‘替代方案’,(它)强烈支持联合国安理会改革,... ... 以建立一个以可持续发展为核心的更公平、包容和开放的国际架构。”。


This is more than just talk. Iran, Russia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan and India have agreed to form a naval alliance to jointly establish security of the northern Indian Ocean, Iranian military sources say.


That is why the United Arab Emirates decided to withdraw from the US-led international maritime force in the region.



Last week also saw a flurry of major cooperation agreements – between Iran, Iraq, Russia, and China. Iran, and Iraq, and Saudi Arabia – “They are in this new global alliance,” notes oilprice.com.



OPEC barred Reuters, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and Dow Jones from the Vienna meeting where they announced a one million barrel per day cut in production. The ban was ordered by Saudi Arabia which considers these reporters to be nothing more than Rockefeller agents. The fact the Rothschild-controlled Financial Times was allowed speaks volumes. It is a good guess the production cuts are concentrated on Rockefeller-owned fields.



Also, last week the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders signed an agreement of mutual recognition in Moscow. This means the KM attempt to incorporate the region into their planned greater Khazaria has been stopped.

此外,上周亚美尼亚和阿塞拜疆领导人在莫斯科签署了一项相互承认的协议。这意味着,知识管理国将该地区纳入其计划中的大 Khazaria 地区的企图已经停止。

One of the key figures behind the defeat of the KM plot in the region President Recep Erdogan of Turkey (now represented by an avatar) showed who he stands with by canceling an expected attendance at a European summit.

土耳其总统雷杰普•埃尔多安(Recep Erdogan)(现在由化身代表)在该地区击败知识管理阴谋的关键人物之一表明了自己的立场,他取消了预期参加欧洲峰会的计划。

本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

In spite of all this, members of the fake Biden cabinet are trying desperately to deny reality. As an example, watch Rockefeller slave Anthony Blinken tell outrageous lies about the situation in Ukraine.

尽管如此,假冒的拜登内阁成员仍在竭力否认现实。例如,洛克菲勒的奴隶安东尼 · 布林肯(Anthony Blinken)对乌克兰的局势撒了弥天大谎。

As an NSA source comments “The last NAZI broadcast in March 1945 showed the NAZIs were winning on all fronts.. sinking US Battleships, destroying Russian Tanks, etc. Six weeks later came the NAZI surrender. So here we are… bank glitches, the CBDC being hatched, dozens of things and a crumbling financial system….”

美国国家安全局消息人士评论道: “1945年3月的最后一次纳粹广播显示,纳粹在所有战线上都取得了胜利。.击沉美国战舰,摧毁俄国坦克等等。六个星期后,纳粹投降了。所以,我们现在... ... 银行出了故障,央行金融数据中心正在酝酿之中,出现了许多问题,金融体系正在崩溃... ...”

本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

The big question, of course, is will all this force the Nazi white hat-created secret space force out of the closet?


This news item suggests it might:


“In a major move, Space Force selects Florida’s Space Coast for STARCOM training headquarters.”

“作为一个重大举措,太空部队选择了佛罗里达州的太空海岸作为 STARCOM 的训练总部。”


Also, there are more and more signs that suppressed technology is coming out of the closet.


Japanese researchers, for example, have announced they can grow babies in the lab and select “desirable” genes for them.



Next, we see the latest example of a “Jewish space laser,” this time in Chile.



So, with that, here are the latest project Blue Beam Visuals.


1. Cloaked UFOS over Table Moutain, Cape Town, South Africa.

南非开普敦桌山上空的隐形 UFO。

本杰明报道|2023年6月5日: 美国公司通过敲诈泰国黄金、欺骗中国皇室来争取时间

2. The Aurora Program TR3B

极光计划 TR3B

3. A plasma energy multi-dimensional craft


4. Multi-colored light UFO over Mexico 12-04-2023

 墨西哥上空多彩光 UFO 12-04-2023

5. Plasma energy craft over Ontario, Canada 13-02-2023


6. UFO over Arizona, USA 21-05-2023

美国亚利桑那州上空的 UFO 21-05-2023

Source: Benjaminfulford.net

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