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Matthew Ward


What's true about Coronavirus and what's not?


Matthew Ward was on the highest universal council that designed Earth's Ascension Plan and has an unimpeded view of what's going on.Let's look at what he has to say about the virus.


Matthew's Message,Aug.3,2020,at https://www.matthewbooks.com.


Awakened souls are throwing off the yoke of millennia of dark domination.The coronavirus and protest movements are primary in this activity,and first we shall address the virus.


Factual information is coming from growing numbers of medical specialists who are speaking out about viruses,vaccines,masks,immune systems,treatment for covid-19 patients,and inflated statistics about cases and deaths attributed to the disease.


What we can tell you that they cannot,because they have no scientific evidence,is why the disease is surging in regions where it had notably decreased.The dark ones who released the virus in China several months ago have been releasing more;and people whose immune systems have been weakened due to stress caused by fear of getting the disease,confinement,financial burdens,unemployment and mask-wearing regulations now are susceptible whereas a few months ago they were not.Another source of stress is separation from family in hospitals or who died without the comfort of loved ones at their side.


It is not surprising that your mainstream media are crying"conspiracy theory"at the truths coming forth,but you may wonder why so many in the healthcare industry are advising adherence to"authorities'"guidelines for your and others'"safety."Some who know the truth are"in on"the lies,some are bribed to be silent,some are afraid to speak up,and a considerable number may not know what virologists,immunologists,epidemiologists and other scientific specialists know.


The Illuminati's control of life on Earth includes education from first grade through university and doctorate degrees,and no information is in standard medical and pharmacological curricula that could interfere with that secret society's adding to their fortunes via the medical establishment and Big Pharma.Those are part and parcel of their goal to eliminate most of the world's population and be served by survivors.


They have been seeing their once powerful global network become tattered and world domination slipping farther and farther away.They desperately needed the coronavirus to get them back on track,but instead of dying by the millions daily,people around the world are raising a unified voice about the lack of proper healthcare that the poor and people of color have long endured.


And,the international group that has undertaken the monumental task of ridding your world of all dark activities is closing in on the Illuminati.We don't know when arrests will be made,but as soon as they are,covid-19 will run out its course and never again will Earth's peoples be subjected to such a scourge.



Matthew's Message,July 2,2020.



The other global situation is the continuing saga of the coronavirus.Keeping in mind that most national borders are closed to travelers,you may ask how that disease reached countries that had been free of it.It happened the same way it did in China's Hunan province—the virus was released by drones,or,in the new countries,perhaps by crop-dusting as well.


Although the two areas differ greatly,both were prime targets for the Illuminati to unleash their virus.Along with dense air pollution,Hunan is saturated with 5G technology whose emissions are damaging to bodies;both conditions compromise immune systems and render the residents susceptible to contracting a contagious respiratory disease.


People in the countries where covid-19 was more recently introduced are equally vulnerable.They have low immunity due to existing health issues caused by malnutrition and other substandard living conditions.


The spike in numbers of cases and deaths in the United States was predictable.Masks prevent normal respiratory functioning and that severely affects immunity.Stress also adversely affects immune systems,and a great deal of stress has been caused by"stay at home,"mass unemployment,economic hardships,child care for people who must work,and the exhaustion of hospital personnel and first responders.


The ones behind this pandemic want you to believe otherwise,so the finger-pointing is at people who are not wearing masks or"social distancing"and businesses opening too quickly.Another aspect of the rising numbers is that cases and deaths from numerous medical issues are falsely reported as due to covid-19 or complications thereof.


Contrary to what may appear as the dark ones winning this round,they are not.They're digging their graves deeper,in a manner of speaking.The truth about the laboratory-designed,patented coronavirus cannot be hidden from the public much longer.


Removing from the Internet the testimonies of individuals who know the truth isn't preventing the posting of other truthful information,and labeling it"conspiracy theory"is not going to work on the dark ones'behalf either.


To readers who also asked if Bill Gates and Dr.Anthony Fauci are among those responsible for the pandemic,yes,both are heavily involved.So is the CDC,whose"guidelines"often are mandated.



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