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The left-wing media is having a heyday with the news that America's Frontline Doctors head Dr.Simone Gold was arrested for having appeared at the United States Capitol on Jan.6.Dr.Gold was present with her megaphone to deliver a speech about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus(COVID-19)vaccines,urging listeners to instead take advantage of safe,effective and inexpensive remedies like hydroxychloroquine(HCQ).


Believing the Capitol to have been open to the public,she says,Dr.Gold,who runs a clinic in Los Angeles,entered the building and stayed neatly within the velvet ropes of the rotunda as she warned those around her not to fall for the Chinese virus vaccine hoax.


Because she was merely seen at the so-called"insurrection,"Dr.Gold is being treated like a"domestic terrorist."Two others who were with her,52-year-old Gina Bisignano and 37-year-old John Strand,are also facing charges simply because of their presence at Donald Trump's"Stop the Steal"rally.

因为她只是在所谓的"起义"中露面,戈尔德博士被当作"国内恐怖分子"对待与她同行的另外两人,52岁的吉娜·比西纳诺(Gina Bisignano)37岁的约翰·斯特兰德(John Strand)也面临指控,原因仅仅是他们参加了唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)"停止偷窃"(Stop the Steal)集会。

Back in the summer,Dr.Gold appeared alongside other doctors at the America's Frontline Doctors"White Coat Summit"to talk about remedies for the China flu that the medical deep state does not want people knowing about using.


Dr.Gold also published her own"white paper"on HCQ explaining how the generic anti-malaria drug works to treat coronaviruses.You can read the paper at this link.

Gold 博士还在 HCQ 上发表了她自己的"白皮书",解释了非专利抗疟疾药物如何治疗冠状病毒。你可以通过这个链接来阅读这篇文章。

Trump Led His Followers Right Into The Trap


Like tens of thousands of others,Dr.Gold was present in Washington,D.C.,because Trump told them to be there in support of"freedom."He promised that the event would be"wild,"and boy was it ever.


Anyone who was spotted at the Capitol on Jan.6,inside or outside the building,is now being pursued for prosecution,even as Trump and his family sail off into the Florida sunset unscathed.


Many are demanding answers as to why Trump left his followers holding the bag that day,especially since people are losing their jobs and careers due to the spectacle.


The whole thing was a false flag hoax staged by the left,we now know.


Innocent,good-hearted people like Dr.Gold and her colleagues were not there to commit any type of violence,and appear to have walked right into the Capitol with CNN's Jade Sacker and far-left activist John Sullivan,for whom Capitol police opened up the gates and rolled out the red carpet.

像戈尔德博士和她的同事们这样天真、善良的人并没有参与任何形式的暴力活动,他们似乎与 CNN 的杰德·萨克尔(Jade Sacker)和极左活动人士约翰·沙利文(John Sullivan)一起走进了国会大厦,国会警察为他们打开了大门,铺开了红地毯。

This writer,based on the evidence brought forth thus far,believes Dr.Gold's claim that she had no idea there was a"siege"taking place.She and others were seen peacefully walking through the Capitol,again staying within the bounds of the velvet ropes,as part of a peaceful protest.


Unlike the Black Lives Matter(BLM)and Antifa riots that destroyed numerous major cities back in the summer,including Washington,D.C.,Dr.Gold's protest was calm and quite frankly protected by the First Amendment,which is now on the chopping block under the new regime.

与去年夏天摧毁包括华盛顿特区在内的许多大城市的黑人生命至关重要(BLM) Antifa 骚乱不同,戈尔德博士的抗议相当平静,而且相当坦率地受到了宪法第一修正案的保护,该修正案目前在新政权下处于被动摇的地位。

Dr.Gold and her colleagues need our prayers because they are being unfairly persecuted as part of a wider crackdown on conservative free speech.


They were clearly set up on Jan.6 to take the fall as part of a deep state plot to usher in a PATRIOT Act 2.0–and Trump,quite frankly,is responsible and should be ashamed of himself for betraying those who trusted him all these years.

他们显然是在16日成立的,目的是承担责任,作为一个深层次的国家阴谋的一部分,以迎接《爱国者法案2.0(PATRIOT Act 2.0)的出台。坦率地说,特朗普是有责任的,他应该为自己背叛了这些年来一直信任。

**Source**By Ethan Huff



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