ECETI:不适合批判性思维和研究障碍者|James Gilliland

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ECETI:不适合批判性思维和研究障碍者|James Gilliland



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Alright folks here it is,this just may get us banned.We feel it would be remiss in ignoring what is obvious to some yet for those still in denial these are facts.According to the CDC the Corona virus was rarely the cause of death in most documented cases.Out of 220,000 deaths blamed on Corona virus,87,000 people died of pneumonia,17,000 died of chronic respiratory disease,26,000 died of respiratory distress syndrome,44,000 hypertensive diseases,Heart disease was also not figured in,28,000 died from cardiac arrest.At least 131,000 plus died from other causes,preexisting diseases,some were terminally ill,others in hospice on their way out.


One of the reasons for these high numbers is Congress passed the Care Act where hospitals were given a 20%bonus for calling the cause of these deaths corona virus.A virus with a survival rate of 99.99%,elderly still around 99.98-7%.Let that sink in.Most people have such mild symptoms they don't even know they have it.Obviously,there is something else going on here.


According to Fauci during the Spanish flu most people died from bacterial pneumonia due to wearing masks not from the Spanish flu.Wait it gets even more ridiculous.On the box of the N-95 masks it says does not protect against Corona virus,does not matter if you wear ten of them.It's like a chain link fence protecting you from a fart.The tests are over 80%false positive.According to the inventor of the tests no one should ever use those tests for determining whether one has the corona virus.He mysteriously died shortly after that statement.Ask yourself why a goat,pau pau fruit,and a can of coke tested positive.How accurate are these tests and what is showing up on those swabs?They are finding nano fibers and other things that should not be there on the test swabs delivered directly to the thinnest membrane to the brain.


Did you know the masks are slowly killing you?It's like wearing a petri dish.Creates gum and sinus infections,cuts down oxygen levels well below safe levels according to OSHA making an unsafe working environment.Neurologists are now saying the masks due to lack of oxygen are actually creating brain damage.Which explains a lot with our present leaders and their misinformed minions demanding you wear a mask.You are not virtu signaling by wearing a mask you are showing how incredibly,ignorant,uninformed,conditioned and controlled you are concerning the real science verses lame stream media hype and hysteria science.


Top labs when testing those who died of corona virus never found it.They found influenza A and B which is why doctors globally are coming forward exposing the lie.When you subtract the false positives and real Cov 1984 death tolls from the CDC you are under the parameters of a normal flew season.Have we ever in the past locked down the people closed their businesses and forced them to wear masks?The CDC does not even have an isolate so how can they make a vaccine?What you are getting is not,a vaccine.It's a witch's brew that is going to change your DNA,in some cases hook you up the cloud making you more susceptible to flus later with in many cases terminal side effects as shown in the animal tests.Show me a live test animal,one ferret that survived the animal testing.Why do they claim deaths within minutes after the shot to be non-related?Why are they covering up severe side effects,sterilization,miscarriages,rashes,swelling,even deaths just days after being vaccinated?Why are they censoring and shaming anyone who questions the false narrative?

顶级实验室在检测那些死于冠状病毒的人时从未发现它。他们发现了甲型和乙型流感,这就是为什么全球的医生都站出来揭露这个谎言。当你从疾病预防控制中心减去假阳性和实际冠状病毒1984年的死亡人数时,你是在正常飞行季节的参数之下。在过去,我们是否曾经封锁人们的生意并强迫他们戴上面具?疾病控制中心甚至没有分离物,那么他们如何制造疫苗呢?你得到的不是疫苗。这是一种会改变你的 DNA 的巫术,在某些情况下,云会让你更容易受到流感的影响,在许多情况下,就像动物实验中显示的那样,最终的副作用。给我看一只活的实验动物,一只在动物实验中幸存下来的雪貂。为什么他们在注射后几分钟内声称死亡与此无关?为什么他们要掩盖严重的副作用----绝育、流产、皮疹、肿胀,甚至在接种几天后死亡?他们为什么要审查和羞辱那些质疑虚假叙述的人呢?

Wake up.The questions you should be asking is who has the patent on the disease,who funded the gain of function research in Wuhan where the disease originated?Who has the patents on the test kits?Who is importing the masks and test kits made in china getting massive kickbacks?Fauci and Gates names are all over this standing to make billions along with governors and high-ranking politicians.


The CDC and the WHO are private for-profit corporations with heavy Gates and *C*P funding.Why is Gates an ardent eugenicist calling for population control who openly says vaccines will play a major role in culling the masses running most of the show with no medical degree.The *C*P communist china party also has its finger prints all over this and have made large donations too quite a few politicians,mainly democrats.Leaders heavily enforcing the masks,lockdowns etc.obviously with an alterior motive to destroy the economy of America fits perfectly into the plans of the global elite and the *C*P.The *C*P has bragged about how they own most politicians in America all the way to the top.Do your think the millions given to the B*iden's from Russia and C*a are without strings.


"This is a cyber,economic and bio war against America carried out by hostile foreign governments using corrupt politicians to do their bidding…."


The hostile foreign governments involved in the election fraud all play a role in this.None of this is conspiracy this is all based on facts,overwhelming evidence which will be public knowledge in the very near future.I would strongly suggest learning to speak Chinese or take the red pill fast before the blue pill becomes a Chinese suppository,which brings us to the butt swab.What is the real motive for bending over and having someone shove something up yours and your children's asses for an upper respiratory disease?Can't you see how twisted and sick this has all become.How far will you allow this to go?


Now they are pushing the Russia false narrative again to distract you from China,the Communist C*e Party and their bought and paid for politicians.Where is Hunter,his laptop,Weiner's laptop,the laptops taken at Capitol Hill during the preplanned Antifa and BLM breach posing as Trump supporters.Evidence has surfaced on Antifa and BLM posts it was planned three days in advance with top democrats and republican rinos in the know,some making it all possible.Pelosi is in charge of the Capital police,who stood down and waved the protestors in.On Antifa and BLM social media they were bragging on how they posed as Trump supporters and pulled off the breech of the Capitol building.Why did Pelosi and the Capital police refuse the advice to add more police and help from National Guard?Why are democrats like Occasional Cortex playing extreme victim roles blasted by the lame stream press only to find out she was not even in the building and the building she was in had no intrusions.Is this more bad acting,a false flag to blame it on Trump?

现在,他们又在推动俄罗斯的错误叙述,以分散你对中国、*C*P以及他们花钱买来的政客的注意力。亨特、他的笔记本电脑、韦纳的笔记本电脑以及在预先计划的反法案和 BLM 泄露事件中被盗的笔记本电脑都在哪里,这些笔记本电脑冒充特朗普的支持者。有证据表明,在 Antifa 和博莱斯管理的帖子,这是计划提前三天与顶级民主党和共和党里诺知道,有些使一切成为可能。佩洛西负责首都警察,他站下来,挥手示威者进来。在 Antifa BLM 的社交媒体上,他们吹嘘自己如何摆出特朗普支持者的姿态,如何成功占领了国会大厦。为什么佩洛西和首都警察拒绝了增加警力和国民警卫队帮助的建议?为什么民主党人,比如"临时皮层",会扮演极端的受害者角色,被蹩脚的流媒体抨击,结果却发现她根本不在大楼里,她所在的大楼也没有受到任何入侵。这是不是更糟糕的表演,一个假旗,责怪特朗普?

This brings us to the illegal and fraudulent impeachment trial.Just like the Russian hoax and all other attempts to oust Trump there is no evidence of Trumps involvement.The breech happened an hour before the end of his speech which was a mile away and he stated clearly march peacefully let your voices be heard.Yet the democrats have redundantly rejected his presidency,called for violence against him,his murder,violence against his family,supported the riots death and destruction.They even reward and bail out violent protestors guilty of felonies,attacks on police and federal officers.They are the party of duplicity,division,and chaos.The latest threat from the democrats is there will be violence in the streets if this impeachment is not successful.


You can't impeach a President who is not in office so why are they so desperately trying to impeach him?Is he still the president?Why is he still riding on Air Force 1,still has the football,codes to the nukes,why wont the military salute B*iden,why did they turn their backs on him,why do they refuse to brief him?Is USA Inc.defunct,the Republic and original Constitution restored?Are we free,no longer indentured servants to the global elite who hijacked America,generated the manufactured lack,the disease and war profiteers?Freedom is a work in progress and if you depend on the lame stream and social media with all its censorship you will not have a clue as to what is unfolding.This is not a war between democrats and republicans,it is a war against good and evil,it is a war against pedophiles,child traffickers,corrupt leadership in every institution.It is also a multidimensional war.The democrats have broken all of their promises even hijacked the donations to BLM.They have made good on one promise to unite America.When you take into account the democrats voter's remorse after hearing about the extreme corruption with the B*idens,and their recent reversals of their campaign promises over 80%of America is against them.

你不能弹劾一个不在职的总统,那么为什么他们如此绝望地试图弹劾他呢?他还是总统吗?为什么他还在空军一号上,还有足球,核武器密码,为什么不向拜登行军礼,为什么他们背弃他,为什么他们拒绝向他做简报?美国公司不存在了吗?共和国和原宪法恢复了吗?我们是自由的,不再是那些劫持美国,制造缺乏,疾病和战争牟利的全球精英的奴隶吗?自由是一项正在进行的工作,如果你依赖于蹩脚的信息流和社交媒体及其所有的审查制度,你就不会知道正在发生什么。这不是民主党人和共和党人之间的战争,而是一场对抗善与恶的战争,这是一场对抗恋童癖者、贩卖儿童者、每个机构腐败领导层的战争。这也是一场多维战争。民主党人违背了他们的所有承诺,甚至劫持了对 BLM 的捐款。他们兑现了团结美国的承诺。如果你考虑到民主党选民在听说拜登的极端腐败后的懊悔,以及他们最近对竞选承诺的背弃,超过80%的美国人反对他们

James Gilliland



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