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X22 Report:Episode 2303b 22 Report:Episode 2303b

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

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All of the X22 Report's channels,along with over 30 other Conservative News Network channels have been scrubbed from the YouTube platform.SGT Report,Red Pill,Praying Medic,And We Know,and others were of those targeted.

所有的 X22报道频道,以及其他30多个保守党新闻网频道都已经从 YouTube 平台上删除。报告,红色药丸,祈祷医生,我们知道,和其他人是这些目标。

Many of those Conservative News Networks created back up channels which were scrubbed,as well.There was no warning,only a notification saying their channels violated terms of service.


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如果您无法访问 C-VINE 的网站总结的 X22报告,并希望访问他们的网站,请访问 x22report.com 的音频和更广泛的新闻主题。

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Biden Secret E-Mails Exposed


The Mainstream Media(MSM),the DS and the corrupt politicians,are extremely desperate!They don't know what to do with the New York Post article exposing Joe Biden's treasonous plans nor the hard-drive Rudy Guiliani has which shows photos of Hunter Biden have sex with young girls.

主流媒体(MSM)DS 和腐败的政客,是非常绝望的!他们不知道如何处理《纽约邮报》揭露乔·拜登叛国计划的文章,也不知道鲁迪·朱利安尼的硬盘上显示了亨特·拜登与年轻女孩发生性关系的照片。

Right now,all they can think of is more censorship.White House Press Secretary,Kayleigh McEneny's Twitter account was locked,James Woods account was locked,as was the Trump Campaign,the GOP,the Republicans,etc.Will censorship really allow the DS to control the situation?

现在,他们能想到的就是更多的审查制度。白宫新闻秘书,凯莉 · 麦肯尼 Twitter 账户被锁定,James Woods 的账户被锁定,特朗普竞选团队,共和党等等也是如此。审查制度真的会允许 DS 控制局面吗?

We already knew from our favorite Patriot Intelligence Insider that the more information we revealed the heavier the censorship.Presenting real evidence creates a very difficult spin.Censorship means PANIC!


Any channel from anyone reporting the truth will most likely go down!YouTube is the battle field.We are Digital Soldiers.Are we making a difference?Are they scared of what we report?Absolutely!

任何报道真相的人的任何渠道都很可能被关闭!YouTube 就是战场。我们是数字化战士。我们正在做出改变吗?他们害怕我们的报道吗?当然!

This will be their worst nightmare.What happens when they hide information?People seek it out.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

Steve Scully,the former intern for Joe Biden,was appointed to moderate the 2nd Presidential debate.On his Twitter page,a question was asked publicly to Anthony Scaramucci,how he should handle Trump.After several hours,his whole account was taken down and after a while,it returned,minus that tweet.Scully denied posting it saying his account was hacked.

·拜登的前实习生史蒂夫·斯库利被任命为第二次总统辩论的主持人。在安东尼·斯卡拉穆奇(Anthony Scaramucci) Twitter 页面上,有人公开向他提出了一个问题:他应该如何应对特朗普。几个小时后,他的整个账号都被删除了,过了一会儿,除了那条推文,账号又回来了。斯库利否认发帖说他的账户被黑客攻击。

Now,Scully admits he sent the tweet.C-SPAN has suspended him indifinitely for his deception.

现在,斯库利承认是他发的推特。C-SPAN 公司因为他的欺骗行为不可告人地停了他的职。

Fraudulent voting has it's own set of troubles.A judge in North Carolina says that absentee ballots must have a witness signature.All these different states are saying they must be delivered on this date,or they need a witness.Will this work for the DS?

欺诈性投票有其自身的一系列问题。北卡罗来纳州的一位法官说,缺席选票必须有证人的签名。所有这些不同的州都表示,他们必须在这一天交付,否则他们需要一个证人。这对 DS 有用吗?

Kayleigh McEneny's Twitter account was completely locked because she wrote,"New email from Ukrainian executive to Hunter Biden asked Hunter to use his influence on behalf of the firm paying him$50,000/month in email with subject,'urgent issue.'

凯莉 · 麦肯尼 Twitter 账户被完全锁定,因为她写道,"乌克兰高管给亨特·拜登(Hunter Biden)的一封新邮件要求亨特利用自己的影响力,代表公司以'紧急事件'为主题,每月向他支付5万美元(约合人民币15万元)"

She is the White House Press Secretary and she was locked out of her account for telling the absolute truth!Since then,she has been released.Twitter is saying some of these lockouts were glitches.


Jack from Twitter tweeted,"Our communication around your actions on the NY Post article was not great.And blocking URL sharing via tweet or DM with zero context as to why we're blocking:unacceptable."

推特的杰克在推特上说:"我们就你在《纽约邮报》上的行为进行的沟通不是很好。在没有任何上下文的情况下阻止通过 tweet DM 分享网址,以解释我们为什么要屏蔽,这是不可接受的。"

Jack,you're the CEO.You know exactly what is going on!Who ordered the lock outs?


Senate Republicans want to subpoena Jack Dorsey from Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and will ask them why they are trying to rig the election.Will they include You Tube,too?They should all have to answer to the American people.

参议院共和党人希望传唤 Twitter 的杰克·多尔西和 Facebook 的马克·扎克伯格,并询问他们为什么试图操纵选举。它们也包括 YouTube 吗?他们都应该对美国人民负责。

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

The CDC keeps changing their guidance that has to do with masks.The CDC first said masks don't work.Then they said,everyone must wear masks.Tucker Carlson,reported on this but the CDC came back and had to correct Tucker Carlson.


They said,"At no time has CDC guidance suggest that masks were intended to protect the wearers."Only people who are infected needed to wear a mask and no one else needed to wear one because it won't protect them.Masks do not work.Masks were intended for those infected.


Why don't they simply come out and admit masks do not work?All the tests point to the fact masks DON'T work.Why hasn't anyone asked Dr.Fauci and the CDC this one simple question:


'Can we see all of the tests that you ran on all of the different masks and tell us they absolutely work?Can you present the data X22视频2303解读|他们做什么不想让你知道——观点showing the world we must wear masks to protect each other?'There has been no proof these tests have been done.They are covering a lie with a lie with another lie.Is it time to unmask?


Post 4860 says,'My next piece is called,nothing can stop what's coming.'The next one says,'God woke you up for a reason.'


Patriots love our country!All the articles having to do with our favorite Patriot condemning them as a conspiracy theory is just the DS deploying all assets.

爱国者们热爱我们的国家!所有与我们最喜欢的爱国者有关的文章都谴责他们是阴谋论,只是 DS 部署了所有的资产。

We about free speech,free thinking,liberty and freedom.We are about searching for truth in matters under the US Constitution.We are about law&order.We are about Patriotism.


The media wants us to think all the articles about Hunter Biden are fake.Apparently,we are not smart enough to decide for ourselves so they are deciding what we can investigate and what we cannot.The MSM narrative is that they are made up.Only one problem…


We have AI technology to determine if a photo is doctored or not.The photo of HB laying in a bed with a crack-pipe,was proven authentic with more information to come!

我们有人工智能技术来判断照片是否被修改过。这张 HB 躺在床上吸毒的照片,被证明是真实的,更多的信息将会出现!

Hunter Biden brought in three laptops for servicing.He left them there.The technicians saw the corruption within and Rudy Guiliani was contacted.He downloaded everything onto a hard drive and is now releasing HB's text messages to the public.

亨特·拜登带来三台笔记本电脑进行维修。他把他们留在那儿了。技术人员看到了内部的腐败,于是联系了鲁迪·朱利安尼。他把所有的东西都下载到一个硬盘上,现在正在向公众发布 HB 的短信。

The Hunt is on!


Did Joe Biden get a kickback from the payout Hunter received from Ukraine,China,Romania,etc.?The text message gives it away!


"I love all of you but I don't receive any respect and that's fine,I guess,worked for you,apparently.I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for the entire family,for 30 years.It's really hard.But don't worry,unlike Pop,I won't make you give me half of your salary."


1/3/2019:Hunter to his daughter,Naomi Biden:"This describes the amount kickback to the boss,Joe Biden,as happens in every organized crime group."


Joe and Hunter are being hit from all sides.We have the emails showing Hunter was cashing in with big Chinese firms:Ukraine,China etc.The MSM can't keep up with all the information being doled out.They are trying but there is no way they can stop what is coming!


President Trump was impeached for what Joe Biden did.President Trump was investigated for 3 years with what Hillary did;Russian collusion.

特朗普总统因乔·拜登(Joe Biden)的所作所为遭到弹劾。特朗普总统因希拉里的所作所为被调查了3;俄罗斯勾结。

With what Guiliani has on Hunter,and the censorship coming from the DS,what happens when the videos with Hillary and others come out?Could there be an internet black out?Do you suppose President Trump will be forced to use the EAS(Emergency Alert System)to communicate with us?If our Patriots have these photos,is it possible China has them too?

有了朱利安尼对亨特的评价,还有来自 DS 的审查制度,当希拉里和其他人的视频曝光后会发生什么?会不会出现网络中断?你认为特朗普总统会被迫使用紧急警报系统与我们联系吗?如果我们的爱国者拥有这些照片,中国也有可能拥有它们吗?

X22视频2303解读|他们做什么不想让你知道——观点You can't just tell the people,they must be shown.


Why was POTUS framed?Why was POTUS impeached?Why was POTUS blamed?It's all about the election!


YouTube changed their terms of service and will be enforcing new updated policies immediately.They will be taking down more people who target anyone in the news,regardless of corruption.


The new rules forbid hate and harassment.This means no news against anyone in the DS can be spoken of,mentioned,nor posted on FB or Twitter.Do these new rules also apply to the protection of Donald Trump?Will this be fair and balanced?

新规则禁止仇恨和骚扰。这意味着 DS 中没有任何针对任何人的新闻可以被提及,也不能在 FB Twitter 上发布。这些新规则是否也适用于对唐纳德·特朗普的保护?这是公平和平衡的吗?

Mickey Mouse clock:10 and 2=[J]oe[B]iden…this was the signal!The Mickey Mouse clock tells us the release of Hunter Biden was ready to go!


President Trump tweeted out,"If Big Tech persists,in coordination with the mainstream media,we must immediately strip them of their Section 230 protections.When government granted these protetions,they created a monster!"


Section 230 needs to be clarified.If the protection is removed from litigation,it means,game on.Could this be what's coming?Class Action Lawsuits are very effective.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

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